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Friday, July 22, 2011

Look of the Day - J's Classic Smokey Eye + Review of KKCenterHK's Lower Flase LashesSmo

Hi girlies~~~how are you guys...since only one of you guys actually like my last post...i think i won't be posting about my zombie obsessed post anymore here, and instead i'll go back to doing make ups~~~

So today's look of the day is a Classic smokey eye that is more appropriate for a night out with the girls to a club or to a fancy dinner with your significant other...where you get to dress up all fancy and what-nots~~so here is the look:
Smokey enough for ya???..lol

So ya this is just your typical smokey eye...given it is Friday, i thought I'd share a look that you gals can wear to the club scene~~~

Here are the Close up:
eyes open
Eyes Closed

So here are the steps:
1 Apply a Faint Gold Eyeshadow base all over your eye lids (Buxom Beauty Eye Base in Poodle)
2 Apply a Black Eye base under your crease (MAC's Blackground)
3 Apply a  Dark Grey Colour(1) under your crease on top of the Black eye base
4. Blend the Dark grey Up and a little over your crease
5 Take a Black Colour with shimmer(2) and apply it on the Outer-V of the the eye
6 Take a gold Shimmery colour (4) and apply it to the inner corner of the eye and the inner half of the lower lash line
7 Take a Black Gel liner and line your upper lash line and outer half of the lower lashline
8 Use a Matte Black colour (3) and apply it on top the eyeliner you just did, and also on the outer half of the lower lashline.
9. Use the same Matte Black colour(3) try and smudge the lower lashline to add more definition.
10. Use a Black waterproof eyeliner to tightline upper waterline and lower waterline
11. Use a Brown to soften the eye socket area.
12 Apply false lashes
13. Apply Peach colour blush on your cheeks, with a pink colour blush right on the front of the your cheek bone.
14. Apply Nude colour lipstick and lip-gloss~~
And you are DONE!!!!

What I Used:
Kate Duo Karat Eyeshadow in OR-1
Kate 5 Colour Eyeshadow in BK-1
MAC Carbon
MAC Wedge (not Shown)
Sephora Flashy Liner waterproof in deep black
MAC Paintpot in Blackground
Buxom Beauty Cream eye base in Poodle
Maybelline Studio Gel liner in Black
Red Earth Duo Blush in CI001
The Body Shop Hot Brights Blush in 01
Skin Food Honey Glossy Rouge in 606
MAC Lipglass in C-thru
False Eyelashes:
Chinese One i got from HK

So ya, KKcenterHK was very kind when they ask me if review more of their lashes..since i've never tried lower lashes, i thought i ask for a box and try to use them..now lower false eyelashes are alot hard to work with..so i did was cut them in to small set then apply it on my lower lashline...The set i was sent is A188, and they looks like this:
So again because the band is a bit stiff, it is a bit hard to wear them without cutting them up first...ive tried, and it didn't work...but if you cut them in to little pieces, they work very well...i mean in this post and the Purple Smokey Dolly look, I've used them in pieces, and they look really nice on, and soo natural. And since you can cut them into little pieces, they last along time...and they are very comfortable to wear as well~~~so overall i really like them...they are $8.80 for a box of ten pairs, which is a good deal..and b4 i forget, the band on these lashes are clear, so it is super natural when you put them on...also one more thing i wanna mention is t hat when you are purchasing lower false lashes, try to go for the clear band ones..because they tend to look more realistic than a black band..

Here is a a Close up of my eyes wearing them:
As you can see, the clear band doesn't show up in pictures, and they look natural...so ya overall i do really like them, and i would recommend them.

So this concludes my posts of the Classic Smokey eye plus the review for the KKcenterHK falsies~~~i hope you guys enjoys this post, and i hope you guys have a great weekend~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


CookingChinchillas said...

Very pretty lashes doll!

Lisa said...

omgosh i think this is my MOST favorite look you've ever done!! you look SOOOO PRETTY!! omgosh

haha good thing you like me in maxi's because it's SOOO freakin' hot in texas all i wear is maxi's now.. so you're gonna see lots of maxi OOTD's hahaha

sugar sugar said...

great review on the lashes hun!

well as always i adore your FOTD! :) your sexy nude lips is just so pretty!

Beauty Writer said...

Very pretty! I love the lashes :)

DeyiMizu said...

You look so pretty! Those bottom lashes are cute!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

this is an amazing look
i like this look of yours the most!
amaaazing babe
lovin it

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Amy said...

love this look, your skin looks flawlesssss!!! xo

Amyboo said...

Aww sorry to hear you have allergic reactions to BareMinerals...:(

This eye look is super pretty. The lower lashes make it look much more glamorous, but they still look natural!

PopBlush said...

Oh I love smokey eyes! Gorgeous!!!

I love your nude lips too~

Ashii said...

I love this!! Really pretty, love the whole look together. You are beautiful!

Natalie Ryker said...

looks good!!!


Mie said...

Love this look~ Pretty Kim Kardasian!!!

I like your sent of KKcenterhk lashes more. The clear band on mines showed all too well


Keri said...

This looks gorgeous :)

Emy said...

Oh the beautiful smokey eye makeup I love it!


-AnGiEpInK- said...

OMG!!..Gorgeous look..I love it hun..You look absolutely gorgeous with nude lip..Can't wait to see more from you..I love smokey eyes..

Miss Independent said...

this is one of my fav looks from yours! very sexy!

phey s said...

may I ask how long did your order take to get in Canada? I still have online orders from May that I have not received yet ='( Canada Post Strike is delaying my excitement to get my lashes from kkcentre!! I want to order this lower lash line like u have now- gorgeous! ;) www.pheysalonga.blogspot.com

PHUJU★ふ said...

You look sexy! :D
And ahhh I love the lower lashes it looks really good!!! I want to try it now as well ahhaha~

Yami said...

This is seriously hot. Love the darker look, and the lower lashes look nice with this. I also got some of these lashes and I also think they work better when cut up.

cominica-ai said...

the bottom lashes is soo nice, I'm thinking to get new pair like that too :D

Ayu~Emma said...

Whoa,lower falsies!! I'm going to try them next time ^^ You look gorgeous

Peiji said...

I always like your lip colours :)
and those lashes look adorable on you, pretty <3

Anonymous said...

I love it!! you really have a sexy nude lips!!!
super super super like the lashes and the eye make-up!
greatt job!!

Segments of Life said...

Such a beautiful look! love it!

Dilan Dilir said...

love your makeup! you look awsome :)

mimi said...

This looks is so pretty!!! It looks really sexy~ (; I wish I was better at putting on false eyelashes!

Amanda Lehrke said...

This looks really good!

ThisIsAlx said...

the lower lashes looks sooo goood in the close up! but im not a big fan on how the lower lashes look like far away =[ I think because i like more simple things like makeup that u dont look like u have makeup on lol but i can clearly see the lower lashes soo im not used to it =P.. but I think u still look beautiful!!! the lip colour is soo nice too ^^


Locke said...

love the eyes :) it's just so pretty~ am speechless :) xo

Oh my Dior! said...

your eyes look great with black eyeliner!!


aki! said...

Ack. That's such an intensive look! I don't generally wear that much... but I love the smoky eye look.

Catmare said...

Love it! Your eyes are gorgeous as always and I love your nude lips :)

ChinaDoll said...

smokey eyes + sexy nude lips = sultry and sexy Jessy!♥ :)

Andrea said...

wow the lashes are awesome and i love your hair :)

KyandiiCandy said...

Wow so pretty Jessy! i have also lower lashes! but it look so unnatural if i just put it on the bottom of my eyes! i've never tried yet to cut them so i'm gonna try soon! =D xx

Mara said...

After reading this post, I want to go do a smokey eye look now. So pretty and perfect for a night out. I love how you incorporated the bottom lashes. What a big difference they make. :)

Fabrizia said...

Hi!!I like your blog so much, and you look really great!
Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!


Marie said...

I love this look, so wearable and sexy.:D

***** Marie ******

Blair said...

They look so dramatic in the box! Classy smokey look enlarges your eyes so much, loves it!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

OMG, you look GORGEOUS. This is one of my favorite looks for you! ^_^ soooo pretty :)

Chichaul said...


Your haul looks really great.
If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

Hope to see you around there!
xoxo :)

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