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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crazy allergies rant part 1

Since it is Sunday afternoon-ish, I figure I'd share my allergy experience. About 2 weeks ago, I had a huge allergy reaction. It was a lot worse than the one i had about year ago. The funny thing is, these two episode are almost exactly one year apart. However, the allergens that caused my allergies on both occasions are different. Last year it was caused by a type of herb/plants known as fennel. Fennel is commonly used in cooking, and when my mom made fennel dumplings for the first time in 11 years, BOOM allergy for me. To be honest, fennel actually does taste pretty good, it has a very special aroma/taste to it, it is very sad that I can't eat it.
If you guys are wondering how does fennel looks like here is a picture:
Looks healthy right? Not to me.
The good thing about my allergy situation last year was I only needed to take Benadryl for the MASSIVE ITCHING HIVES...and let me tell you, it was a horrible experience. I've always known that I have allergy prone, easily irritable skin. However, to see myself covered in hives from head to toe was and still is very traumatizing to me. The itching was the worse part, I couldn't scratch my skin, but it felt like my skin was on fire with non-stop itching. With the help of Benadryl, my symptoms were controlled well. Well it took longer for all symptoms to go away, but by the 5th day, it wasn't bothering me much anymore. I thought it was the end of that, and truth be told, I didn't think it would happen again.

About 3 weeks ago I actually had my wisdom tooth taken out, and my dentist put on a rather strong antibiotic. I was on it for 7 days, and nothing happened. Three days after i finished my antibiotic, BOOM, it was allergy all over again. This time it was a lot worse. Last year it took the allergen a whole 12 hours to cover me on hives, this time, it only took about 30 minutes. Before I know it, I was covered head to toe in rash(not hives) this time.

And before i continue any further with my rant, let me just say, HAVING ALLERGY IS ONE SOB HEALTH CONCERN. Like seriously, why...why allergies...I already have other potential health problems awaiting for me when I get older(something runs in family). Now i have to worry about this??? Like are you kidding me. The frustrating thing is, when I went to the allergist office last year, he did a skin test on me, and my skin didn't react to anything. And it's not just these big serious allergy that piss me off, there are those smaller ones too. Like I break out for weeks after seafood; when it's its time for season change, boom my back itches, and my skin goes haywire; touched some new make up at Sephora, boom my fingers are itching sausages. And trust me, there are more than just those three, but it is the little thing that really gets on my nerves. I can't do a lot of the stuff my friends can do because I have to be extra careful, like seriously, that's BS.

Anyways, back to my recent allergy episode, as it turns out I was allergic to the antibiotic my dentist gave me. Apparently, it is very common to have allergy symptoms long after you finish your prescriptions. This time it was much more serious than last time, when I took Benadryl, the only thing that went away was the itching, but the rash kept on getting worse. Last year, the hives went away after I took Benadryl. The doctor told me she had to put me on a steroid so the rash/swelling won't affect my breathing. Even then it wasn't until three days after I was on steroid that the symptoms got better.Sometimes the itching was so bad that it was very difficult for me to fall asleep....like having allergy is just a bitch...

FYI you are wondering how bad it is here is a picture of my face when it was still very bad
I wished I could smile, but I was very pissed off
Pretty bad huh....It was much worse when people saw me in person...on the worst day, even my lids were swelling to no end, and OMG it was so hard not to scratch myself, but at the same time it was so itchy. Even my scalp was itching like crazy....Also this allergy made my skin so dry that you'd think I don't drink water. Anyways I'm gonna stop now, since I know this post is getting a bit too long and too wordy...

Gonna rant more next time...I mean I have to express my anger somewhere.

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to Blogging Maybe? "Project 10 Pans" and "Weight-Loss"

I was just looking at my last blog post, and it is dated in June this year....So I've been major MIA for a while now...

Do I still want to continue to blog? yes...I think it is a good way to get my thoughts out here and there...I am still the same beauty junkie, but I find myself spend much less on make-up now. Skincare is another story, there are still quite a few skincare products that i buy very consistently, and often the prices do fall on the higher end of the expensive-o-meter. But, make-up, I think right now, I am at a point where I honestly believe that I have enough make-up that can last me a very long time(and I do mean a very long time). When I am browsing in Sephora/The Bay/M.A.C./ect, the urge of buying more is just at a all time low right now for me. I mean the new collections that come out "oh very often" are "oh very pretty", but I am constantly asking myself the same questions over and over again: "Do I really need that? or "Don't I have something similar?" The scary truth is, often I kept on buying the same things all over again. I mean do i really need 5 pink blushes, or 5 black eyeshadow? I was just looking at my big make up collection, and I thought to myself: "How on earth am I going to ever finish using them?" I am not a make-up artist, I don't need all the latest palette and colours that come out every season. I guess my point here is that I don't want to buy anymore make-up until I have finished at least some from my current collection. So a "Project 10 pans" seem to be a logical thing to do.

I am back in school right now, and I have class from 9-4, so my days are pretty packed. I don't know how often I can blog and what-nots, but I guess I can use this blog as a media outlet to write about stuff that I like, and just my experiences in general, and hopefully people will find them interesting, and helpful.

On a minor update on my life: I am on a very strict diet right now, so far it is working great. I've only been doing this for a little over a month, and I am starting to see results. It is quite simple actually. I've cut grain products off my diet completely. So no bread or rice or any grain products of any kind. I've recently discovered how yummy and healthy breakfast smoothies are, and I am totally addicted to that right now. Maybe I'll share some of my favorite smoothie recipe in the future...My ultimate goal in losing weight is to achieve a healthier body mass index, because my doctor said I am overweight, and given my family history of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, he said I should start live a healthier life style to minimize my chance of getting those diseases in the future. I still have a long way to go to achieve my goal, but hopefully I will get there soon with eating healthy and exercise.

I hope this entry is not too wordy, if it is, oh well....At least i enjoyed writing it...

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Umm. I am MIA because i've being playing Diablo 3

Hi guys, So i guess here is an update on why i've being MIA for the past 2 months or so...well if you guys don't know, Diablo 3 Came out last month on the 15 I believe? And it basically takes up all my free time right now...Like i've given up putting on make up for this game...it is insanely fun...Ummm until i get get better at it, i've probably gonna spend less time on my blog...It's not that i wont write more blog entries, its just the update will be more sparse, but i imagine i'll be back to my regular post time cycle in about 2 months-ish?

anyways, if you guys Also play Diablo 3 On the American Server, just add me on ur list (My email on my contact me page)...lol but ya just to let you guys know i'm not dead...but just being a real hardcore Diablo 3 player right now( actually i do have a hardcore char on my account), but Until i get better on SC, I won't be touching it too much.

For all my gamer girlies out there that plays Diablo 3,  Where are you guys now??? I am currently on Act 3, inferno, and just beat Belial last Night, so happy, since i've being stuck on him since Sunday...Oh ya, i play the Witch Doctor, which I think are so UP atm, so im starting to lv my Wizard, let me know your progress if you play~~~

As always, with Lotsa luv and XoXo.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Product Review and Swatch- Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush

Hello to all my lovely readers, today I will be writing a review on the "Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush".

I do like to say that the shades on the website are WAY OFF, they are not like that in real life AT ALL.

If you guys are into make up, you'd probably all heard of the dream bouncy blushes by now. These cream blushers are making rounds not only on youtube, but also on the beauty blogging community as well... I got suckered in when i read, and saw tons of positive review on it, of course there are also negative review on this product as well, so when i first made my purchase, I only bought 2. After testing them out for a few weeks, i end up buying another one, then weeks later i bought another one. The four colours that i've bought are : Pink Plum, Candy Coral, Plum Wine and Hot Tamale.
First I'd like to give you guys a general description of them.

From the official Maybelline Website:
Freshest flush ever:
• New bouncy texture is formulated with silicone elastomers
• Lightweight like a powder, yet melts seamlessly into skin like a cream giving you our freshest flush ever
• Dermatologist tested
• Allergy tested
• Non comedogenic

I think the official description pretty much said it all. It is very lightweight, and has a cream to powder finish. Although on the official website it suggests applying with with your fingers; I find that apply it with a brush/fingers are both easy. I like to apply it with my finger, then blend it with wither a foundation brush or a dual fibre brush.

here are the colours that I've bought
The colours in the picture its pretty accurate to what they look like in real life.
See the Little Finger prints? i;m tellin ya, its a fun texture

First Impression: When i first bought them, I immediately start to play with them...like literally. Because their play-doh like texture, it was just so much fun pushing them down, and then they do bouncy back, but very slowly. I thought the idea of this kind of texture was just fun. It was like a therapy ball, but its a blush...Okay, I'll admit that I am weird, but the texture is just fun to play with. Imagine yourself putting on make up in the morning, a little something fun can adds give you a slight mood boost...well it did for me anyway..

Pigmentation: Depends on the colour that you get, the pigmentation varies. If you get a light pink like Pink Plum, the colour pay off are not going to be as good as Plum wine. However, even with a light pink colour like Pink Plum, the colour is still very noticeable. If you really want the colour on the light blushes to show up well, just apply a similar colour powder blush over it, really warms up your complexsion. Out of the 4 that i've got, the best colour pay off is Plum Wine, and when blended, it is this gorgeous, medium roesy colour.

Blend-ability/Texture: As far as blending goes, it goes on super smooth, and very easy to blend. The product itself has a cream to powder finish, so when applied and blended, it looks super natural, and not cakey at all. However, when applying this blush, you should be careful especially with the darker colours, apply with a light hand to avoid over pigmented cheeks. Again, when blended, the colours are not as intense as swatched if you want a more pigmented look either re-apply a bit more, or apply a similar colour powder blush over it. the later also increase its wearing time.

Conclusion: I absolutely love these little cream blushers. they are easy to use. Super affordable, i think when they go on sale it's about 5 dollars each. Even though the colour pay off varies depends on the colour, but in general, they are good. I would totally recommend them to others. I don't think I will buy any more just because I think thats all the colours that i like, maybe one more, but for now i think I'm good. Unless they come up with new colours in the future. Seriously you guys, buy this if you like cream blusher, and luv fun textures.

Final Score:
Colour Payoff: 7/10 (Wish all colours have intense colour pay off like Hot Tamale or Plum Wine)
Texture: 10/10 ( I luv the Play-Doh like Texture)
Price: 10/10 (They are cheap)
Packging: 7/10 ( Little bit too simple and flimsy)
Overall: 8/10 (In General I like them.)

I hope this is helpful to you guys, I do seriously recommend these blushers. if you have any question just let me know down in the comment section, I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

In the mean time i hope you guys have a great day, and I will blog again very soon

As Always, with Lotsa Luv and XOXO

Circle Lens Review - Geo Big Grang Grang Brown

Hi guys, I am writing a Circle Lens review today. They are the Geo Big Grang Grang Brown. I've got them from shoppingholics.com. I did recieve these lens for review purposes, but i promise you guys that my opinions are honest, and not influenced in anyway. Being said that, I have to say that even before shoppingholics.com contacted me, I've bought circle lens from them a few times b4. I've even made a post about it once (you can read that here). So believe me when I say that I do really like the site, not only is it easy to navigate and to find what you are looking for, but i luv the fact that they offer competitive pricing, with free shipping(with tracking number) world wide for any purchase over 50 USD. The shipping took about 2 weeks/20 working days, it isn't terribly long considering they are based in Malaysia.

If you are into circle lens, then you'd probably noticed that Geo Medical recently came out with a new design the Grang Grang. The style came in 2 colours, and 2 size for each colour.
Here is the official e-poster:
Since i really like the Neo Cosmo Queen Hazel, which is a light brown/red-ish colour, i thought i'd try the Big Grang Grang Brown. 

The Details of the products are:
Origin: Korea.
Diameter: 15mm(its Huge)
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.7mm
Life span: 1 Year.

When it arrived, i like how it is packed nicely, thus no damage done during the trip. I also like the fact that Shoppingholics.come always sends out a little thank you card, which I thought add a personal touch to the whole transaction.
here is how the package came
Underneath of bubble wraps are my Geo Big Grang Grang Brown in Perfect Condition
My Initial reaction when i saw the lens was" WOW, they are big
I'm not kidding, they are big, but whats up with the "B" print?
The colour is a very nice honey light brown. With a nice Darker brown rim. I am very happy with the design, and I really like the colour, it's not the typical "Brown" circle lens you'd see from alot of other brands. The fact that it is multi-coloured, when you put it into your eyes, it doesn't look "dead doll-ish", and no crazy lizard eye effects that some other brands unfortunately have.
Still bug-out by the "B" Prints...

I guess you can tell that i am bug by the "B" prints on the lens...I mean i don't see why a company has to print out letter onto their lens...at least it is small, and almost unoticeable.

Here are how the lens look like when I am wearing it. I have to say for the most accurate colour representation out of all 4 has to be the Flash Photography one. When you put the lens on, it has that honey brown look. As you can see from the last picture, the lens is huge, compare with my Naked eyes..lol

here are some more Close up for you guys to see:
Close Up 1
Close up 2, see what i meant by Honet, the colour is so pretty.
So Here is my Review:
Enlargement: These lenses are big, in fact they are 15mm, which I think it's the biggest on the market right now(correct me if i am wrong). They will without a doubt enlarge your eyes like crazy. Nevertheless, I dont think it is big in the way that it will creep people out, which is always a plus. In this department, I have no complains. The only minor problem i have with this pair of lens is that, since it is big, it was bit hard to insert it to my eyes...So if you are not familiar with circle lenses, you'll need a bit more effort and practice of putting them on.
Comfort: To my surprise, these lens are very comfortable. I mean much more comfortable than my other pairs of Geo lens. I think it is because the lens feels thinner, where as the Geo Princess Mimi and Cafe Mimi are thicker in texture. When I put them in, I can hardly notice they are there considering their 15mm diameter. The downside to the comfort level is that, this particular pair lenses get dry super fast. Within 2 hours you'll start to notice they are starting to get dry, and you'll need eyedrops. So my recommendation is that don't wear them for too long, if you have to, have eye drops handy.
Colour: I got the colour in Brown, which is lighter than the Grang Grang Choco. I have no complains when it comes to the colour or the design, i think its natural and it's very pretty. The only icky thing is the "mysterious" "b" print on both lenses. However, when you are actually wearing the lenses, they are not noticeable at all.

So here is my Final Verdict:
Enlargement: 8/10(I'd give it 10 if it was easier to put in..lol)
Comfort: 7/10(While you can hardly feel them, i dont like the fact that they get dry too fast)
Colour/Design: 9/10 (It would be "oh so perfect" if there is no mysterious B prints O_O)

Okay One more Camwhore picture, then I'm done ^v^

I hope you guys enjoy this post, if you have any questions please let me know down in the comment section, i will answer them as soon as i can. In the mean time i hope you guys have a great week ahead

As Always, with Lotsa Luv and XOXO

Monday, April 16, 2012

Movies Movies Movies - Titanic in IMAX 3D

Okay, even though i really don't enjoy romantic film much, but Titanic is an exception...i have the DVD so i can watch it whenever i want, and at time I can even quote straight out of the movie. That's how much i like it...Somehow the star-lover's tale b/w Jack and Rose just never gets old for me. And to be honest i get teary eye or even full on sobbing every time i watch it...So when it was announced that the movie is going to be released in 3D, with remastered visual and all that techni stuff i was real excited. So last night, I convinced the hubby to watch it with me..AND OMG, the theater was really full for a Sunday night.

It really surprised me how much i gushed during the movie and how teary i got when it was very sad...I guess some movie just never get old. Anyways, the visual effects are really good, not the crappy 2D conversion you see at some movies, but very beautifully done. and they really did made the whole visual experience alot better, with better quality pictures. When i mean better picture quality, I meant amazing, sure it wasn't Avatar good, but this movie is not meant to be a visually innovative film like Avatar. The visuals are so vividly clear, SO MUCH BETTER THAN my DVD version i can tell you that...

Anyways, if you guys really liked the original, i think you guys are really going to enjoy this 3D re-release, Just make sure you watch it in IMAX to get the best movie going experience possible. Also It's always nice to see Leonardo DiCaprio in his youth, I mean he was so cute and charming and handsome in that movie, seeming his young self made me giggle like a young girls when I first watched it in 1997.

Anyways , i hope this is a interesting read for your guys, and I will blog again very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Look For the Day - Pink and Green

While i did a another pink and green look just a few posts ago, I feel that this one looks better, and feels much cleaner in my opinion. Also i thought I'd show you guys a simple way to wear bright colour as eyeliner. Since bright colours are very popular on the runway, if you decide to wear a bright pink top, you can also try to match it with a bright eyeliner. The key to bright eyeliner is that, in my opinion, not over do it. While we need the pop of colour, it needs to be minimal and neat, but still noticeable.

Here is the look:
The key here is the first line your eyes with a deep thin black line. then use a pink eyeliner to line on top of the black liner. Then, use a same color eyeshadow, to pat on top of the pink eyeliner to intensify the colour.

Here is the Closed up:

Here are the product used:

Here are the steps:
  1. First use 1 all over the eyelids. The soft pink is very shimmery, but the hint of pink is very light and minimal. It will brighten up the eye
  2. Use a black eyeliner(preferably a liquid liner) to liner your upper lashline. Remember to keep the line neat and thin.
  3. Use a pink liner to line on top of the black eyeliner. Make sure to draw the line a bit thicker than the black eyeliner
  4. Use 2 all over the pink liner, but remember not to go over the pink. 
  5. Use a black liner to line your lower lashline. 
  6. Use a green liner to line your lower waterline.
  7. Use 3, and smudge the colour on the outer half of the lower lashline.
  8. Use 1 again, and sweep the colour on the inner corner of the eye.
  9. Curl your lash, and put on your favorite mascara.
  10. Go with a rosey colour blush, it gives your complexion more colour.
  11. Use your favorite lip colour combo, preferably a brighter colour. 
  12. And the look is done 
This look is super simple, and easy to to. Perfect for a day out shopping and meeting up with the girlfriend. Given that spring is here, i think it is a good look for a picnic day. I've being very into simple looks recently. But using the same warm brown and neutral colours are boring, so using fun colours, but keep the make up simple is what i've been very into recently.

If there are any questions or suggestion, i'd love to hear them. Just leave me a comment, I will answer and reply them as soon as I can.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and find it helpful.
I will Blog again very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Monday, April 9, 2012

Quick Post - Haute Look, Urban Decay Sale

Hi Girlies, its just a quick post to let you guys know that HauteLook.com is selling Urban Decay at a really good price right now. I just placed my order. They have the book of shadow IV for 24 dollars, of grab it if you can, the sales ends on Wednesday.

They also have UD eyeliner pencil set, highlighter, body powder, concealer on sale as well. Most are under 10 dollars, so if you like UD i think go check it out, if anything, just get the eyeshadow palette, it's such a good bargain. I've also bought a highlighter and a concealer for under 10 dollars...the only Ickee thing is the shipping, with an estimated shipping/delivery date at the end of the month, but i am very patient.

If you guys had order stuff from hautelook.com before I'd love to hear your experience, because this is my first time buy stuff from them...so i don't know what to expect.

anyways i will blog again very soon

As always with lotsa luv and xoxo.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Movies, Movies, Movies - 21 Jumpstreet Is Hilarious, a sorta movie review/post

From the title you guys probably already know that i am going to talk about movies today. I know that I did a few movie related post b4, where i tell you guys about the movie i've watched...So here is another one 21 Jumpstreet.

First of all, b4 anything i have to say, that I will literally go see any movie that has Channing Tatum. I mean he is just soooo gorgeous, and hot, and OMG so sexy. I simply enjoy watching him even if its a 2 hour long bored fest...I mean he is such a eye candy...I remember first watching him in "she's the man". I was obsessed with him for the next couple months..lol..but i think he'd done alot more movies since then, and alot of them are pretty good...So here is to hope in the future that i get to see "more" of him in movies (catch my drift?  ^_^).

Anyways, I am going to talk about the movie now...the plot is quite simple. These two guys stars in this buddy-cop comedy drama about these two go undercover at a local high school in hopes that they will stop the spread of a new recreational drug...Now i am not going to spoil anything further about the plot..but OMG you guys have to watch this movie...IT IS EFFING  HILARIOUS...It is by far the funniest movie i've watched this year so far. and i wasn't just me, but literally, and i am being super honest, everybody in the same theatre as me were laughing none stop. Like i laughed so hard almost non-stop from beginning to end. Trust me, it is that funny.

I must say, both main actors did a great job, I can't really say who was better, but they chemistry b/w them is real good, and it shows in the movie. Jonah Hill has this constant dazed out look in his eyes, and to me it just makes his funny, like the little movement and gestures he does in the movie is simply funny. Like i can't really say it was particular scene that he did was real funny, but it was really how he did in the whole movie.

What I also like about this movie is that the funny part are not raunchy, and out right wacky like you see in alot comedy these days (cough Hangover 2 cough)...it is not dirty jokes or actual ppl getting hurt kinda funny. I like how the jokes are very situational, and this unlikely pair just makes everything funny... I honestly have nothing bad to say about this film. it was definitely worth watching it on the big screen.

If you guys havent watched it yet, and love comedy i highly recommend this movie, or if you watched it, let me know what you think down in the comment section.
And if you don't like comedies....well what is wrong with you, life is too short to be serious all the time, loosen up and have laugh, it will make you live longer...

Anyways, i hope this is fun to read, and I'll blog again soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Product Review: Potentially the Worst eyeshadow i've EVER bought - Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eyeshadow

Awhile back at my local drugstore, the rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eyeshadow was on sale for 3 dollars each. I've bought any Rimmel Lipstick b4 and they are among my favorite drugstore lipsticks, so i thought for for 3 dollars, the eyeshadows were a good bargain. I thought the quality was going to be good...maybe not department store good, but at least better than the Claire's Quad that i've used b4. Boy was i wrong...

The ones i've bought were 740 Fever, and 700 Maritime. In the Packaging, the colours looks so pretty, and everyday friendly.

They look pretty right?
On the official website the brand claims and i quote: "Glam’Eyes Eyeshadow: Soft Silky formula for smooth saturated colour Long wear, crease resistant shadow, Intense colour reveal, Blends effortlessly"

Really? Intense colour reveal??? here is the swatch, you guys decide if it's Intense.
intense colour pay off???
Ya, excuse my language, but "intense colour reveal" my @$$...It has to be the least pigmented eyeshadow i've EVER BOUGHT...LIKE EVER...You can imagine how I first reacted when i swatched the eyeshadow....it was like i apply nothing at all....Keep in the mind that the swatch were heavy finger swatches, but if you decide to pick up the colours by brush? the pigmentation is even more pathetic than this.
I was like, you know, since i almost always apply my eyeshadow with a base or a primer, i should try to swatch it with primer, and here is the result.
better, but still not that impressive.
I applied the UD primer first, and these are t he colour pay off...I mean it's definitely better, but still pretty bad in my honest opinion. and again these are unblended...once you start blending them, they look like the swatches in the first picture.

Another thing that i dont like about this rimmel eyeshadow trio is that, It is soooo powdery. try to put this on your eyes, you are without a doubt gonna get fall outs. Generally i have some other good thing to say about a product that i don't like...but i dont think there are anything good thing that comes with these two trios...

So my Final scores are
Pigmentation: 3/10 
Texture: 4/10
Price: 7/10 (They were cheap)
Packaging: 7/10 (Okay i actually like the packaging, its simple and sleek)
Overall: 3/10 ( I mean they are just not good eyeshadows period)

So ya this is my review of the Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eyeshadow. I Hope this is helpful to some of you guys...I don't mean to offend any fans of Rimmel cosmetics, but these eyeshadows really do suck in my honest opinion. if you guys had a better experience with this product let me know down in the comment section. Or if you have any questions let me know as well...

I hope guys enjoyed this, and i will Blog again very Soon.

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look for the Day - Wet N Wild "Blue had Me at Hello

I bought the much talked about and much beloved Wet N Wild 8 Pan eyeshadows awhile back, and even though I knew from the start that they'd be totally awesome, I just hadn't the chance to work with them yet. The other day, i was like "you know what, I'm gonna have some fun with the Wet N Wild palette" and i did this fun and i swear Totally wearable look for daytime...well maybe not so much for work...using the Wet N Wild 8 Pan eyeshadow "Blue had Me at Hello"

So here is the look:
You Likey???

With Flash
Eyes Closed

I was wearing this the whole day when i was at t he mall and eating early dinner with the hubby, and i totally luv the look, and i luv the palette even more...If by seeing my terribly drawn diagram that you think its a hard look to do, you are wrong~~~its totally easy... and i will start by showing you guys the palette

the Colours are just so pretty
So here are the steps:
  1. Use 1 under your crease/eye fold to create a thick liner like line
  2. Use 2 above 1 on the centre of of your eyelids, go over the crease/fold if you like
  3. Use 3 on the outer corner of your eyes to create depth
  4. Go back to 1 and use it liner your lower lashline
  5. Use 4 on the outer 1/3 of your lower lashline to intensify.
  6. Use 5 on the inner corner of the eye.
  7. Use 6 On the brow bone as high0light colour.
  8. Put on Demi false eyelashes
  9. Line your upper lashline and lower lashline as well as waterlines with black liner.
  10. Apply your favorite blush preferably a colour has a cooler undertone
  11. Apply a Nude lipstick and your favorite gloss
  12. The key to this look is blend the colour together so there are no harshline, and go back to intensify the colour if needed.
So ya i hope you guys like this look, i absolutly love it. It is kinda bold, but really wearable.  Now i know everybody has different eye shapes, so feel free to add your own little touch to this look if you decide to rock it...If you guys have any questions or any requests let me know down in the comment section. I really appreciate any kind of feedback, positive or negative. ^_^

I hope this is helpful and enjoyable for you guys, i will blog again very soon

as Always, with Lotsa Luv and XOXO

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

I know im very late on the bandwagon of the Maybelline Fit Me foundations, but when i was at NYC last month, i finally caved in and bought it. It was the first time that i've bought drugstore foundation, and even though most reviews for the Fit Me foundation were positive, i wasn't sure if it was going to work for me, since i have very serious allergy towards some ingredient found in most sunblock/sunscreen. As it turns out, i had no allergy reaction from the foundation. which was good news to me, and after a few uses, i thought i'll write a review for it, and hopefully some of you guys can find it helpful.

that is the Foundation.
I bought both 125 and 210, and as it turns out, both colours don't really match my skin  perfectly. 210 is too dark, and the undertone of 125 is more pink than beige which doesn't work that well with my skin colour. However with a little bit of powder, blush and bronzer, I could make both colours work for me...It's just that unlike my MUFE and Laniege Foundation, there are extra steps that I have to do to make sure these two colours look natural on me.

I think what most people look for in a foundation is the coverage, and the best way to show it to you guys is through pictures
So here it is
If you wanna see bigger picture just click it
For the sake of the accuracy of the review I didn't retouch these photos in anyway, this way you guys can really see how the coverage is for the Fit Me Foundation.

So here are some info on the Fit Me foundation:
  2. It has Spf 18
  3. Claim to have light to Medium Coverage.
  4. There are 18 shades to choose from.
  5. Retail in Canada range from 5-9 dollars depends on different retail locations
Here is what my Thoughts are on The Fit Me Foundation.
  1. It is relatively reasonably priced
  2. there are 18 shades, so more people can find their colour
  3. Easy to find, available in most drugstore location.
  4. Decent coverage if you don't have serious acne/skin problems
  5. It does have spf, so it give you some kind of protection of UV
  1. It has no pump, so it's harder to control how much product to pour out each time.
  2. Because it has no pump, it is less hygienic.
  3. Good for Dry skin, but not that good if you have combination/oily skin
  4. It has a very strong fragrant scent, may not be pleasant to most people
  5. Doesn't last very long, at most for me was 4-5ish hour.  
For me, I wouldn't repurchase this foundation. I dislike fragrant scent in most product, especailly one that has a very strong scent. While is coverage is buildable, the finish is very dewy. I already have combination/sensitive skin, so on my skin it looks like i put oil on, and i had to use powder to mattify my face, which at the end makes it look like i have powder face...Now if you have dry skin, i think you might potentially like this foundation, because the finish is VERY dewy..like Super Dewy. I dislike the fact that the opening has no pump, and I am very clumsy, so it is very easy for me to pour too much product out and make a mess. However, i do think for the price, especially if you get it on sale for 5 dollars(which i did), it is definitely good foundation. If you are on a budget and need a decent foundation, this could potentially work well for you. I also really like the shape of the bottle, it is not very filmsy like some other drugstore foundations I've seen. I like the fact that it is made of glass and not plastic, feels more sleek and less cheap.

So my scores for the Maybelline Fit me Foundation are:
Packaging: 5/10 (Sorry, no pump is a big minus in my book)
Coverage: 6/10 (It's decent, but i've had way better ones)
Finish: 4/10 (I just don't like Super dewy finishes)
Overall: 6/10
Would I repurchase? NO

So that is my review of the Maybelline Fit me Foundation, i hope you guys enjoyed this post, and some of you find this helpful...keep in mind that everyone's skin is different, so just because this foundation didn't work for me doesn't mean it can't work wonders for you. If you guys have any questions please let me know down in the comment section i will get back at you as soon as i can.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and i will Blog again very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Monday, March 19, 2012

Look For the Day - One Brand Look using Maybelline Products

I think alot of bloggers and beauty youtubers had done this kind of post/video b4. You know the case where they only use products from one brand to create a look.. That is excatly what i am doing today. All the products are from Maybelline, and very easy to find and most definitely affordable...and Chances are, you probably already have them at your make up arsenal.

So here is the look:
Likey Likey???

I luv this little palette, its sooo good and sparkley

Here are the steps:
  1. First of all, use the Painted Purple Colour Tattoo cream shadow and smudge it all over your eyelids
  2. Take the gel liner and liner your upper lash line and lower lashline. Rmbr to wing out little bit for an extra sultry look.
  3. Take 1 and pat the colour under your crease/fold and close to the lashline. then use the same colour and carefully pat the colour on the outer half of the lower lashlin as well.
  4. Take 2 and place the colour on the centre of the the eyelids.
  5. Take 3 and sweep the colour on the outter corner to soften the harshline, and rmbr to blend it well up to under the brown bone.
  6. Take 4 and apply the colour to the inner corner of the eye...remember to pat the colour and take gentel steps, because 4 is very glittery, and it is very easy to over doing it.
  7. Take 5, and apply it under the brow bone as a highlighting colour.
  8. Go and fix up any colour and you think need a bit more products.
  9. Go back and retrace your liner to intensify it, also tightlining on your upper and lower waterline.
  10. Curl your lashes and Apply mascara.
  11. Apply your favorite blush
  12. use your favorite lipstick and gloss and the look is done.
Here are all the Products I used
Okay i admit that i cheated on lipgloss, but thats only cuz i have no lipgloss from maybelline
know this doens't look all the dramatic, but trust me, my camera doesn't pick up all the glitter and shimmer in this look...while i would be brave enough to wear this out during day times. I'd much prefer wearing this when i go on a date night with the hubby. Purple in my Opinion are one of the best colour for brown eyes, along with green. I didn't put on any falsies with this look, but if you considering wearing this look out, you should seriously consider wear them..even a simple pair would automatically amp up the look.

If you guys are curious the lipstick shade i used was "Born with it" and the Blush colour is Candy Coral, the colour for the Maybelline eyeshadow palette is 10 Amethyst. The foundation shade i used was "Classic Ivory".

If you guys have any questions or request or anything you wanna ask me, just let me know down in the comment section. i'd love some feed back.

In the mean time i hope you guys enjoyed this and i will blog again very soon

As Always, with Lotsa Luv, and XOXO

Friday, March 16, 2012

Look for the Day - Spring is here

Since spring is here, i thought i do a simple look that is more colourful that is on par with the coming spring...also right now we are having gorgeous weather in Toronto...No more big winter jacket...i can actually open my window and don't feel cold~~~so yay for great weather

anywhoo, here is the look:
You like? Click if you wanna see large photos
So here are the close ups:
Eyes Open Natural Light
Eyes open with Flash
So ya, as you guys can see, the look is quite simple, but still colourful...i feel like spring make up is suppose to feel fresh, and no overdone...thats why i didn't bring the colour all the way up to my brow bone. For this look i used 4 colours, a pink, a shimmery pale gold, a light green for the outer corners, and a dark green for my lower lashline.

Here is what i used:
All the eyeshadows are from the Too faced, Enchanted Glamourland collection

So here are the steps:
  1. take 1 and pat the colour on the centre of ur eyelids, becareful not to bring it onto the inner corners
  2. take 2 and use a pencil brush to sweep the colour on the outer corner of your eyelids, and bring it down to your lower lashline just a little bit.
  3. take 3, and use a pencil brush line your lower lashline.
  4. take 4, and use it as a highlight, and also use 4 on the inner corners of your eye.
  5. take any brown liner, and line your upper lashline, and line your lower waterline.
  6. go back to 3 and define the colour on your lower lashline.
  7. go back with 1 and 2 if you need to fix it up abit
  8. apply a peachy blush to bring some colour on your complexion
  9. apply lipstick that has a warmer undertone like orange or peach.
  10. then you are done
So ya, here is my simple spring inspired look...hope you guys like it, and please give me some feedback and let me know what is your favorite thing to do during spring.

I hope you guys enjoy this post, and i will blog again very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Product Review: L'oreal Youth Code Serum Intense Daily Treatment

Hi girlies, sorry it took me long to write another post, but i simply have alot on my hand right now...But today, i am writing a product review on the L'oreal Youth Code Serum.

If you guys remember from one of my previous haul post, i received the serum from my bestie back at X-mas.I've using this serum for a good few months now, and not only i finished one bottle, i am on to the second bottle. So i think right now would be a good time to write a review for it, since i've got so much use out of it.

So here is the Product:

First of all, here are some general info of the prodcut
>the size is 30ml/1.0 FL. OZ
>the Claim is that the product has 10 years of gene research behind it
>On the official website it claims and i quote " Breakthrough GenActiv Technology™ helps increase skin's natural powers of regeneration, boosting skin's own capacity for recovery. The unique non-greasy formula melts on contact with skin, leaving a smooth finish"

The Price of the Product:
> varies from 30-20 CND depends on where you purchase it. It is cheaper in the US than here in Canada. I think in the US it price varies from 17-25 depends on the retailer.

My thought:
Personally i really like the product. I mean i'm already on 2nd bottle. What i like about it is that, it is so light weight, but at the same time it hydrates and moisturizes like it suppose to. What i also like about this product is that, it get absorbed into my skin very quickly. There is no greasy feeling after i apply it. Also, after i use the product for a while, i feel that my skin is smoother than before. As far as younger looking skin goes, I didn't really notice anything...I like the fact that this extra step in my skincare ensured that in the morning, my skin is not dry or patchy. Personally, my skin didn't react badly towards this particular item which is awesome. so in general i really like it, and i would recommend it.

The Not so fun fact about this product:
Well none of it happened to me, but this product does contain alcohol and fragrance, so some people might get a more serious reaction from it. I've also read reviews that this product broke them out like crazy, and give them horrible scars...I think it really depends on your skin type, because everyone has different skin. Also, there are people who think this product is a bit over priced. especially here in Canada, where after tax, it does go  as high as 30smth dollars.

What i would suggest for your guys would be that, if you could, get a sample and try it out for a couple days, see how it works for it, if it breaks you out, then you'll know it's not for you..and if it works well on you, and you think the product is worth the 18-30 bucks, then by all means go for it.

Final thoughts:
So in general, i just luv this product. I think it did help me with my scaring abit, though not much, but i luv the fact that it made my skin smoother. would i repurchase it? Of course, I am already on the 2nd bottle, and i bought Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Skincare Serum Corrector from the same Product line, i'll do a review on that once i start to use it. I've also purchase the eye cream as well, but hadn't use it yet. I will however steer clear of the face wash and the day cream and lotions. Mainly because the cream/lotions have heavy duty spf, and the face wash has exfoliating element which if you have sensitive skin, should steer clear of. Nevertheless, i really do love this product. Do i think it is a miracle serum? no, but it does what it suppose to do, so that's fine by my standard.

And alittle update on what's going on with me: well i've recently suffered a very serious break out from eating shell-fish (DAMN U RED LOBSTER, WHY U TASTE SO GOOD). If you guys don't already know, shell-fish in general breaks me out horribly, and sometimes they give me bad stomach problems. But i choose to ensure all the down side occasionally, because i luv Red Lobster and their Seafood Alfredo pasta...yummm...so thats wht i hadn't really did any make up looks, because i hate putting on make up when my skin is so effed up, it just makes it worth, but now that my skin is feeling better, i will try and post more spring look and looks using Naked 2 palette up... or swatches, if any of you guys are interested..so let me know down in the comment section..
So anyways, i will blog again very soon...

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New York Haul w/ Naked 2..Finally ^_^

Hi girlies, how are you guys today~~~i am very happy that the weather is getting warmer, and when i look out the window it is no long shades of grey, but clear blue sky. It just puts me in a good mood..

As most of you girlies know, i recently came back from a little trip from the Big apple, and it was a great trip, and i had alot of fun. Of course, being a girl, I went shopping...now i didn't go crazy, but i did buy stuff that i was not able to get back home easily...For us Canadians, the price for the same products are always higher than out neighbor south of the border, with the exchange rate at our advantage, it was like i was buying everything on sale...lol...

So here it is

So i Finally bought the Naked 2 palette!!! I've wanting to get my hands on that for the longest time, but its like 60 dollars in Canada, where as in the States it was only 50 and with less tax, so i can finally cross that off my list.

I also got a freedom palette with 2 blushes and 4 eyeshadow from Inglot. Inglot if you guys don't know, is being praised by alot of bloggers and beauty youtubers on the internet recently. Alot of people are compare it to MAC, but alot cheaper. I have to say the texture is sooo velvety smooth. and it has amazing pigmentation, the only problem? well it can be abit on the powdery side..so u really have to be more careful.

Also very close to the City in New Jersey, there is this Japanese Super Market called "Mitsuwa Marketplace" Me and the hubby went for lunch there when we're there. They had a somewhat decent collection of Japanese cosmetics there. Pretty much everything from Tsubasa's Dolly Winks' line and her Candy doll line. They also have alot of other Japanese drugstore brand as well as some mid-priced range skincare from DHC...So i wasn't going to let this opportunity to buy japanese cosmetics go easy, so i bought tons of snacks..but also dolly winks eyelashes, Hada Labo skincare...if you guys are going to NYC and enjoy Japanese food and cosmetics, pay this place a visit, its awesome~~~
Isn't it crazy awesome???lol
I am super late on the badnwagon of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundations, cuz it does has spf, and im allergic to certain spf ingridient, so i usually steer clear of drgustore foundation cuz they all have spf...but then i thought ,heck why not, if it gives me rashes, im just gonna give it to a frd..and to my surprise, my skin is actually not reacting badly too it, so i was super happy...the color i got is a bit dark for me, but not noticeable-ish...it has a very dewy finish, so its great for girlies that has dry skin~~~

anyways i will do detail review of the products once i get more use out of them. so in the meantime i hope all my readers have a wonderful week and i will blog again very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hey Girlies i am back~~~

So ya, i am back from my mini road trip to to NYC...we drove from Toronto to New York City on friday, and stopped for the night b4 going into the city the next day late afternoon...and i must say, it was quite a trip...the bad thing was i was sick throughout my stay in the city..i know it sucked so bad...i had low fever for two days, but i still managed to go out and sight seeing, i wasn't gonna let a cold beat me that easy...but word of advice, if you have nasty cold/flu, its probably better to stay home and wait 'till next long weekend to drive to NYC...cuz even when you are there, you can't really enjoy things to as happy as if you are not sick....

Nevertheless, I managed to go to the American Museum of Natural History, Time Square, Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. I know that doesn't sound like alot of places, but you guys have to imagine the crazy long line-up to go to everywhere...other than the Time Square, we had to wait in line for everything else, and line is crazy....especially for the Statue Of Liberty Boat ride...we must've waited for like way more than 1 hour...

As far as transportation goes, the NYC subway system is very convenient...you can pretty much go to all the touristy spot via the subway system. BUT while i don't wanna complain....but i had to rant a little bit....OMG the New York subway system is soooo disgusting...like disgusting as in sooo dirty..and there was one instance that a rat, a large well fed rat was walking freely on the platform...like it's just dirty...i wish they'd clean their subway more often, and fix the ceiling so the paints are not falling off and full of mold...

And on the day we were headed back, we also went to a Japanese supermarket in Jersey called "Mitsuwa Market Place" and OMG they had soo many japanese products there, we bought our lunch there that day, it was good..We got alot of japanese snacks and candy, and they have alot of japanese cosmetics items and alot of Dolly Winks products there, if you are in the area, go check it out, i think you can find alot of kool stuff there...

I guess i will show you guys how breathtaking the view from the empire state building is...its truly amazing, and if you guys get the chance, go there

Me and the hubby always thought the statue of liberty is much taller, but when we got there, it wasn't as tall as i thought, i guess sometimes, pictures are deceiving. And i didn't know that the statue used to be bronze and not green.

Time Square was also a fun place to be...the Billboards are soo massive and so bright that, even during night times, it feels like late afternoon...but I have to say though, if you wanna find a place to eat when you are there, you better have reservation. or else prepare to wait for a long time.
I Know i looked pissed, but i was just sick and really tired.

Drinking starbucks at Time Square at night feels very kool
Now the subway
U like? this is a good subway, there are ones that are way worse and dirtier

The Asian Pose lol
Anyways, this is my little post on NYC...im not the best writer, so if u find my post boring i understand...and the reason i dont have any food porn up is because we didn't really ate anything good...the first time we had street food, second night we has BBQ from Famous Dave's, the last night we were in town we had Korean food...but i did buy quite a bit, but i will write about that in a separate post

In the Meantime, i wish you guys have a good night and i will Blog very soon
as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Im going on Roadtrip~~~

Hi girlies~~~i thought i'd do a quick update. For those of you who aren't from Canada, this weekend its our "Family Day" weekend, so me and the hubby decided that we'd do a little road trip to >drum roll<-----New York City...yay~~~The hubby took 3 more days off from work so we'd have enough time...the drive is about 8-10 hour-ish, so we'll probably split it half when we are going there, and drive all the way back when we return.

I've never being to New York City before, so i am super excited, and plus my bestie is currently working at NYC, so i get to spent more time with her~~~so in short, i am so so so excited...i'm like the only person who hasn't gone to NYC among my frds...so it would be nice too finally go and do some major site seeing....

I am most excited about the American Museum of Natural History...yes, you heard it right, the Museum...I am such a museum geek...i rmbr back when i was in Uni, me and my other bestie used to go to ROM(Royal Ontario Museum) all the time, and there was this one time, the Museum had the world largest cockroach on display, and it was alive i think...and we were so creep out, then my phone rang, and it spooked the hell out of both of us...lol...and if i ever get the chance to go to Washington DC, i'll be all over The Smithsonian....

of course I'll do some shopping as well...i actually want to get the Naked 2 Palette From Urban Decay, but it is marked with a hefty 60 dollars in Canada, where as in the US, its only 50, with the exchange rate at our favor, i might buy it when im there...

So ya, my little update ends here...i will do a update/travel blog post when i am back early next week, so in the meantime, i hope you guys have a great weekend ahead, and i will blog very soon

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look of the Day - Sort of Valentine's Day inspired

Hello to all my lovely readers,   i am back today with a new look that is sort of inspired by valentine's day....i mean for looks you can wear on valentine's day i think a classic smokey eye would be the first choice for alot people. Then u get looks that is still kind of a smokey eye but with more red and pink...i think mine is the latter. I used in total 3 colors for this look, and in my opinion is very easy to do...although I do think this look is more day time than night time, but if you guys change up the lip color, it could be a more subtle nighttime look.

Here is the Look
You like? Click to enlarge the photos
Here is some Close Up
Without Flash
With Flash

As you guys can see, its a very simple look using three different shades of purple and pink...it is a very simple and easy look to do...and if you want to make it more dramatic just use a matte black on the upper lashline and blend it up. also choose a darker shade of purple and use it on the outer corners.

So the steps for this look are:
1> use A and sweep it all over ur eyelids, especially in the inner corner.
2> Use B, and put it on the outter "V" area of the eye, and blend it half way in to the crease.
3> Use B, and smudge it on your outer lower lash line.
4> Use C, and pat the color onto the middle of your eyelid...
5> Use A, and put the color onto the inner corner of the eye.
6> Use your favorite Black Liner to line the upper lashline, outer half of the lower lashline, and lower water line.
7> Curl your lashes, and use your favorite mascara.
8> Put on a pink/mauve blush.
9> Apply your favorite lipstick.
and the look is done.

Here are the products i used

The products i used for this looks are:
Urban Decay Mariposa Palette
Red Earth Eyesahdow in Pink Tonic
Maybelline Studio Gel Liner in Black
Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve
L'oreal Color Riche Balm in Heavenly Berry
Make up Forever Aqua Liner in Black
Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara in Black (Not shown)

I hope you guys like this post, and find it somewhat helpful. I'd love to hear some feedbacks, or what are your plan for valentine's day? what kind of make up you planning to wear? let me know in the comment section, and if you have any questions, i will answer them as soon as i can.
So in the meantime, i hope guys have a wonderful week ahead

as always, with lotsa luv and xoxo.

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