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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

So Jeddah A month Later.

See where should I start...It's been well over a month since I arrived in Jeddah, KSA. I have to say second times around in Saudi, I am adjusting much quicker and better. Of course being able to work here on a valid visa and have got my Iqama(kinda like a PR card) is a huge relief. As far as social life goes, I currently have none. I mean I am not big on compound parties or anything like that. For the most part I stay in my room and play Diablo 3 when I have free time. Cuz, you know those legendary items don't drop on their own. So far I've been able to not only opened a bank account, but also wired my first month pay back home. It feels nice now that I am the bread winner in the family. I think overall, life is good right now except occasionally I get little home sick, but the good thing is, after much contemplation, I've decided to go home during the summer break and enjoy Canada as much as I can, because I do miss it very much, even the snow shoveling. 

The Red Sea Behind me at Night
Since work is pretty busy most of the time, I only have free time on weekends, and sometimes afterwork in late evenings. One thing I've noticed is that I've been losing weight since I got here. It's mainly because I've stopped eating rice( trust it's hard, but they dont have asian rice in this part of the world), and I've also started to work out on a regular basis. Right now I am still doing mainly those cheesy workout DVD you can get from infomercials, but they do work to a certian degree, and it's always nice when you start to see results. I also had the chance to see the Red Sea at night, and it was beautiful, I took a low def picture, it does no justice to how beautiful the Red Sea is.

I feel whenever I'm writing an update my mind is always all over the place, it is always disorganized in a way that shows so well in my writing, not to the point you'd think I'm schizophrenic, but sometimes it feels like I can't concentrate on my train of thoughts. My explaination is there are just too many things on my mind all the time and it is hard to organize all of them and write them down in a orderly way. I'd rather have my writings all over the place, at least to me it is more authentic.

I'd love to meet some ethnic Chinese people, but so far I have no luck, maybe I should pay the Chinese Consulate here a visit, I just want to able to speak Chinese with someone, it is after all my mother tongue. I really miss all the East-Asian-ness from Canada. It is hard to be an East-Asian here in Saudi, mainly because they usually don't have anything related to my culture anywhere.

Cuteness Overload
On a final note, I will leave you with a picture of a pillow that I want to buy, but didn't because it is too expensive. It is this cutest little kitten with tiara and bling-out claws. It costs 150 Saudi Riyals, which is 40 US dollars...ya I aint gonna pay 40 bucks for a pillow, but only if it goes on sale, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I mean just look at it, how cute is it. This pillow screams out "Jessy". One day, if it goes on sale I will have this in my possession, if it is still available then. So here I will bid you good bye, and until next time my dearest readers.

April 8th, 2014 @ Jeddah, KSA

Friday, March 14, 2014

So How long has it been?

While I was talking to my best friend this morning, she told me she went to my blog last week and was surprised that I sort of stopped updating. She was telling me I should start working on my blog again as a hobby on the side. Today, being the weekend in Saudi Arabia, after a busy morning and afternoon, I suddenly remembered her suggestion, and now here I am, typing away.

In terms of updates on my life, well I was in Saudi last year for quite a few months but had to go back to home because of visa issues. Right now I am back in Saudi, but with a different company, and so far no visa issues or problems, which of course is great news to me. To be quite honest, I am just happy to be legally working on foreign land. If you wonder what I do, well, I am a ESL teacher. I teach at a local school. However, given my lack of good grammar habits, I sometimes wonder how I got the job. Not to mention my terrible typos. I will say this though, the constant typos are not my fault. I blame my phone, them touch screens are not typing friendly.

If you are wondering what life is like in Saudi Arabia, I can say that everyone has a different perspective. If you are a out-going party-loving gal, it might not be the best place for you given the lack of proper social life. I mean not that you wont get socialized, but not at the degree you'd want to. Not to mention there is zero alcohol in the country because it is against the Saudi law to drink, also if you've been reading the news you'd know women cannot drive here. The not driving part doesn't bother me because I dont know how to drive, but I can see it is troublesome for a lot of women expats here. I will however complain about their lack of public transportation....well since there is none....like non-existing period. I am the type who like to wonder around a city exploring while taking public transportation, but I cant do that here. If I want to go anywhere that is remotely far, I will have to hail a taxi.

I could go on and on about the negative side of Saudi, but the truth is, while it might not be the happiest place on earth, but it does have its own charm in a weird twist way. In my honest opinion, life in Saudi is what you make of it, and also if you are like me, who like to stay in and play computer games all the time, and refuse to get a tan---in other words, super boring and nerdy/geeky, then it might not be too bad. After all, working here for a few years is enough to get you that start up fund you need for whatever you want to do in life. That alone is enough to keep me here.

Anyways, I think I'm going to stop for now before this wall of text gets any bigger. I guess from now on, If i remember I will try to update my blog more often, and maybe post more beauty/fashion/life-style post along the way...You know, if I'm not too busy with work, and if the internet god smiles upon me with consistent connection.

Until next time.

Wishing Everyone the Best,
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