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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Completely Beauty/Fashion/All things Girly Related Post - Dead Island for Xbox360 and PS3

So ya i wasn't even gonna do a post today because of pure lazy-ness...lol but i just finished the announcement trailer of Dead Island...and it has to be the Saddest game trailer i've seen over the years...If you guys don't know already, i am a HUGE horror fan girl...that includes anything from movies to manga/comics...i especially have a soft spot for anything Zombie related...if you wanna know why, go to my Zombie Blog (which is i am on a Hiatus right now cuz ive hit writer block on a short story i was gonna post..lol) then all will be clear to you~~~lol...

So ya Dead Island

Now ive all for horror survival games and all, but i am not a very good gamer to be honest...in the sense that i will more often than not get my character killed...the hubby on the other hand is sooo much better at it than i am...he said it because he is a guy(i called that pure sexism btw lol)..nevertheless i love playing just as much even though i killed pretty easily...the last zombie game i bought was Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising...which the later is a better game in my opnion because some of the humor(intend or not)...but this one right here...it looks good...i will admit that one good trailer is all i need to buy a game...lol and often id be disappointed, cuz the trailer was the best part of the game(sometimes films too)...anyways...my point is that, the trailer for Dead Island has to be the saddest ive seen over the years...i mean it can still still scare the faintly hearted, but not me...but the whole thing is just sooo sad....so without further ado, here is the trailer:

Now i hope you guys watch the reversed Version after the original....it just makes it that much sadder..
the reversed Trailer

Now if you finished both trailers....isn't that the saddest thing you've seen....
anyways because of the trailer, this game has officially landed on my to buy list when it releases in September...i mean anything that has that dramatic of a preview can't be horrible bad...right????

On a brighter note, i promise another beauty post tmr~~~but today just let me be a geek, and enjoy the blood and gore zombie films/games has to offer

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Yami said...

The trailer was so sad!

maroppi said...

wow, that rly was sad...
I'm not a zombie/horror fan but I watched this anime show that I think u might like,
do you know SHIKI? u should watch it, if you didn't already^^
its horror, mystery and supernatural stuff all in one ><

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