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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Product Review: L'oreal Youth Code Serum Intense Daily Treatment

Hi girlies, sorry it took me long to write another post, but i simply have alot on my hand right now...But today, i am writing a product review on the L'oreal Youth Code Serum.

If you guys remember from one of my previous haul post, i received the serum from my bestie back at X-mas.I've using this serum for a good few months now, and not only i finished one bottle, i am on to the second bottle. So i think right now would be a good time to write a review for it, since i've got so much use out of it.

So here is the Product:

First of all, here are some general info of the prodcut
>the size is 30ml/1.0 FL. OZ
>the Claim is that the product has 10 years of gene research behind it
>On the official website it claims and i quote " Breakthrough GenActiv Technology™ helps increase skin's natural powers of regeneration, boosting skin's own capacity for recovery. The unique non-greasy formula melts on contact with skin, leaving a smooth finish"

The Price of the Product:
> varies from 30-20 CND depends on where you purchase it. It is cheaper in the US than here in Canada. I think in the US it price varies from 17-25 depends on the retailer.

My thought:
Personally i really like the product. I mean i'm already on 2nd bottle. What i like about it is that, it is so light weight, but at the same time it hydrates and moisturizes like it suppose to. What i also like about this product is that, it get absorbed into my skin very quickly. There is no greasy feeling after i apply it. Also, after i use the product for a while, i feel that my skin is smoother than before. As far as younger looking skin goes, I didn't really notice anything...I like the fact that this extra step in my skincare ensured that in the morning, my skin is not dry or patchy. Personally, my skin didn't react badly towards this particular item which is awesome. so in general i really like it, and i would recommend it.

The Not so fun fact about this product:
Well none of it happened to me, but this product does contain alcohol and fragrance, so some people might get a more serious reaction from it. I've also read reviews that this product broke them out like crazy, and give them horrible scars...I think it really depends on your skin type, because everyone has different skin. Also, there are people who think this product is a bit over priced. especially here in Canada, where after tax, it does go  as high as 30smth dollars.

What i would suggest for your guys would be that, if you could, get a sample and try it out for a couple days, see how it works for it, if it breaks you out, then you'll know it's not for you..and if it works well on you, and you think the product is worth the 18-30 bucks, then by all means go for it.

Final thoughts:
So in general, i just luv this product. I think it did help me with my scaring abit, though not much, but i luv the fact that it made my skin smoother. would i repurchase it? Of course, I am already on the 2nd bottle, and i bought Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Skincare Serum Corrector from the same Product line, i'll do a review on that once i start to use it. I've also purchase the eye cream as well, but hadn't use it yet. I will however steer clear of the face wash and the day cream and lotions. Mainly because the cream/lotions have heavy duty spf, and the face wash has exfoliating element which if you have sensitive skin, should steer clear of. Nevertheless, i really do love this product. Do i think it is a miracle serum? no, but it does what it suppose to do, so that's fine by my standard.

And alittle update on what's going on with me: well i've recently suffered a very serious break out from eating shell-fish (DAMN U RED LOBSTER, WHY U TASTE SO GOOD). If you guys don't already know, shell-fish in general breaks me out horribly, and sometimes they give me bad stomach problems. But i choose to ensure all the down side occasionally, because i luv Red Lobster and their Seafood Alfredo pasta...yummm...so thats wht i hadn't really did any make up looks, because i hate putting on make up when my skin is so effed up, it just makes it worth, but now that my skin is feeling better, i will try and post more spring look and looks using Naked 2 palette up... or swatches, if any of you guys are interested..so let me know down in the comment section..
So anyways, i will blog again very soon...

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo


Nancy said...

Aww I hope you are doing better. I personally love shrimp and crab so that would suck for me.
Thanks for the review :D

Janet said...

Thanks for the review...I'm so going to get a sample of this later..I just hope they provide samples or a testers so that I could try..=)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I've tried other serums by Loreal's Youth code line. I think they smell great! I've not noticed anything with my skin while using it so I guess that's the point right? :D

Nana said...

Wow! Thank you for the review! : D : D I think that I would buy this for my mom! : D I hope you feel better soon!

sugar sugar said...

great review! i haven''t tried this. i don't think this line is available in my country. :(

Lisa said...

OHHH thanks for the review i will check this out.. i'm always looking for a new facial moisturizer!! especially one that's more of a gel consistancy.. i don't like cream!

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