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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New York Haul w/ Naked 2..Finally ^_^

Hi girlies, how are you guys today~~~i am very happy that the weather is getting warmer, and when i look out the window it is no long shades of grey, but clear blue sky. It just puts me in a good mood..

As most of you girlies know, i recently came back from a little trip from the Big apple, and it was a great trip, and i had alot of fun. Of course, being a girl, I went shopping...now i didn't go crazy, but i did buy stuff that i was not able to get back home easily...For us Canadians, the price for the same products are always higher than out neighbor south of the border, with the exchange rate at our advantage, it was like i was buying everything on sale...lol...

So here it is

So i Finally bought the Naked 2 palette!!! I've wanting to get my hands on that for the longest time, but its like 60 dollars in Canada, where as in the States it was only 50 and with less tax, so i can finally cross that off my list.

I also got a freedom palette with 2 blushes and 4 eyeshadow from Inglot. Inglot if you guys don't know, is being praised by alot of bloggers and beauty youtubers on the internet recently. Alot of people are compare it to MAC, but alot cheaper. I have to say the texture is sooo velvety smooth. and it has amazing pigmentation, the only problem? well it can be abit on the powdery side..so u really have to be more careful.

Also very close to the City in New Jersey, there is this Japanese Super Market called "Mitsuwa Marketplace" Me and the hubby went for lunch there when we're there. They had a somewhat decent collection of Japanese cosmetics there. Pretty much everything from Tsubasa's Dolly Winks' line and her Candy doll line. They also have alot of other Japanese drugstore brand as well as some mid-priced range skincare from DHC...So i wasn't going to let this opportunity to buy japanese cosmetics go easy, so i bought tons of snacks..but also dolly winks eyelashes, Hada Labo skincare...if you guys are going to NYC and enjoy Japanese food and cosmetics, pay this place a visit, its awesome~~~
Isn't it crazy awesome???lol
I am super late on the badnwagon of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundations, cuz it does has spf, and im allergic to certain spf ingridient, so i usually steer clear of drgustore foundation cuz they all have spf...but then i thought ,heck why not, if it gives me rashes, im just gonna give it to a frd..and to my surprise, my skin is actually not reacting badly too it, so i was super happy...the color i got is a bit dark for me, but not noticeable-ish...it has a very dewy finish, so its great for girlies that has dry skin~~~

anyways i will do detail review of the products once i get more use out of them. so in the meantime i hope all my readers have a wonderful week and i will blog again very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey Girlies i am back~~~

So ya, i am back from my mini road trip to to NYC...we drove from Toronto to New York City on friday, and stopped for the night b4 going into the city the next day late afternoon...and i must say, it was quite a trip...the bad thing was i was sick throughout my stay in the city..i know it sucked so bad...i had low fever for two days, but i still managed to go out and sight seeing, i wasn't gonna let a cold beat me that easy...but word of advice, if you have nasty cold/flu, its probably better to stay home and wait 'till next long weekend to drive to NYC...cuz even when you are there, you can't really enjoy things to as happy as if you are not sick....

Nevertheless, I managed to go to the American Museum of Natural History, Time Square, Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. I know that doesn't sound like alot of places, but you guys have to imagine the crazy long line-up to go to everywhere...other than the Time Square, we had to wait in line for everything else, and line is crazy....especially for the Statue Of Liberty Boat ride...we must've waited for like way more than 1 hour...

As far as transportation goes, the NYC subway system is very convenient...you can pretty much go to all the touristy spot via the subway system. BUT while i don't wanna complain....but i had to rant a little bit....OMG the New York subway system is soooo disgusting...like disgusting as in sooo dirty..and there was one instance that a rat, a large well fed rat was walking freely on the platform...like it's just dirty...i wish they'd clean their subway more often, and fix the ceiling so the paints are not falling off and full of mold...

And on the day we were headed back, we also went to a Japanese supermarket in Jersey called "Mitsuwa Market Place" and OMG they had soo many japanese products there, we bought our lunch there that day, it was good..We got alot of japanese snacks and candy, and they have alot of japanese cosmetics items and alot of Dolly Winks products there, if you are in the area, go check it out, i think you can find alot of kool stuff there...

I guess i will show you guys how breathtaking the view from the empire state building is...its truly amazing, and if you guys get the chance, go there

Me and the hubby always thought the statue of liberty is much taller, but when we got there, it wasn't as tall as i thought, i guess sometimes, pictures are deceiving. And i didn't know that the statue used to be bronze and not green.

Time Square was also a fun place to be...the Billboards are soo massive and so bright that, even during night times, it feels like late afternoon...but I have to say though, if you wanna find a place to eat when you are there, you better have reservation. or else prepare to wait for a long time.
I Know i looked pissed, but i was just sick and really tired.

Drinking starbucks at Time Square at night feels very kool
Now the subway
U like? this is a good subway, there are ones that are way worse and dirtier

The Asian Pose lol
Anyways, this is my little post on NYC...im not the best writer, so if u find my post boring i understand...and the reason i dont have any food porn up is because we didn't really ate anything good...the first time we had street food, second night we has BBQ from Famous Dave's, the last night we were in town we had Korean food...but i did buy quite a bit, but i will write about that in a separate post

In the Meantime, i wish you guys have a good night and i will Blog very soon
as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Im going on Roadtrip~~~

Hi girlies~~~i thought i'd do a quick update. For those of you who aren't from Canada, this weekend its our "Family Day" weekend, so me and the hubby decided that we'd do a little road trip to >drum roll<-----New York City...yay~~~The hubby took 3 more days off from work so we'd have enough time...the drive is about 8-10 hour-ish, so we'll probably split it half when we are going there, and drive all the way back when we return.

I've never being to New York City before, so i am super excited, and plus my bestie is currently working at NYC, so i get to spent more time with her~~~so in short, i am so so so excited...i'm like the only person who hasn't gone to NYC among my frds...so it would be nice too finally go and do some major site seeing....

I am most excited about the American Museum of Natural History...yes, you heard it right, the Museum...I am such a museum geek...i rmbr back when i was in Uni, me and my other bestie used to go to ROM(Royal Ontario Museum) all the time, and there was this one time, the Museum had the world largest cockroach on display, and it was alive i think...and we were so creep out, then my phone rang, and it spooked the hell out of both of us...lol...and if i ever get the chance to go to Washington DC, i'll be all over The Smithsonian....

of course I'll do some shopping as well...i actually want to get the Naked 2 Palette From Urban Decay, but it is marked with a hefty 60 dollars in Canada, where as in the US, its only 50, with the exchange rate at our favor, i might buy it when im there...

So ya, my little update ends here...i will do a update/travel blog post when i am back early next week, so in the meantime, i hope you guys have a great weekend ahead, and i will blog very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look of the Day - Sort of Valentine's Day inspired

Hello to all my lovely readers,   i am back today with a new look that is sort of inspired by valentine's day....i mean for looks you can wear on valentine's day i think a classic smokey eye would be the first choice for alot people. Then u get looks that is still kind of a smokey eye but with more red and pink...i think mine is the latter. I used in total 3 colors for this look, and in my opinion is very easy to do...although I do think this look is more day time than night time, but if you guys change up the lip color, it could be a more subtle nighttime look.

Here is the Look
You like? Click to enlarge the photos
Here is some Close Up
Without Flash
With Flash

As you guys can see, its a very simple look using three different shades of purple and pink...it is a very simple and easy look to do...and if you want to make it more dramatic just use a matte black on the upper lashline and blend it up. also choose a darker shade of purple and use it on the outer corners.

So the steps for this look are:
1> use A and sweep it all over ur eyelids, especially in the inner corner.
2> Use B, and put it on the outter "V" area of the eye, and blend it half way in to the crease.
3> Use B, and smudge it on your outer lower lash line.
4> Use C, and pat the color onto the middle of your eyelid...
5> Use A, and put the color onto the inner corner of the eye.
6> Use your favorite Black Liner to line the upper lashline, outer half of the lower lashline, and lower water line.
7> Curl your lashes, and use your favorite mascara.
8> Put on a pink/mauve blush.
9> Apply your favorite lipstick.
and the look is done.

Here are the products i used

The products i used for this looks are:
Urban Decay Mariposa Palette
Red Earth Eyesahdow in Pink Tonic
Maybelline Studio Gel Liner in Black
Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve
L'oreal Color Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry
Make up Forever Aqua Liner in Black
Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara in Black (Not shown)

I hope you guys like this post, and find it somewhat helpful. I'd love to hear some feedbacks, or what are your plan for valentine's day? what kind of make up you planning to wear? let me know in the comment section, and if you have any questions, i will answer them as soon as i can.
So in the meantime, i hope guys have a wonderful week ahead

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Circle Lens - Neo Queen Hazel

Hi girlies, how are you guys today...Today, i am writing a review for a pair of circle lens, they are from Neo Vision, and they are the Queen Hazel 4 Tone Series... I got the color in Hazel, From the website Eyecandylens.com

The Info listed on the website is:
Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Power: plano, -0.50, -1.00 to -5.00 (0.25 step), -5.50 to -9.50 (0.50 step)
Duration: 1 year disposable

I did receive these lens for free under the conditions that i write a review, but i promise that my review will be 100% honest.

First of all i would like to say that shipping is fairly fast, They shipped it out on the 29th, and i recieved it yesterday which was the 6th, only a week. And consider the company is based in Hong Kong, i think the time is very reasonable. Also i would like to let you guys know that they offer free shipping worldwide when you purchase from them, with a tracking number, how awesome is that. The website is easy to navigate, and they have a comprehensive stock of different brands, color, size, and design for circle lens..Though not much, they do have a small selection of false eyelashes. Now also, if you purchase circle lens from them, you also get a pamphlet on using and caring instruction. I think its comes handy when you are new to circle lens. In terms of how the company operate, I have no complains. Also when you do make a purchase on the website you can use my code "threenothing" for a free surprise gift, no minimal purchase required.

Now on to the lenses. I`ve heard from many bloggers in China, that they love the Neo lens, because it is comfortable, because it has a higher water content. and one of my favorite make up blogger Arora who is Chinese, but based in England, uses Neo lenses very often on her blogs. So I`ve always being curious about them..So when Eyecandylens.com ask which pair i want, i chose Neo lens.

Since pictures are worth way more words that i can say, Here are pictures of the lens.
How they look in the Bottle
How they Look in cases
How they look on me.
Compare with no lens
How they look on both eyes with natural lighting.

So here is my review: 
Enlargement: as far as enlargement goes, they are not comparable to the GEO princess Mimi or even the GEO nudy series, however, as you guys can see, it still enlarge my eyes abit, a very subtle change, if you are into natural looks, i think you`ll like this pair.
Comfort: As far as comfort goes, they are the most comfortable circle lens i own period. Like when i put them on, it was like i`m not wearing them at all..with all my other lens i could still feel the lens, but with this pair, i dont feel a thing once u put it on. They are sooo comfortable. however with lens that has a high water content, you need to reapply eye drops more often, so your eyes are`t dried out.
Color: The color i got is hazel, which you can see from the picture is light brown-ish. Even though it has a darker rim on the outside, but it is not solid which makes the lens look more realistic. I have dark brown eyes, so when i put them on it lightens the color of my eyes, but not in a freak-ish way, more like a exotic way, so i do like the color, and i really like the design of the lens, its so natural, yet you see a difference.

So here is my final verdict:
Enlargement: 6/10 (very subtle almost none enlargement effects)
Comfort: 10/10 (hands down most comfortable lens i own)
Color/Design: 8/10 (while i like the design very much, i fee the color could be better)

I hope you guys enjoy this post, if you have any questions please let me know down in the comment section, i will answer them as soon as i can. In the mean time i hope you guys have a great week ahead

As Always, with Lotsa Luv and XOXO
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