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Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Haul and Updates and more

Hi there everyone~~~i hope y'all had a great weekend...I had a very good weekend...and i made a little purchase too~~~i bought 1 lipstick from GOSH in Papaya and a Boots No. 7 eyeliner. I got both on sale at the clearance section in Shoppers Drug Mart for 5 dollars each, which i thought is a steal~~~

So here they are:

I wanted a bright Orange Colour Lipstick for a while now~~~so when i saw this one, i was like its a good colour and its on  sale~~~so why not~~~as for the liner i though the olive green colour is very nice~~~

Here is the Swatch:
Nice colours right???
Thats the Lipstick on my Lips
I also got a cute Coral Top as well~~~but if you guys wanna see it you have to watch my video~~~haha

Now I also got a haircut over the weekend~~~so right now my hair is alot thinner, and more manageable than b4, and i really like the Hair cut~~~i think its really nice...i didn't get bangs though....my hairdrsser basically just cut off the split ends and layer-ed my hair a bit
I don't Have Perfect skin, its the power of Photo Editing Program.

So here is is how my hair looks like right now~~~as you guys can see~~~alot thinner~~~but still long~~~

So ya i also ordered my B-day cake over the weekend~~~can you guys guess what cake i got???hehe im not telling but i will show it to you guys when i get the cake on the 30th~~~and oh if you guys are wondering my birthday is on the 26th...but im celebrating it on the weekend of..

Also ive being getting real bad allergic reactions over the past 2 weeks...especially this weekend~~~it was sooo bad~~~so im calling my Doctor today and is setting up an appointment, because its bothering me too much~~~and to see what excatly that is bothering me, and if we have it in the house...or should i take medicine or smth~~~but its bothering me really bad...at first i thought it was just a one time thing...then it kept on happening everyday, and right now it is to the point that it is interfering with my sleep...the hubby thought it's heat rash, or bug bite, but if it's bug bite everyone in my house would've gotten bit...especially the Hubby...My mom thought it might be the flowers in the house... or maybe something i ate....but ya there are many speculations, but no accurate diagnosis...so im calling my doctor's office right now...if only his assistant picks up the phone....but i'll keep on trying 'till she does~~~

Oh ya if you noticed~~~ive got myself a facebook page over the weekend~~~and a twitter account too~~~so if you guys wanna help out by like my facebook page and follow me on twitter i'd really love it

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Js-Corner/201438953241941
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/Happy_647

Minor Updates...i just got back from my local clinic...i got topical cream, and the doctor said i should stop taking my vitamins...and i am going to my doctor's office tmr so he can set up an allergy test for me....ah... i hate not being fully healthy

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Amalia J said...

you look beautiful! My son got a rash this week too, but it was heat/blanket. Hope you get better soon!

Lisa said...

omgosh your hair cut is so pretty!! i'm sorry about your rash i hope it gets better.. i've been getting some freaky bug bites since i've gotten to texas too.. which is kinda of a bummer :(

omgosh our birthdays area almost at the same time!! mine's the 29th :) heheh

ChinaDoll said...

I love your new hairdo and your eye make up too :) Get well soon dear..and keep us posted okay? :) ♥hugs for you!

Pippa said...

Gorgeous lip colour :)
Would love that with so many of my clothes!

Elle said...

I just followed your twitter <3

The thin hair looks great on you. I personally have thin hair to begin with so layering for me will probably be a no-no. I rather have hair with volume but that's never going to happen >.<

I can never look good in coral/orange color lipsticks but you seem to pull it off really well. I hope you feel better and find out what you're allergic to, hope it's not any food =x

Chantel said...

I love, love, that lipstick! Your pictures are beautiful too.
xoxo, Chantel

www.makeupdiva24.blogspot.com <3

sugar sugar said...

i hope you're feeling better doll. you look so pretty in your FOTD! :3

mirjam schuurkamp said...

your eyes are killer!

New outfit post - New Blouse!

Yami said...

Oh my, what a lovely shade of orange~
Love your hair btw!

Gabbi said...

Your hair and makeup are both so pretty! I ned my hair thinner... it's so thick it's ridiculous :x

PopBlush said...

I loved watching your video ^_^ the lippie goes so nicely with the new top you bought! And I love your new haircut xo

petitechouxx said...

awww you have cute face ^^ and i love your hair

ThisIsAlx said...

awww cute haircutt!! that issss a lot thinner... isnt it soo much easierrr!! omg i want a haircut now!! and no more cake guessing for me ;).. im just happy for u hehe...

btwww how do you make that twitter window thing on ur side bar soo that everyone can see wat u've been tweeting? i wanna have one too =]

Alx s2

mizzsandychau said...

i love that lipstick color! i never thought orange lipstick will look attractive until i actually see people wearing it. gotta get myself one now haha
i love your haircut! speaking of which i really need to get myself a haircut and thin my hair. It's getting wayyy too long, below my waist already!

I hope you feel better, allergies are so annoying!

Melsusu said...

The orange lipstick you got is stunning and I love your eyes! Thank you for dropping by my page! :) Keep in touch!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

pretty. x

p.s. I'm having a giveaway for a $225 Orient Watch if you'd like to check it out. x

Vasu said...

U look so gorgeous, so beautiful, love the colours


cominica-ai said...

your make up look pretty as always, and your hair too! :D

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous as always! Hope you feel better!

Lovely B. said...

you're so sweet thanks for dropping by my blog :) **kisses!


Haze said...

I love GOSH stuff, that's a great colour!
and pshhh photo editor aside you still have really great skin. Are you wearing circle lenses?


Blair said...

Oh you poor dear.. do keep us updated on the condition of your allergies! I'd hate being less than 100% healthy in this marvelous weather

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