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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Product Review: Potentially the Worst eyeshadow i've EVER bought - Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eyeshadow

Awhile back at my local drugstore, the rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eyeshadow was on sale for 3 dollars each. I've bought any Rimmel Lipstick b4 and they are among my favorite drugstore lipsticks, so i thought for for 3 dollars, the eyeshadows were a good bargain. I thought the quality was going to be good...maybe not department store good, but at least better than the Claire's Quad that i've used b4. Boy was i wrong...

The ones i've bought were 740 Fever, and 700 Maritime. In the Packaging, the colours looks so pretty, and everyday friendly.

They look pretty right?
On the official website the brand claims and i quote: "Glam’Eyes Eyeshadow: Soft Silky formula for smooth saturated colour Long wear, crease resistant shadow, Intense colour reveal, Blends effortlessly"

Really? Intense colour reveal??? here is the swatch, you guys decide if it's Intense.
intense colour pay off???
Ya, excuse my language, but "intense colour reveal" my @$$...It has to be the least pigmented eyeshadow i've EVER BOUGHT...LIKE EVER...You can imagine how I first reacted when i swatched the eyeshadow....it was like i apply nothing at all....Keep in the mind that the swatch were heavy finger swatches, but if you decide to pick up the colours by brush? the pigmentation is even more pathetic than this.
I was like, you know, since i almost always apply my eyeshadow with a base or a primer, i should try to swatch it with primer, and here is the result.
better, but still not that impressive.
I applied the UD primer first, and these are t he colour pay off...I mean it's definitely better, but still pretty bad in my honest opinion. and again these are unblended...once you start blending them, they look like the swatches in the first picture.

Another thing that i dont like about this rimmel eyeshadow trio is that, It is soooo powdery. try to put this on your eyes, you are without a doubt gonna get fall outs. Generally i have some other good thing to say about a product that i don't like...but i dont think there are anything good thing that comes with these two trios...

So my Final scores are
Pigmentation: 3/10 
Texture: 4/10
Price: 7/10 (They were cheap)
Packaging: 7/10 (Okay i actually like the packaging, its simple and sleek)
Overall: 3/10 ( I mean they are just not good eyeshadows period)

So ya this is my review of the Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eyeshadow. I Hope this is helpful to some of you guys...I don't mean to offend any fans of Rimmel cosmetics, but these eyeshadows really do suck in my honest opinion. if you guys had a better experience with this product let me know down in the comment section. Or if you have any questions let me know as well...

I hope guys enjoyed this, and i will Blog again very Soon.

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo


Nivedita said...

Here, since Rimmel is not easily available, a website was selling these st such high price! Good that inspite of the tempting colors, I gave it a pass

Amyboo said...

Ouugghh!!! <--My reaction when I saw the w/o primer swatch
Too bad it's really low on pigment...The colors themselves look nice. :/ Rimmel is not one of my favorite brands.

sugar sugar said...

awww... -___- will be staying away from their eyeshadows. maybe you can still use these fore highlight? hehehe. >..<

drinkcitra said...

Aww what a letdown...I can't beleive how light those were!

Chantel said...

Sorry these eye shadows didn't work out for you! Thanks for sharing your honest opinion <3

jollybeachang said...

You can hardly see the swatches :-(

Janet said...

aww, but I have to agree with it. I can't barely see or distinguish colors on the swatches. It's super NOT pigmented and shade is super light, like barely there >_<

adthenshesmiled said...

I have a couple of neutral eyeshadows from Rimmel too and they're a flop. Not pigmented and they tend to crease.

HitomiNeko said...

Yes ~ it’s helpful to know what suxie products to avoid! long time ago when I only bought drug store products, which I wish I know exactly what brand I was buying, but it totally sux cuz it’s not pigmented n it falls off super easy. =P I know some drug store products are way better now, but there’s just 2 many products over all to know it all!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

Wendy said...

Hi there, new follower! It's so sad that the shadows aren't very pigmented, they look so lovely in the pan.

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