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Friday, March 16, 2012

Look for the Day - Spring is here

Since spring is here, i thought i do a simple look that is more colourful that is on par with the coming spring...also right now we are having gorgeous weather in Toronto...No more big winter jacket...i can actually open my window and don't feel cold~~~so yay for great weather

anywhoo, here is the look:
You like? Click if you wanna see large photos
So here are the close ups:
Eyes Open Natural Light
Eyes open with Flash
So ya, as you guys can see, the look is quite simple, but still colourful...i feel like spring make up is suppose to feel fresh, and no overdone...thats why i didn't bring the colour all the way up to my brow bone. For this look i used 4 colours, a pink, a shimmery pale gold, a light green for the outer corners, and a dark green for my lower lashline.

Here is what i used:
All the eyeshadows are from the Too faced, Enchanted Glamourland collection

So here are the steps:
  1. take 1 and pat the colour on the centre of ur eyelids, becareful not to bring it onto the inner corners
  2. take 2 and use a pencil brush to sweep the colour on the outer corner of your eyelids, and bring it down to your lower lashline just a little bit.
  3. take 3, and use a pencil brush line your lower lashline.
  4. take 4, and use it as a highlight, and also use 4 on the inner corners of your eye.
  5. take any brown liner, and line your upper lashline, and line your lower waterline.
  6. go back to 3 and define the colour on your lower lashline.
  7. go back with 1 and 2 if you need to fix it up abit
  8. apply a peachy blush to bring some colour on your complexion
  9. apply lipstick that has a warmer undertone like orange or peach.
  10. then you are done
So ya, here is my simple spring inspired look...hope you guys like it, and please give me some feedback and let me know what is your favorite thing to do during spring.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, and i will blog again very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo


Jeeya (De Frozen) said...

wow this is very pretty..

Emy said...

So beautiful! I wish I could apply eye shadows correctly :(

Nana said...

This is a good combination of colors! : D : D

drinkcitra said...

This is a lovely look! The colors you used are so pretty!

Rinny said...

this is a really pretty look! I love the blush and lip colors you used too :)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Really pretty look! =) I love the eyeshadow combos!

Gabbi said...

So soft and pretty! :D

Amyboo said...

Such pretty colors!! :)

wifluvelle said...

pink n purple, my 2 fav colours! xoxo elle

Crystal said...

pink is one of my favorite colour of eye shadow but I haven't thought that it looks great when using with blue! so pretty!!:)

Lisa said...

OHHHH!! i love this!! it's so fresh and pretty and so perfect for spring the colors are so pretty!! you look beautiful!!

Irene said...

Wonderful make up!!!
New post!! ''Mint blouse'' I hope you like it!!


Mimi said...

A great look for spring! I love i!

Jo said...

I love the way your blend your eyeshadows. It's iridescent!

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