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Friday, November 4, 2011

Tokidoki Cromatico Palette(Quads) Swatch and mini Review

So the Beautiful Miss Alex from ThisIsAlx requested that i do a swatch of the Tokidoki Palette that ive shown in my last haul post, so i was like okay why not~~~if you guys dont know who Alex is, you should really check her blog out, especially right now she has a awesome giveaway. She is one of the first blogger that i got really close with, we both live in the GTA, so we are always planning our meet up in the future...lol

I actually have quite a few Tokidoki product to start with, these two that im showing in this post i got them when i was in ottawa during Canadian thx giving weekend...These quads were on sale during the summer for 14 i think, but right now they went back to full price again, which is 24. I paid full price for these >_<

Aren't they purrty~~~
So ya the above two are the ones i got. The Pink palette is called Polpettina, the Green palette is called Bastardino. I think in general, Tokidoki palette are good quality, the one problem that i've had with them is that, they tend to have quite a bit of fall out, so you really have to make sure you tapped off the excess products. As far as pigmentation goes, without a base they are not as pigmented as say MAC e/s, but they are still good. With a base either colourless ones like UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance, or Coloured eyebase like Mac paintpot or MUFE aquacream ect, they show up extremely well. Also when applied with a base, there tend to be less fall out as well...

So ya here are the Swatches:
Polpettina (click to large Picture)
Bastardino (Click to see Large Picture)
In general these colours are very versatile, especially Bastardino, which i think could easily be a everyday palette with the browns, the beige and the green. Polpettina are great to create a good day time smokey with a hint of girly-ness with the pink. the Colour Riosino, Carnivora and Candy Cane are very very shimmery with alot of glitters, so you might wanna apply with a light hand and rmber to tap off excess products. The Colour Polpettina, Adios, and Mummetto are Matte finishes. The colour LA Gun and Bastardino, are shimmery, but they don't have the huge chunks of glitters are Candy Cane for example, they also produce less fall out.  As far as texture goes, from the matte finishes to the super glittery ones, they all feel very soft, almost have silk texture. even the glittery ones dont feel too harsh...

So Overall, i think these are good shadows, if you can get them when they are one sale i say get it, because i think its a great deal. i wouldn't say they are mediocre, but their quality is above average, and even though they are a bit pricey, but they won't feel feel ripped off by it, plus the Packaging is too darn cute too pass on.
So here are my scores:
Pigmentation 7/10
Texture 8/10
Price 6.5/10 (kinda expensive)
Packaging 10/10 (Uber Cute and they come with cute little phone charm.)
Overall 7/10

So ya this concludes my little review plus swatches of my tokidoki cromatico palette. i hope you guys find this helpful, and again if you guys have any requests or questions let me know~~~i love to do more swatches for you guys, but you have to tell me which one you guys wanna see~~~

So in the mean time i hope y'all have a good weekend

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Mimi said...

Those two are really cute palettes!!

ThisIsAlx said...

awwww you are soo cutee!! yesss we need to meet up soon!! How about early december? My last class is on Dec1st !! =D last exam on Dec16th =D I'm soo happy i get 3 weeks of break before my winter semester starts on jan 9th =[

Thank you soo much for the swatches!! i wanted to get their palette before when i saw them on sale but I didnt have time to go to sephora and didnt want to buy online so i passed on themm..but u're making me wanna buy them again!! they are toooo cuteee I love the packaging... and I agree the Bastardino set is more wearable =].. keep up with number ratings at the end!! I love it, very helpful.. I want to to that too in my future reviews =D

Thanks againnn hunnn =]

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I really like the Bastardino palette. The green color sold me! Very pretty colors for sure. I'd see myself using these palettes in a variety of ways :)

babybearcat said...

I'm not sure why, but something about the line being SO cute and seeming like it caters to children I can't bring myself to purchase anything tokidoki... then again I'm a Hello Kitty fan... lol. The swatches from Bastardino look lovely!

Nancy said...

There are soooo cute!! I have never purchased one, but I love how they look~ :D

aMz88 said...

so kawaiii :3 nice post =)

Amyboo said...

Bastardino looks soooo niiice...but what is up with the swears for the names of these palettes? Haha!

Christie Giovanni said...

I love the Poppetina colours !! <3 cute blog :)


wifluvelle said...

yea i also prefer poppetina! i dont know how to use green or emeralds for my eyes >.<

xoxo elle

ღ jenwoonani said...

I love Tokidoki! :) Beautiful colors in the quads. I just wish they weren't so expensive! :/

mirjam schuurkamp said...

looks so good!
love the colors

new outfit post :

Soph. said...

Looks like good quality.

Aww I love this! So gorgeous!

I think you'll like my blog.

Want to follow each other?


Xox Soph.

Sara said...

I like these pallets, they seem nice and the colors are just right; I especially like the first one! You have a lovely blog and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Melsusu said...

I love the TokiDoki products! I have the Robbery palette set which I use and love. Did you know it's only $25 at Sephora now? I originally bought it when it was $49 and then there was a price adjustment for $39... I am not happy with the price adjustment since I didn't get it for $25.

As for the little quads, I think they're $19 on sale at Sephora but I could be wrong so I don't think they're uber expensive but a bit steep. Thank you for the swatches! I much prefer the Robbery palette as a whole though in comparison to the quads. I do love the little key chains they come with though :)

katherine said...

Their eyeshadows are always on sale on sepora's website, but they seem have good qualities.

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