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Monday, April 16, 2012

Movies Movies Movies - Titanic in IMAX 3D

Okay, even though i really don't enjoy romantic film much, but Titanic is an exception...i have the DVD so i can watch it whenever i want, and at time I can even quote straight out of the movie. That's how much i like it...Somehow the star-lover's tale b/w Jack and Rose just never gets old for me. And to be honest i get teary eye or even full on sobbing every time i watch it...So when it was announced that the movie is going to be released in 3D, with remastered visual and all that techni stuff i was real excited. So last night, I convinced the hubby to watch it with me..AND OMG, the theater was really full for a Sunday night.

It really surprised me how much i gushed during the movie and how teary i got when it was very sad...I guess some movie just never get old. Anyways, the visual effects are really good, not the crappy 2D conversion you see at some movies, but very beautifully done. and they really did made the whole visual experience alot better, with better quality pictures. When i mean better picture quality, I meant amazing, sure it wasn't Avatar good, but this movie is not meant to be a visually innovative film like Avatar. The visuals are so vividly clear, SO MUCH BETTER THAN my DVD version i can tell you that...

Anyways, if you guys really liked the original, i think you guys are really going to enjoy this 3D re-release, Just make sure you watch it in IMAX to get the best movie going experience possible. Also It's always nice to see Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth, I mean he was so cute and charming and handsome in that movie, seeming his young self made me giggle like a young girls when I first watched it in 1997.

Anyways , i hope this is a interesting read for your guys, and I will blog again very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo


PBunnieP said...

Would you believe that the first time I watched tibbits of the Titanic that I thought it was a scary movie? My parents were watching it and I caught bits and pieces of it, especially when the ship was hit and started sinking, I was like "OMG why you all watch a scary movie!"....mind you I was like...9? 10?

I'm not sure if having the movie released in 3D really adds anything extra to it. It's great as it is, is that 3D thing really necessary? I think it detracts from the film itself.

drinkcitra said...

Awesome that you went to watch the remastered version! :D

Amyboo said...

I just watched the IMAX 3D today with my boyfriend! Absolutely wondeeeerful. I didn't cry though which disappointed me...I just got teary eyed!

wifluvelle said...

i like leonardo even more now as he is so mature and a great actor..i think i watched all of his movies!

xoxo elle

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