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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Umm. I am MIA because i've being playing Diablo 3

Hi guys, So i guess here is an update on why i've being MIA for the past 2 months or so...well if you guys don't know, Diablo 3 Came out last month on the 15 I believe? And it basically takes up all my free time right now...Like i've given up putting on make up for this game...it is insanely fun...Ummm until i get get better at it, i've probably gonna spend less time on my blog...It's not that i wont write more blog entries, its just the update will be more sparse, but i imagine i'll be back to my regular post time cycle in about 2 months-ish?

anyways, if you guys Also play Diablo 3 On the American Server, just add me on ur list (My email on my contact me page)...lol but ya just to let you guys know i'm not dead...but just being a real hardcore Diablo 3 player right now( actually i do have a hardcore char on my account), but Until i get better on SC, I won't be touching it too much.

For all my gamer girlies out there that plays Diablo 3,  Where are you guys now??? I am currently on Act 3, inferno, and just beat Belial last Night, so happy, since i've being stuck on him since Sunday...Oh ya, i play the Witch Doctor, which I think are so UP atm, so im starting to lv my Wizard, let me know your progress if you play~~~

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.


Gabbi said...

I know how that is... xD

Amyboo said...

I haven't been able to hardcore play Diablo 3 because I am still in school for a few more days doing finals hahaha. :'D but yes, it's definitely a fun fun game.

cushy said...

Hi there gamer. I'm playing demon hunter. working hard in leveling to get into inferno. A bit more to go!

drinkcitra said...

lol Enjoy Diablo 3! I haven't played that series, but I've heard so many good things about it!

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