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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 November Favorite and Swatches + Mini Review

I Don't ususally do favorite posts because I usually stick with products that i know works for me, but this month ive discovered some good products that ive being reaching more often than other.  So i thought i'd share with you guys.

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Body Butter
Laneige Total UV Base
Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation Primer
Too Faced Lipgloss in Pillow talk
Make up Forever Aqualiner 
Boxum Beauty Eyeshadow Base in Poodle
Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Colour in Coral Crush

Here are the Swatches:
with Flash
Withouth Flash

I am loving the Body Butter by Bath&Body Works, not only it smells nice, but it deeply moisturizes your skin even when its very dry.

As far as eyeliner goes, im loving this Make up Forever One because it is waterproof, although i do think ive had better colour pay off that this particular black pencil, but i like to use this one on my waterline.

The Buxom Beauty Eyebase has being my favorite steady through mid-late this year, and i have to it doesn't crease for up to about 7 hours, i love this colour particularly because its versatility. i use it under any look.

As of this months, ive being obsessed with coral lip-colour so ive reaching out this Maybelline Lipstick more often than usual, i like the colour its very bright, and it warms up your complexion instantly but i do wish its more opaque...

If you've seen my look of the day posts b4 you'll know i used Too faced lipgloss in Pillow Talk quite often since the colour is perfect nude over any lipstick, it also has a soft plumping effecst as well.

I Got this Laura Mercier Base as 100 point Deluxe Sample from Sephora and i have to say, while it does feel a bit dry on my skin, it does make my foundation last a whole lotta longer...

This Laneige  Total UV base is like a BB cream, so i usually wear it when im on the go because it is easy to apply and has Spf 40 which is a big plus for me.

So ya This concludes my November Favorite...Let me know if you guys enjoy this type of post...

In the mean time i hope you guys have a great day/Night, and i will update/post/blog very soon

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


mizzsandychau said...

ooo i want to try the laniege base

Girlie Blogger said...

Oh yum I used to use Bath and Body Works sweet pea products all the time.


mizzsandychau said...

aww thanks for the info jessy! i live near p-mall, i'm going to go check it out =)

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Such pretty lip swatches!! =)

Andrea said...

lovely colours :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Pretty swatches! Pillow Talk sounds nice =D

CelesteCohen said...

Wish there was a Bath and Body Works in the UK! And the lipgloss is such a pretty coloour too :)
www.celestecohen.blogspot.com xo

jenwoonani said...

I NEED that body butter! Especially since it's becoming winter. Awww, and it's Sweet Pea! That's been my fave all throughout high school!

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