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Friday, July 8, 2011

Look of the Day - Everyday Make up with Pink Eye Shadow and a Special Guest

So wow~~~i think im on a roll now~~~but i think im gonna enjoy my weekend after this, so no more posts 'till monday... my cold is still here and im positively hating it soooo much....but the headache is finally gone after a week of struggle...but my nose is still very stuffy, and i sniff and cough very often~~~Given that my past few looks has being a little dramatic for everyday wear...i thought i do a look that we can enjoy wearing to work/school...

here is what i came up with:
Click to see large Picture

As you can see is just a very soft pink eyeshadow all over my eye lids with brown to define my lashline, but very wearable for everyday in my opinion~~~so here is what i did
1. Use a light Matte Pink and swipe it all over my eye lids
2 use a Matte dark brown e/s to define my lash line
3 Use the same brown on my lower lash line 2/3 in, and make sure it connects with the brown e/s at the outer corner of the eye
4. use Black e/s to define my upper lashlin, but stay under the brown e/s...and only on the outer 1/3
5. use a light pink with  sparkle for the lower lash line on the inner 1/3, as well as the inner corner of the eye
6 Tight-line using black, but only up the upper waterline
7 use brown eyeliner to line upper lash-line, lower lashline and lower waterline.
8 Curl and apply Mascara
9 Put on your Favorite Blush
10 Put on your Favorite Pink Lipstick/Gloss
And Voila~~~you are done~~~

Here is the Close up:
Eyes Open
Eyes Closed
  The key to wearing pink e/s but without making your eyes looks puffy is to rmber apply with a light hand... and also rmbr to pair it with brown...black maybe a bit tooo harsh at times, brown on the other other hand while it still defines your eyes, but it is alot more soft and approachable. if you wanna use black like me, use it in places that doesn't draw alot of attention but still make a difference (ie out corner and upper waterline.).

Again all e/s are from the Coastal Scent 88 Original Palette
Click to see Colour Captions

And here is the rest of the products that i used:
Smash Box Liner in Love
Maybelline Colossal Express in Glam Black Waterproof
Tarte Cheek Stain in Flawless
MAC Beauty Powder in Oh so Fair
MAC CreamSheen Lipstick in Creme Cup
NYX Round Lipgloss in Ballerina Pink

So ya I hope you guys like this look~~~IMO, i think this is super easy to do, universally flattering, and very appropriate for work and school, but still can bring out your feminine side out with the soft pink. Again if you guys have any request or questions let me know~~~i'll be happy to answer them

And i conclude my Post with This:
Thats my Cat Cici
Yup, thats the special Guest~~~~its my cat Cici~~~while i was taking picture around the house for the good lighting, she decide to be nice and play with me for once(trust me, she hates me...she luvs my mom). I guess she is in a good mood today~~~
Anyways~~~i hope y'all have a good weekend

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Chiara said...

hha. LOL, she hates you and loves your mom!!!
you're so lucky, i'm allergic to cats :o

CookingChinchillas said...

Awww the kitty is adorable.The look is brilliant: Simple,yet special and perfect for everyday :)

Vintage Makeup said...

Natural makeup suits you best! Adorable kitty :)

Sumitha said...

Pretty..love this :)

Lisa said...

love this so pretty you look like a pretty korean doll!


Love all your looks! You have gorgeous eyes btw ;] and you're cat is such a cutie haha I love cats, I have two of my own.

Arianne Cruz said...

that blush looks really pretty :)


Anonymous said...

Such a soft and pretty look!

Amalia J said...

Beautiful and pretty easy= great combo!! Oh and which BB crem you use I just orderred a sample pack do you have this reviewed on your blog?? =)

Maryam Maquillage said...

soooo pretty and easy--very feminine!!


Such a cute picture with your cat! Thanks for the comment and don't forget to follow!


Yami said...

So feminine and adorable :)
Aww your kitty is so cute!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I always love your makeup :) You look so effortless and pretty :) Ah, cute cat!!!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Creme Cup is my favorite MAC lipstick!

Amyboo said...

This eye look is really wearable! I like it! :D

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Gorgeous look..Very wearable look..^_^..

Lovely B. said...

i love your make up tutorials :) i am monolid and having a hard time with eye shadows so I just wear eyeliners..

i am following you now hope you follow me too! :)

you got a great blog :)
keep in touch!

Amy said...

Love this look! So soft and feminine <3 oh and your kitty is awesome!

Stevia said...

your cat is too cute
although I;m more of a dog person :)


Blair said...

I'm so envious! You look good in any eyeshadow colour, hun <3

Awww Cici is adorable! Why does she hate you?

Sisters and Sisters said...

love your blog its so amazing

nice post !!



Pippa said...

Gorgeous pink colour for your eyes! Wish I could pull that off! Xxx

Michelle's Style File said...

A great look- very prettty!


San said...

Oooooh pink shadow...I like! Haven't used light pink in forever...lol thanks for the inspiration! I love your cat too <3

You MUST try sleeping in a hammock! It's scary at first but super fun =D!!

suki pooki said...

I totally agree that the look goes with anything and it's simple enough to put together! I love your lipstick! Now I must go and see it for myself hahaha Im in my lipstick craze and it's so bad because I generally don't even wear lipstick but I keep telling myself it's because I haven't found anything I like yet =P

P.s oh do you have the scalloped shorts from H&M?! sooooo lucky! I really wanted those too but they weren't there when I went to buy my blazer, actually when I got there there was only one blazer in my size left =D Then next time you're wearing the shorts take a photo so we can see! =D

Squeeze the Pug said...

LOL. Your cat is simply adorable. Can I borrow it???

cominica-ai said...

I love your make up, it's so natural :D
ur cat is soo cute too!

I'm ur new follower now, follow me back if u like mine too ^^


Jenny said...

beautiful look!! and your cat is super cute ^^!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i think the colors look pretty soft and latent, so perfect for a fresh every day make up! the pastel color looks amazing with your dark brown hair

airam said...

Heeeey good photos :)
visit meee!

Peiji said...

love the simple pink makeup look :)
your cat is adorable! lol random expression
I love cats, but only if they behave well

Anonymous said...

Jesse, I'm so sorry you've not been feeling well. Hope the weekend helped you recover a bit. I love using airborne whenever I feel like I am coming down with something, or needing a boost to get over the hill when I'm sick...it works if taken every 3 hours, and I would definitely recommend it! (The orange flavor is the best).

By the way, your makeup looks beautiful. I actually dropped by to see some tips for natural looking makeup.

Here's to a stuffy nose-cold free week! :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. -I meant to spell your name Jessy...

KyandiiCandy said...

Love it! and the palette is awesome! =D xx

Ellie said...

So I am absolutely clueless when it comes to makeup, I'm so glad I found your blog. Awesome post, and I really love that shade of pink!

Sick by Trend said...

you look pretty! :)



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