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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saudi Arabiaafter a month.

So hey to my lovely readers. I've been living in Saudi Arabia for a little over a month now. While teaching is very fun, and I have wonderful students, adjusting live here had been hard, but still manageable. Over the course of the past month, I cooked my own food, did my own laundry, went to the bank by myself and cashed my pay(believe me it wasn't easy). I've also gone shopping on my own quite a few times as well. I will admit that before I got here I had many misconceptions about the country. For one, I thought i was not allowed to go out by myself, and I had to be covered up all the time from head to toe. As it turns out, as a "westerner", you can get away with just cover yourself with the abaya(long black cloak), I dont even have to cover up my hair. Since there are no entertainment facilities here in Saudi, all they do in their free time is shopping. There are some wonderful, big and beautiful malls here in Saudi. There are many world famous brands, and the colours are so pretty and vibrant, but I can't help to think: what is the point of buying these beautiful clothes if no one gets to see it except your family. I myself is the type who like to flaunt what I have. Especially if I bought new clothes I\d wear it the next day to show it to off and to make myself feel better. Here in Saudi I just feel so discouraged to buy anything clothes, because I can't wear it. What;s the point of buying this seasons' hottest trends if I can't wear it.

Perhaps, I am just being difficult. However, being here you really miss the little things that you had back home. Being a Canadian I miss Tim Horton's, I miss being able to sit in a coffee shop and just chatting with my friend. I miss the mild and cool weather. Oh ya, how can I forget to write about the weather.  Having lived in the northern Hemisphere my whole life, living in Saudi and having to endure the weather is one thing I'll always bitch about(excuse my language). The sun is scorching everyday, and even if I go out with SPF 60 for 30 mins, I still get burned. I mean now I understand why the Saudi women wear the face covers, I mean if you walk under the sun here in Saudi, you will get burned...unless you like to be tan, then I think you might like it here...

Work so far has been great. I work for a private language school, but there are many westerner teachers here, and we all live together in a women only compound. There is a pool and a gym in our compound. I really enjoy working here so far. If anything being a westerner, you 'll have to get use to the Saudis' sense of time...I swear they are very relaxed people, but dare I say they also love to procrastinate....A LOT...that is again one thing that I need to get use to...

anyways I think that's it for now, and hopefully, I get to post very soon.

as always with lotsa luv and xoxo


Tifa Mai said...

What an amazing experience to be able to teach there! It's great to hear about them and learn about it too. :) Good luck adjusting to all the changes! And I wonder what's the point of buying the clothes if you can't show off as often. :( Haha such a waste!

Janet said...

good to hear that you are somewhat enjoying your stay in Saudi~ Though, adjusting is a must but I know you'll definitely get used to it! ^_~

Le Petit Plastique said...

Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)



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