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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look of the Day - Green Smokey Eye + updates on my Allergy

First of all, i wanna thank all you guys for your kind word with regard my allergy symptoms. They are better now, since i am taking medication and applying topical creams everyday...and the doctor said i might be allergic to the vitamins that i was taking...since they were the only thing that was different than the daily routine...

Since i am getting better~~~i decide to do a new Look of the Day...Since on one of my last post on green e/s  you guys really like the green, i decide to do a more Dramatic look using Green. This is my take on Green Smokey Eyes~~~

So here is the look:
W/ Orange Lips
Now i know alot of girls like Smoket eye with nude lips too, so i swap for Nude lips too
W/ Nude Lips
Now which one do you guys like better???Personally i like the Orange lip better~~~

Here is the close up:
Eye Closed
Eyes Open

I know There are alot of Green Smokey eye out there, mine is probably less dramatic than alot of those, but still i think if you were to wear this on a hot date or out in a club it's a pretty fun look

So here is what i did:
1. Prime my Eyes with a faint gold cream eye base
2. Take a Dark Green w/ Glitter and swipe all over my eyelids.
3. Blend the Dark Green so the lines are not harsh
4. Take a Grey Eyeshadow, and apply it to the outer corner of the eyes, to add more dimension.
5 Blend the eyeshadow so there is no harshline
6. Take a Golden Bronze colour and apply it to the Eye Socket area and blend.
7. Take a Dark Green Eyeliner and line Upper and lower Lashline as well as lower waterline
8. Take a Black Eyeliner and line your upper waterline( a thinner line than the Green Liner), and wing out your liner
9. Apply Mascara.
10. Use a peach/orange coloured blush for cheeks(bronzer optional)
11. Apply your colour of Lipstick and this LOOK IS DONE~~~~~
Here are the products I used:
Sephora Palette
Shiseido Single E/S in Enchanting Bronze
SmashBox liner in Wish
Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in Deep Black
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express WaterProof in Glam Black
Red Earth Blush in CI001
Orange Lipstick Papaya by GOSH
Nude Lips: Creme N Nude by MAC
Too Faced Gloss in Pillow Talk
Circle Lens
GEO Tri-Colour Purple

So ya how do you guys like this look??? Is there anything you would've done differently??? let me know~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Peg said...

The first picture lip really adds real drama to the look.
I never thought of trying smoky eyes with different colours before, the green looks great.


Andrea said...

you look very pretty! love the orange lips!

Elle said...

Glad you're feeling better, nothing worse than allergic reactions. I really like the one with the orange lips! For some reason the nude one looks like it's washing you out. Lovely eyes <3

Lisa said...

OMGOSH i love this!! mermaid green!! it's so pretty :)

sugar sugar said...

i am glad that you're allergies are getting better. green looks lovely on you! :)

followed you on twitter. ;)

Jodie said...

I love the orange lips! <3

KyandiiCandy said...

i also like the orange lips! =D thank you for liking my fb page! =D what is the link of your fb page? ;) xx

ThisIsAlx said...

:O... Me toooo I like the one with orange lips!!! I think it makes the eyes pop more!!.. The nude one is still great if anyone wants a mire simple n casual look.. That would be me!:)... I have a wedding party to go to in sept.. I need to start learning how to apply eyeshadow... Lol

Glad ure much better now hun :)


AlbeeLucky said...

Hi Jessy, I just gave you a Best Blog Award. Come by and visit me for details.
xx- AlbeeLucky.blogspot.com

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Nice makeup.

Amalia J said...

me too I agree w/you - orange lips!!

Locke said...

love the look! you're so pretty <3

PopBlush said...

I love a smokey green with nude lips. I end up always using my Majolica Majorca palette for a green smokey look =)

Glad to hear your allergy is getting better hun xo

Miss Independent said...

love the look with nude lips! lovely!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

super pretty. i love it with the orange lips.. i cant wear green eyeshadow for somre reason i look weird lol :( but you pull it off good. lookin beautiful

rubanxrose said...

i like it better with the nude lips ; ) creme dnude never really worked for me but it looks so pretty on you XD

Anonymous said...

The look is gorgeous!!!:D

Yami said...

Love this color combo! Green and coral look so great together!

DeyiMizu said...

Glad that you got better with your allergy! I love the not so dramatic green smokey eyes. I think it suits you more! I have that same circle lens too! hehe:)

Vintage Makeup said...


Mimi said...

it's good to hear that your allergy is getting better. :) i love the green eye shadow, i think i'd wear it with nude lips but the orange lips sure does add spunk. :)

<3, Mimi

mizzsandychau said...

glad your allergies are getting better! i also loveeeeee your purple eyes!

Anonymous said...

stunning! I love it with the orange lips!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

ooh, nice blend of greens . :) wish i have more time to put on eyeshadow on my eyes. hehe.. anyway, thanks for visiting and hope you'll follow my blog too.

Greetings from vancouver ;)


M. said...

You look soo lovely.:)
Orange and green really complement you!
Usually I'm a fan of Nude lips but in this case you look much better with the orange tones.

Thank you for passing through my blog! kisses

Pop Champagne said...

aww love what you did with your eyes, this is a really pretty look and not too over the top that you can wear it to pretty much everywhere

mirjam schuurkamp said...

Hi love,
again amazing eyes dear!
so great

New outfit post - Get your rock on

Ellie said...

You look amazing! That eyeshadow is beautiful.

o0SerenityAngel0o said...

Both looks are very pretty but I must say I really like it with the orange lips. Glad to hear that you're doing better :)

Nicky said...

The green looks really great! I will try it too only I will go for a deeper green. Glad you're feeling better! :) XO

CookingChinchillas said...

This looks perfect ! Stunning make up and amazing lenses <3

Huggies+Get well soon dear

Oh my Dior! said...

I love it it makes your eyes pop!


oomph. said...

love this look. i like the green and orange together :)


Melsusu said...

The green smokey eye is STUNNING. OMG, I must try this.

Blair said...

Yeah I prefer the orange lip look too. It looks so put together. And girly, I love your FOTDs! Can I request for a purple one next? =D

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