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Monday, March 19, 2012

Look For the Day - One Brand Look using Maybelline Products

I think alot of bloggers and beauty youtubers had done this kind of post/video b4. You know the case where they only use products from one brand to create a look.. That is excatly what i am doing today. All the products are from Maybelline, and very easy to find and most definitely affordable...and Chances are, you probably already have them at your make up arsenal.

So here is the look:
Likey Likey???

I luv this little palette, its sooo good and sparkley

Here are the steps:
  1. First of all, use the Painted Purple Colour Tattoo cream shadow and smudge it all over your eyelids
  2. Take the gel liner and liner your upper lash line and lower lashline. Rmbr to wing out little bit for an extra sultry look.
  3. Take 1 and pat the colour under your crease/fold and close to the lashline. then use the same colour and carefully pat the colour on the outer half of the lower lashlin as well.
  4. Take 2 and place the colour on the centre of the the eyelids.
  5. Take 3 and sweep the colour on the outter corner to soften the harshline, and rmbr to blend it well up to under the brown bone.
  6. Take 4 and apply the colour to the inner corner of the eye...remember to pat the colour and take gentel steps, because 4 is very glittery, and it is very easy to over doing it.
  7. Take 5, and apply it under the brow bone as a highlighting colour.
  8. Go and fix up any colour and you think need a bit more products.
  9. Go back and retrace your liner to intensify it, also tightlining on your upper and lower waterline.
  10. Curl your lashes and Apply mascara.
  11. Apply your favorite blush
  12. use your favorite lipstick and gloss and the look is done.
Here are all the Products I used
Okay i admit that i cheated on lipgloss, but thats only cuz i have no lipgloss from maybelline
know this doens't look all the dramatic, but trust me, my camera doesn't pick up all the glitter and shimmer in this look...while i would be brave enough to wear this out during day times. I'd much prefer wearing this when i go on a date night with the hubby. Purple in my Opinion are one of the best colour for brown eyes, along with green. I didn't put on any falsies with this look, but if you considering wearing this look out, you should seriously consider wear them..even a simple pair would automatically amp up the look.

If you guys are curious the lipstick shade i used was "Born with it" and the Blush colour is Candy Coral, the colour for the Maybelline eyeshadow palette is 10 Amethyst. The foundation shade i used was "Classic Ivory".

If you guys have any questions or request or anything you wanna ask me, just let me know down in the comment section. i'd love some feed back.

In the mean time i hope you guys enjoyed this and i will blog again very soon

As Always, with Lotsa Luv, and XOXO


Anonymous said...

purple is gorgeous on you! I can't seem to pull off that colour no more :(

Wendy said...

What a beautiful and ethereal look. :)I love how purple looks on us brown-eyed gals.

drinkcitra said...

omg I love this! You look amazing. The purple is so lovely

Beauty Make Up Addict said...

This looks amazing on your girl..


Femme Virtue said...

love the shimmer in the corner of your eyes!

Janet said...

loves!! so pretty! ^_^~

Vijaya said...

You look so gorgeous!

Amyboo said...

Your look is pretty as always! :)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

love this look!!! purple is one of my favorite colored shadows to wear. it brings out brown eyes real well. the maybelline palette is really pretty.

Mandy said...

I looove purples but what really makes this look special is the added touch of frosty sparkle! So elegant and pretty :-)

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