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Monday, August 29, 2011

Guest Post by Charley about her handmade jewelry

First of all, i wanna say im sorry that i haven't being updating for the longest time, but like i said before, i have relatives visiting here, so i am very occupied...also, there is a 50% chance that i will be out of the country starting as early as this Wednesday to China, and if i do leave, i won't be back until the mid-end of the months...the trip is actually quite spontaneous...and wasn't planned ...so it is very last minute...if i do go i can't do anything on my blog until i get back...cuz i am going to China, and blogger is blocked/sensored there so are facebook/twitter ect..so ya...but i think i can know by tmr or later tonight, when and if i am going at all...so i think i will update you guys more on the situation once i have a definite answer and date...

On a other notes, Charley from owleyescollection.etsy.com actually contacted me awhile back to do a review post for her handmade jewelries...but Since I am actually not a big jewelry gal...i told her i'd love if she wants to do a guest post on my blog about her store...and i wanna make it very clear that i didn't get anything for free or received any monetary compensation from her...i think she has some awsome pieces, and i always have alot of respect for people who are very good at hand-craft..cuz i have butter fingers, and dont work well with hand craft stuff.

So without any further of me blabbing, here is what She has to say:

Hello Everyone.     

First of all I would like to thank  Jessy  for allowing me to post on her blog.

My name is Charlene and I have been working hard on finding away to make a business from something that I enjoy doing.  With a loss of my job and some support from my family, I decided to give Jewelry making a chance.  I enjoy being creative and being able to make something that someone else will love wearing.  

I created OWL EYES COLLECTION, which can be viewed at owleyescollection.etsy.com
I use high quality chain, wire and beads.  I am also always looking for Great Vintage pieces to incorporate into the pieces I create.   

Also, since everything is handmade I can usually adjust the measurement according to how you would like to wear the piece. 
I hunt for great buys to give you great prices.  

Here are a few pieces and make sure to check out my store weekly because I will be adding new items often. 

Use Promo Code OWLEYESJESSY for 10% off your purchase
Thank you 

So ya if you guys enjoy hand-made jewelry, go check out her online store. My favorite piece from the sample photos is the gold rose necklace/pendant...i think it is very pretty, and can easily wore with alot of different outfit and occasions..

anyways, i will keep you guys posted on my travel situations..probably tmr i will do a update...but if i do go to china, it would be soo much fun and exciting, cuz everything is cheaper in China...lol...well the cute little stuff anyway...

As always with lotsa Luv and Xoxo


Vintage Makeup said...

It's all really pretty!

mizzsandychau said...

wow, so creative! very nice pieces!

wow a spontaneous trip to china? that's awesome! I wish my life could be THAT spontaneous! maybe one day i can not work and go wherever i want Sighhhh. My boyfriend will roll his eyes if he heard me say that lol

Chantel said...

Wow, beautiful pieces!

xoxo, Chantel

Shop N' Chomp said...

Cute pieces! :) If you go, have fun!!

Haze said...

Hey hun I hope your doing well :)
Oh my China ehhh?? Have tons of fun if you actually end up going. Haven't been on blogger in so long, and I was just starting again and I read that you are leaving :(

The pieces are really beautiful by the way. Great job Charlene.

Myrted said...

These are pretties! :D I like the last pic of accessory. :)


Pop Champagne said...

such pretty pieces, I love the rose necklace!!

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