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Friday, October 28, 2011

My China Haul+October Haul+Update

Hi my lovely Readers, since i promised that i'd do a haul at the end of the month i thought i'll post them up today...

First of all i would like to thank for those of you that wished me a speedy recovery from my allergy attack last week. Although it wasn't so serious that i need to call 911, but it was serious enough that i was on allergy medication for quite a few days upon 'till early this week until the symptoms were completely gone. And since many asked me, my appointment with the allergy specialist is next week, so i'll know what i'm allergic too then, and avoid those things in the future to prevent stuff like this happen again.

Now onto my Haul...i Don't wanna make this post too long, so if you see anything that you would like me to swatch please let me know down in the comment section.

So ya Basically other than the Urban Decay, Tokidoki, L'oreal and Gosh, Everything Else i got when i was in China...And i have to say, i love all the them especially the Za-Cosmetics Foundation powder, thats why i got two~~~

So there are the colours
So here is the list of items i've got
Urban Decay Mariposa Palette
Tokidoki Quads in Bastardino(Green) and Palpettina(Pink)
VOV Showcase Ball on Cheek (Pink)
Aupres Quads(On the Bottom) GR752(Blue and Green) PK251(Pink and Brown)
Etude House BB Magic Cream
Gosh Special Effect Powder(bottom Left) in(left to right) Greeny, Rose Gold, Fox
L'Oreal Infallible Shadow in Forever Pink and Burning Black (above Gosh Effect Powder)
VOV Castle Dew 9 Colours eyeshadow in Planet Diamond
VOV Castle Dew 4 Colours Colour Shot Eye in #2
Za 2-way Powder Foundation both in Colour 21(Shown in first picture.)

So ya those are the make up Items i've got during my time in China and during the month of October...Just in case if you guys are wondering the VOV products and the Etude House BB cream was not purchased in China, my cousin actually went to Korea for work and i ask her to bring me back them if she get the Chance to.

Here is the random/Accessories I've got.
I Bought like 7 Boxes of falsies
2 Headband
Make up Sponge,
Facial Wash Sponge
and some Bows and Hair ties.

So ya This is my Haul post that i Promised, again if you guys want to seeany swatches, or close up of anything, simply leaving me a comment, and i will try my best to accommodate them...

In the meantime, i hope you guys have a great weekend, and happy early Halloween~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


phey said...

love the bow!! Cant wait to go to Philippines and get my hands on Etude house, too!!!!!! one of your bows totally remind me of Hello Kitty! hehehe

Girlie Blogger said...

Happy Halloween to you too. Nice haul. Look at all the pretty lashes! You are well stocked.


breakingrumours said...

I hope you are okay,take care J!

Mimi said...

Great haul! I hope you get well soon from your allergy! Fall is definitely a allergy season:) Take care!

Chiara said...

hope you're getting better and better now :)

nice haul :)

ThisIsAlx said...

Great haul hun!..i wanna see swatches on tokidoki quads n posts on ur false lashes :D

So glad ur allergies are better now.. Hope u find out wat cause it><... Be careful n take care! Can't wait to meet u soon, hopefully beginning of December?.. My nov is jam packed I'm kinda scared right now :S.. I foresee a lottttttttt of all nighters :'(


cushy said...

that's a huge haul. enjoy your new "toys"

Peiji said...

so many pretty things!
I've always wanted blush balls (showcase one)
they look very cute and pretty... looks like
a lot of fun to use as well =p

sugar sugar said...

wow! that's a lot of falsies! xD great haul dear!

Eugenia said...

what a great haul!!

Popblush said...

I love this haul!! I see you did some great shopping! I love the Etude House Magic BB cream. I used mine up ages ago, I want to repurchase it.

mirjam schuurkamp said...

amazing, great haul!

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