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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Post - June 2011 Favorite

Hi there guys, i am writing about my favorite product of the month of June 2011. This is the first time im actually doing a favorite post/video...so i hope you guys enjoy it and find it helpful~~~

Here is the video:
List of Product Mentioned
 Got2b Smooth Operator Satin Drop
Skinfood Fresh Aloe Pack
NYX Black Lable Lipstick in Cancun Pink
NYX Round Lipgloss in Soap Opera Queen
No name Japanese 5 colour Eyeshadow Palette in Blue(Shown in Video)
Here are the four that i own
Smash Box Eyeliner in Dream(Black eyeliner)
Make up Forever Matte Velvet Foundation
MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara in Glam Black
Eye Talk Eye - glue ( I use it for Falsies applications)
Nudy Grey Circle Lens By Geo Medical

So ya here is my quick post of my favorite products of the Month June, i have sawtches of the e/e, lipstick, lipgloss/eyeliner in my video, so if you guys are interested, go watch it~~~is there anything from my list you've tried??? let me know~~~or ask me anything just leave me a comment~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Vintage Makeup said...

Great faves! The NYX lippie looks GORGOUES! :)

Arianne Cruz said...

that blush looks so pretty :)

DeyiMizu said...

Nice post! I really love the Maybelline Colossal Mascara!

aMz88 said...

Lovely favortites :D

Amyboo said...

Oooooo so pretty!
Grey nude lenses look SO PRETTY! Actually, all nudey lenses look gorgeous.

Kristendoll said...

love the shade of that NYX, Now I want to go buy it! lol It's so pretty!

Jo said...

Maybelline mascaras used to smudge on me so much that I've stopped buying them. The colossal mascara looks very enticing though but I'm holding back though coz I've got tons of mascara and only 2 eyes.

Catmare said...

Nice favorites! I'm actually liking Maybelline's Magnum mascara. I heard it's the Asian version for Colossal. :D

Jo said...

I dropped my UD primer potion when it was still very full and scraped everything out into a jar. Sad to say, the contents had hardened despite closing the jar tightly.

I always use waterproof make up too but the weather here is so humid that my eye make up smudged due to oily lids rather than water. Maybe I would give Maybelline colossal express a try. =)

ChinaDoll said...

Maybelline Mascara are always the best, I love using their mascara - all of them haha! Nyx lippies are also love :)

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