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Sunday, March 24, 2013

So here is the News, I'm moving...to another country in the Middle East

Yup, the blog title says it all...I am moving to another country for work..first for 3 months, then If I passed the probation period, Im going to have a different type of Visa then stay there for another 9 months to finish my contract...I am going there by myself w/o my hubby or anyone. One of the worst part is the country I am going doesn't really use English or Chinese, thus the language barrier scares me a bit...

Oh, if you are wondering where I am going....I am going to the Middle East...yup, everyone is gonna speak Arabic and I won't be able to understand a thing...I will be living w/in a compound meaning I will be living with other people who are also foreigners going there for work...

The specific country is....Saudi Arabia...shocking isn't it. It is a very conservative country to say the least. Sex segregation is mandatory in this country. Women are also required to cover themselves with abaya(a Black cover all robe)..in more conservative parts of the country, non-muslim women sometimes are required to cover their hair as well...

I've done alot of research on the country before I accept my contract. I am mentally preparing myself for this since I got the contract later last year, but having got my plane ticket and leaving very soon is still quite nerve racking to me. In my previous blog i've written that I am not a person who likes change...as a matter of fact, I like to be stuck in a rut...However being never on my own before, I think I need this experience to help me grow as a person and help me grow up and be more responsible.

All my life I've been extremely sheltered by my family and friends. I think it's because I met my hubby when I was very young. Him being a few years older than me, and took the responsibility from my parents to take care me while I was still in school. Thus I've never really have to worry about stuff because it's all be taken care of. I am very fortunate in the sense that I dont have to worry about alot of stuff, but in a way, I think it's also very unfortunate that I've never really learnt how to take care of myself on my own. Therefore, I think this experience is going to be very good for me and help me to be more responsible as an adult.

anyways I will be busy packing and preparing...I think the next blog entry I will write will be when I'm there...in the meantime,thx you for taking a interest in my life

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.

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HafsAR said...

I've never been to Saudi, but I do have family and friends who have moved there for work, my father being one of them, he used to teach English there; and all of them loved it there.

The rules there are a lot different than America, but once you get used to it, you’ll most likely find you may even like it there, most of the woman I know who lived there have only told me good things about it.

Of course being away from your family is going to be hard, and I wish you the best, one thing to keep in mind is that family is only a Skype call away lol

Random fact two of my sisters teach in Qatar, and my aunt works in Egypt, and all of them travel to Saudi a lot, and they said shopping is awesome and the people there are very friendly, also the abaya is very comfy, and they also sell some very fashionable ones.

I hope you move is easy and that you enjoy yourself there.

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