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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Product Review and Swatch- Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Hello to all my lovely readers, today I will be writing a review on the "Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush".

I do like to say that the shades on the website are WAY OFF, they are not like that in real life AT ALL.

If you guys are into make up, you'd probably all heard of the dream bouncy blushes by now. These cream blushers are making rounds not only on youtube, but also on the beauty blogging community as well... I got suckered in when i read, and saw tons of positive review on it, of course there are also negative review on this product as well, so when i first made my purchase, I only bought 2. After testing them out for a few weeks, i end up buying another one, then weeks later i bought another one. The four colours that i've bought are : Pink Plum, Candy Coral, Plum Wine and Hot Tamale.
First I'd like to give you guys a general description of them.

From the official Maybelline Website:
Freshest flush ever:
• New bouncy texture is formulated with silicone elastomers
• Lightweight like a powder, yet melts seamlessly into skin like a cream giving you our freshest flush ever
• Dermatologist tested
• Allergy tested
• Non comedogenic

I think the official description pretty much said it all. It is very lightweight, and has a cream to powder finish. Although on the official website it suggests applying with with your fingers; I find that apply it with a brush/fingers are both easy. I like to apply it with my finger, then blend it with wither a foundation brush or a dual fibre brush.

here are the colours that I've bought
The colours in the picture its pretty accurate to what they look like in real life.
See the Little Finger prints? i;m tellin ya, its a fun texture

First Impression: When i first bought them, I immediately start to play with them...like literally. Because their play-doh like texture, it was just so much fun pushing them down, and then they do bouncy back, but very slowly. I thought the idea of this kind of texture was just fun. It was like a therapy ball, but its a blush...Okay, I'll admit that I am weird, but the texture is just fun to play with. Imagine yourself putting on make up in the morning, a little something fun can adds give you a slight mood boost...well it did for me anyway..

Pigmentation: Depends on the colour that you get, the pigmentation varies. If you get a light pink like Pink Plum, the colour pay off are not going to be as good as Plum wine. However, even with a light pink colour like Pink Plum, the colour is still very noticeable. If you really want the colour on the light blushes to show up well, just apply a similar colour powder blush over it, really warms up your complexsion. Out of the 4 that i've got, the best colour pay off is Plum Wine, and when blended, it is this gorgeous, medium roesy colour.

Blend-ability/Texture: As far as blending goes, it goes on super smooth, and very easy to blend. The product itself has a cream to powder finish, so when applied and blended, it looks super natural, and not cakey at all. However, when applying this blush, you should be careful especially with the darker colours, apply with a light hand to avoid over pigmented cheeks. Again, when blended, the colours are not as intense as swatched if you want a more pigmented look either re-apply a bit more, or apply a similar colour powder blush over it. the later also increase its wearing time.

Conclusion: I absolutely love these little cream blushers. they are easy to use. Super affordable, i think when they go on sale it's about 5 dollars each. Even though the colour pay off varies depends on the colour, but in general, they are good. I would totally recommend them to others. I don't think I will buy any more just because I think thats all the colours that i like, maybe one more, but for now i think I'm good. Unless they come up with new colours in the future. Seriously you guys, buy this if you like cream blusher, and luv fun textures.

Final Score:
Colour Payoff: 7/10 (Wish all colours have intense colour pay off like Hot Tamale or Plum Wine)
Texture: 10/10 ( I luv the Play-Doh like Texture)
Price: 10/10 (They are cheap)
Packging: 7/10 ( Little bit too simple and flimsy)
Overall: 8/10 (In General I like them.)

I hope this is helpful to you guys, I do seriously recommend these blushers. if you have any question just let me know down in the comment section, I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

In the mean time i hope you guys have a great day, and I will blog again very soon

As Always, with Lotsa Luv and XOXO


KatXoXo said...

I bought one of these finally (they are sold out almost everyehwere!!) I still can not find the colors I want though!! Great post :)

drinkcitra said...

Thanks for the review! The texture really looks fun haha

Tifa said...

I'm really behind on all my youtube and blog updates, so this is the first time I've encountered them. <3 And wow! I'm very tempted to go get these right now, the packaging is a bit cute and looks pretty pigmented for a drugstore brand. Thank you so much! <3

mizzsandychau said...

ooo i'm loving the candy coral and the hot tamale!

Janet said...

I haven't tried these yet but the play do like is really interesting~ The shades are really pretty and cute!! Thanks for sharing the swatches ^_^~

CuteDumpling said...

I have the Pink Plum one! :) I agree with you with the texture..sometimes i just touch it for no reason lol

Sanne said...

Great review :) xxx

Lisa said...

ohhh thanks for the review babe!! i've never ever tried a cream blusher before.. will have to check this out!!! tehehe i love your description of them when you pushed your fingers into it haha

FashionCherry said...

Thnaks for these make up tips, really cool


Elle said...

Great review. I'm always skeptical with cream blushes since I have oily skin. But I might just give this a try since it's a new product and like you said, it's fun to play with... not to mention I seriously need a new blush.

Amyboo said...

These look like so much fun haha! The colors are really pretty in the pan...Wish there was more color pay off though!

HitomiNeko said...

so many colors! I like the pink one. I don’t think I can do orange haha

xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

Popblush said...

Candy coral and Pink plum look so pretty~

Star Vogue said...

Great blushes cant wait for them to debut over here!

KyandiiCandy said...

Nice colors! xx

justsoyouknow said...

The got high scores from you. Okay i will buy one first, the "Candy Coral" sounds too tempting to me.

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