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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saudi Arabiaafter a month.

So hey to my lovely readers. I've been living in Saudi Arabia for a little over a month now. While teaching is very fun, and I have wonderful students, adjusting live here had been hard, but still manageable. Over the course of the past month, I cooked my own food, did my own laundry, went to the bank by myself and cashed my pay(believe me it wasn't easy). I've also gone shopping on my own quite a few times as well. I will admit that before I got here I had many misconceptions about the country. For one, I thought i was not allowed to go out by myself, and I had to be covered up all the time from head to toe. As it turns out, as a "westerner", you can get away with just cover yourself with the abaya(long black cloak), I dont even have to cover up my hair. Since there are no entertainment facilities here in Saudi, all they do in their free time is shopping. There are some wonderful, big and beautiful malls here in Saudi. There are many world famous brands, and the colours are so pretty and vibrant, but I can't help to think: what is the point of buying these beautiful clothes if no one gets to see it except your family. I myself is the type who like to flaunt what I have. Especially if I bought new clothes I\d wear it the next day to show it to off and to make myself feel better. Here in Saudi I just feel so discouraged to buy anything clothes, because I can't wear it. What;s the point of buying this seasons' hottest trends if I can't wear it.

Perhaps, I am just being difficult. However, being here you really miss the little things that you had back home. Being a Canadian I miss Tim Horton's, I miss being able to sit in a coffee shop and just chatting with my friend. I miss the mild and cool weather. Oh ya, how can I forget to write about the weather.  Having lived in the northern Hemisphere my whole life, living in Saudi and having to endure the weather is one thing I'll always bitch about(excuse my language). The sun is scorching everyday, and even if I go out with SPF 60 for 30 mins, I still get burned. I mean now I understand why the Saudi women wear the face covers, I mean if you walk under the sun here in Saudi, you will get burned...unless you like to be tan, then I think you might like it here...

Work so far has been great. I work for a private language school, but there are many westerner teachers here, and we all live together in a women only compound. There is a pool and a gym in our compound. I really enjoy working here so far. If anything being a westerner, you 'll have to get use to the Saudis' sense of time...I swear they are very relaxed people, but dare I say they also love to procrastinate....A LOT...that is again one thing that I need to get use to...

anyways I think that's it for now, and hopefully, I get to post very soon.

as always with lotsa luv and xoxo

Friday, March 29, 2013

Anxiety, Worries...Is Saudi Arabia a good Idea?

My plane to Saudi Arabia is tomorrow. After a day of trying to reach the person who is going to pick me up, I finally got a hold of him today. I've packed everything except tooth brush because I still need to brush my teeth tonight and tomorrow. Am I ready? I don't know, as I am typing right now my hands and feet are sweating like there is not tomorrow. I guess you can say that while I know for practicality's sake I am doing the right thing. However, the child in me is panicking, while my expectation of my experience is very low because of various source I've read with regard of the company I'm going to be working form, as long as I get a clean room with no roaches and mice I will not complain.

I read and researched about the country as well as the religion of Islam. I would like to think that I am prepared for what to come. As we know, however, real life is never the same as what you read in the books, and nothing can prepare you enough for the real deal. I am just very anxious. I have to keep telling myself that everything is going to be okay. I am going to have a great time, because if I tell myself otherwise, I think I'm going to break down and cry.

Also the whole packing thing has been driving me crazy. Since I don't know if I'm going there for 3 months first or staying there for a whole year, packing for this trip has been nothing but troublesome for me. If I know for sure how long the trip is going to be, it would make things alot easier. Since there are uncertainties, I am packing as if I'll be there for a whole year. I keep thinking that my luggage are going to be over-weight, but my parents and the hubby said i'll be fine, I mean the worst could happen is that I have to pay an extra 50 dollars...

Anyways I just feel that my life is about to change, and I have no control over it, and it is really freaking me out. I hope that I made the right decision of taking up this job offer, and everything there will go smoothly with as little trouble as possible. I mean like i said, at this point my expectation of the company is so low that unless my living condition is so bad and dirty, I think I am willing to work there for a whole year, or at least suck it up for a whole year...Who knows, maybe after living on my own there for a long period of time I'll become a great cook...well here's to hoping...

Thank you for reading

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

So here is the News, I'm moving...to another country in the Middle East

Yup, the blog title says it all...I am moving to another country for work..first for 3 months, then If I passed the probation period, Im going to have a different type of Visa then stay there for another 9 months to finish my contract...I am going there by myself w/o my hubby or anyone. One of the worst part is the country I am going doesn't really use English or Chinese, thus the language barrier scares me a bit...

Oh, if you are wondering where I am going....I am going to the Middle East...yup, everyone is gonna speak Arabic and I won't be able to understand a thing...I will be living w/in a compound meaning I will be living with other people who are also foreigners going there for work...

The specific country is....Saudi Arabia...shocking isn't it. It is a very conservative country to say the least. Sex segregation is mandatory in this country. Women are also required to cover themselves with abaya(a Black cover all robe)..in more conservative parts of the country, non-muslim women sometimes are required to cover their hair as well...

I've done alot of research on the country before I accept my contract. I am mentally preparing myself for this since I got the contract later last year, but having got my plane ticket and leaving very soon is still quite nerve racking to me. In my previous blog i've written that I am not a person who likes change...as a matter of fact, I like to be stuck in a rut...However being never on my own before, I think I need this experience to help me grow as a person and help me grow up and be more responsible.

All my life I've been extremely sheltered by my family and friends. I think it's because I met my hubby when I was very young. Him being a few years older than me, and took the responsibility from my parents to take care me while I was still in school. Thus I've never really have to worry about stuff because it's all be taken care of. I am very fortunate in the sense that I dont have to worry about alot of stuff, but in a way, I think it's also very unfortunate that I've never really learnt how to take care of myself on my own. Therefore, I think this experience is going to be very good for me and help me to be more responsible as an adult.

anyways I will be busy packing and preparing...I think the next blog entry I will write will be when I'm there...in the meantime,thx you for taking a interest in my life

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I don't know..lol

So I think i've abondoned this blog long enough...One of the main reasons that I stopped writing is because I really had nothing interesting to say...As a beauty blogger, I really don't buy as much stuff as I used to. I don't go out and buy all the new colours that come out because I would feel bad about spending money purely for the purpose of buying it and reviewing it. I have a big make up collection already, I just don't see the point of me buying more. Another reason is that I simply had other stuff going on since mid last year, and blogging really isn't on the top of my list...And I hate to blog about something just for the sake of putting something up on my blog, that just doesn't seem right with me. I think I've just been having serious writer blocks for blogging. Like I honestly don't know what to write about. I still love doing my make up, but I don't put it on nearly as often as I used to. Even when I do, I always end up using the same colours from the same palette in the same way. I guess you can say that what I do for my make up have been stuck in a routine. To be hoenst, I don't mind routine that much, since I am not a spontaneous person, and I absolutely hate changes and surprises..

I think I'm going to try harder with this blog, but as of right now I am in the middle of a big life change(ironic isn't it, a person who hates changes is going through some), and once everything settles down, I think I might start blogging more often...As far as the life change goes, it's a good change, but it takes me a longer period of time to get use to things...and When everything is 100%, I will announce it in a blog post...which shouldn't be too long because I am waiting for some new information next week...so fingers crossed for good news...

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.
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