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Saturday, March 16, 2013

I don't know..lol

So I think i've abondoned this blog long enough...One of the main reasons that I stopped writing is because I really had nothing interesting to say...As a beauty blogger, I really don't buy as much stuff as I used to. I don't go out and buy all the new colours that come out because I would feel bad about spending money purely for the purpose of buying it and reviewing it. I have a big make up collection already, I just don't see the point of me buying more. Another reason is that I simply had other stuff going on since mid last year, and blogging really isn't on the top of my list...And I hate to blog about something just for the sake of putting something up on my blog, that just doesn't seem right with me. I think I've just been having serious writer blocks for blogging. Like I honestly don't know what to write about. I still love doing my make up, but I don't put it on nearly as often as I used to. Even when I do, I always end up using the same colours from the same palette in the same way. I guess you can say that what I do for my make up have been stuck in a routine. To be hoenst, I don't mind routine that much, since I am not a spontaneous person, and I absolutely hate changes and surprises..

I think I'm going to try harder with this blog, but as of right now I am in the middle of a big life change(ironic isn't it, a person who hates changes is going through some), and once everything settles down, I think I might start blogging more often...As far as the life change goes, it's a good change, but it takes me a longer period of time to get use to things...and When everything is 100%, I will announce it in a blog post...which shouldn't be too long because I am waiting for some new information next week...so fingers crossed for good news...

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.

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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

It's okay if you dont buy as much as you used to! It's good. I hope you're getting everything in your life sorted out. I wish you the best and come back soon! ^____________^

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