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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No i am not dead....just being lazy...

Okay, recently ive blogging quite often...but i think i hit a point right now that i need to stop for like a week...and just come up with fresh ideas...lol i know its a lame excuse...but hey its my birthday this week, ive got alot on my plate...so i won't be doing any updates till next week (sorry)...but if you want minor updates feel free to follow me on twitter~~~

Also its my birthday today~~~yup im a leo girl~~~but my cake won't be ready till the satureday~~~so don't worry i'll do a birthday post(not haul,) of my cake because it is awesome~~~hahah

so until next time~~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Look of the Day - J's Classic Smokey Eye + Review of KKCenterHK's Lower Flase LashesSmo

Hi girlies~~~how are you guys...since only one of you guys actually like my last post...i think i won't be posting about my zombie obsessed post anymore here, and instead i'll go back to doing make ups~~~

So today's look of the day is a Classic smokey eye that is more appropriate for a night out with the girls to a club or to a fancy dinner with your significant other...where you get to dress up all fancy and what-nots~~so here is the look:
Smokey enough for ya???..lol

So ya this is just your typical smokey eye...given it is Friday, i thought I'd share a look that you gals can wear to the club scene~~~

Here are the Close up:
eyes open
Eyes Closed

So here are the steps:
1 Apply a Faint Gold Eyeshadow base all over your eye lids (Buxom Beauty Eye Base in Poodle)
2 Apply a Black Eye base under your crease (MAC's Blackground)
3 Apply a  Dark Grey Colour(1) under your crease on top of the Black eye base
4. Blend the Dark grey Up and a little over your crease
5 Take a Black Colour with shimmer(2) and apply it on the Outer-V of the the eye
6 Take a gold Shimmery colour (4) and apply it to the inner corner of the eye and the inner half of the lower lash line
7 Take a Black Gel liner and line your upper lash line and outer half of the lower lashline
8 Use a Matte Black colour (3) and apply it on top the eyeliner you just did, and also on the outer half of the lower lashline.
9. Use the same Matte Black colour(3) try and smudge the lower lashline to add more definition.
10. Use a Black waterproof eyeliner to tightline upper waterline and lower waterline
11. Use a Brown to soften the eye socket area.
12 Apply false lashes
13. Apply Peach colour blush on your cheeks, with a pink colour blush right on the front of the your cheek bone.
14. Apply Nude colour lipstick and lip-gloss~~
And you are DONE!!!!

What I Used:
Kate Duo Karat Eyeshadow in OR-1
Kate 5 Colour Eyeshadow in BK-1
MAC Carbon
MAC Wedge (not Shown)
Sephora Flashy Liner waterproof in deep black
MAC Paintpot in Blackground
Buxom Beauty Cream eye base in Poodle
Maybelline Studio Gel liner in Black
Red Earth Duo Blush in CI001
The Body Shop Hot Brights Blush in 01
Skin Food Honey Glossy Rouge in 606
MAC Lipglass in C-thru
False Eyelashes:
Chinese One i got from HK

So ya, KKcenterHK was very kind when they ask me if review more of their lashes..since i've never tried lower lashes, i thought i ask for a box and try to use them..now lower false eyelashes are alot hard to work with..so i did was cut them in to small set then apply it on my lower lashline...The set i was sent is A188, and they looks like this:
So again because the band is a bit stiff, it is a bit hard to wear them without cutting them up first...ive tried, and it didn't work...but if you cut them in to little pieces, they work very well...i mean in this post and the Purple Smokey Dolly look, I've used them in pieces, and they look really nice on, and soo natural. And since you can cut them into little pieces, they last along time...and they are very comfortable to wear as well~~~so overall i really like them...they are $8.80 for a box of ten pairs, which is a good deal..and b4 i forget, the band on these lashes are clear, so it is super natural when you put them on...also one more thing i wanna mention is t hat when you are purchasing lower false lashes, try to go for the clear band ones..because they tend to look more realistic than a black band..

Here is a a Close up of my eyes wearing them:
As you can see, the clear band doesn't show up in pictures, and they look natural...so ya overall i do really like them, and i would recommend them.

So this concludes my posts of the Classic Smokey eye plus the review for the KKcenterHK falsies~~~i hope you guys enjoys this post, and i hope you guys have a great weekend~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Completely Beauty/Fashion/All things Girly Related Post - Dead Island for Xbox360 and PS3

So ya i wasn't even gonna do a post today because of pure lazy-ness...lol but i just finished the announcement trailer of Dead Island...and it has to be the Saddest game trailer i've seen over the years...If you guys don't know already, i am a HUGE horror fan girl...that includes anything from movies to manga/comics...i especially have a soft spot for anything Zombie related...if you wanna know why, go to my Zombie Blog (which is i am on a Hiatus right now cuz ive hit writer block on a short story i was gonna post..lol) then all will be clear to you~~~lol...

So ya Dead Island

Now ive all for horror survival games and all, but i am not a very good gamer to be honest...in the sense that i will more often than not get my character killed...the hubby on the other hand is sooo much better at it than i am...he said it because he is a guy(i called that pure sexism btw lol)..nevertheless i love playing just as much even though i killed pretty easily...the last zombie game i bought was Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising...which the later is a better game in my opnion because some of the humor(intend or not)...but this one right here...it looks good...i will admit that one good trailer is all i need to buy a game...lol and often id be disappointed, cuz the trailer was the best part of the game(sometimes films too)...anyways...my point is that, the trailer for Dead Island has to be the saddest ive seen over the years...i mean it can still still scare the faintly hearted, but not me...but the whole thing is just sooo sad....so without further ado, here is the trailer:

Now i hope you guys watch the reversed Version after the original....it just makes it that much sadder..
the reversed Trailer

Now if you finished both trailers....isn't that the saddest thing you've seen....
anyways because of the trailer, this game has officially landed on my to buy list when it releases in September...i mean anything that has that dramatic of a preview can't be horrible bad...right????

On a brighter note, i promise another beauty post tmr~~~but today just let me be a geek, and enjoy the blood and gore zombie films/games has to offer

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look ofthe Day - Purple Dolly Look (Complete with Curls) - As Requested By Blair

Hi girlies~~~how are you guys today~~~i am doing fine~~~but it is super hot in Toronto again...and apparently its gonna be like this all week long...Huge Bummer....But on a happier note, my bestie is back later tonite/ or early tmr morning...so i am uber exicited~~~

So ya today's look is a purple Smokey Dolly look...i Even curled my hair for it~~~Since i got a hair cute 2 weeks ago, it is much easier for me to curl my hair...since there is less of them...haha...but it still took me a good 30 mins +, mainly cuz i don't curl my hair that often..but ya the look is request by the Beautiful Blair from BLAIR ~♥ She wanted me to a purple look...but she forgot to tell me if she wanted a smokey or not...so i did a medium smokey eye...with purple of course...lol and i actually used falsies for my lower lashline too~~~so its kinda kool

So here is the Look:
You Guys likies???
I wanted to do step by step instruction for this look...but it's kinda hard for me to write it in words...so i might do a tutorial on it later...so keep you mind on that if you guys wanna know how to do this look.

Here is the Close up:
Eyes Open
Eyes Closed

And here is the Product I used:
Dior E/S Duo
No Name Japanese Palette in Purple
MAC PaintPot in Blackground
Maybelline Studio Gel Liner in Black
SmashBox Fushion Soft Lights in Blushing Pink
Dior Ultra Shine Lipstick in 650
Boxum Beauty Lipgloss in Lily
Criss Cross on Top
A188 From KKCenterHK On Bottom( I cut them so it is more natural looking)

So ya those are what i used for this look...i hope you guys like it~~~again feel free to ask me any questions, i will be happy to answer them~~~and if you guys have any requests, let me know, I luv creating new looks and all~~~

So ya I hope you guys have a good day and i'll post very soon

Ps, i thought this shot is really good~~~so i thought i'd share..haha...Vain much..lol
lol cuz im a camwhore

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Haul (MAC Semi Precious , Wal-Mart, Forever 21 and Jill Stuart Look-a-Like) and Swatches

Hello Girlies~~~How are you guys enjoying your Mondays?...Well i hoped you guys had a great weekend...Mine was Fabulous other than the minor disappointment on a Saturday morning...But i had a great weekend~~~ate alot of good foods, and did quite the haul...lol...and i am UBER excited that my bestie is back tmr~~~i haven't seen her in over a month cuz she's away in HK and Beijing For work and stuff~~~but ya, time to hang out~~~~

So from my title you probably seen that ive being shopping all over the place this weekend~~~now if you follow me on twitter, then you'll probably noticed that i walked around downtown Toronto quite abit over the weekend~~~and almost got a heat stroke...cuz it is super hot right now~~~

Anyways, you guys probably wanna know what i Got so here it goes~~~

MAC goodies from the Semi Precious Collection and a Lipstick
Mineral e/s in Smoked Ruby
MSF in Rose Quarts
Amplified Lipstick in ChatterBox

Swatch of the e/s and MSF
ChatterBox...i luv the pink..and excused my Chapped lips...>_<

Forever 21
Just a whole bunch of accessories...cheap but very trendy.

NYC Duo, Hard Candy single and Ardell Falsies
NYC Duo in Island Sunset
Ardell single Short Black Falsies (Planning to use them for my lower lash)
Hard Candy Baked E/s in SuperNova

Swatches NYC on the left, and Hard Candy on the right

So ya the Jill Stuart Looks-a-like are from Clair's...they were 8 bucks each and buy one get one half off...so i got 2....the Quality is not bad...but a bit too shimmery...but feels creamy when i dipped my finger to swatch. Overrall, they are not as pigmented...but if you use a coloured base(which i always do) i think you'll probably get a better colour pay off

Super Jill Stuart look-a-like right????i probably just bought it for the packaging...i mean it is soooo adorable..

Top is the Brown palette, Bottom is the Smokey Palette

So ya this concludes my Weekend haul~~~i hope you guys enjoys it...lol, and no i am no bragging, since alot of people enjoys haul posts(including myself)...its just fun to share your shopping experience and result with other people who loves the same thing as you..

I hope you guys have a great day

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dining in Toronto - Sweets and Macaroons MoRoCo Chocolat (BAD Review)

Now, being a girl I have a thing for sweets...A couple weeks back i was searching for a place for High Tea in Toronto since i've never being, and wanted(still want) to go with my Bestie once she is back from HK. While i was google searching "High-Tea In Toronto" a Place called "MoRoCo Chocolat" came up...and the website looks pretty fancy...so i went there today early at 11:30-ish...While i didn't do High-Tea, i did however bought a box of Macaroons($15), and a small box of a Lemon Peel in Dark Chocolate($14)...
They looks too cute to eat...lol
I like the Patio and the Logo
I thought the Design of the Bag is nice, although it did cost me an extra Dollar

While the sweets are very appetizing, especially the Lemon Peels(i didn't take any pictures of it). I find the Macaroons to be overwhelmingly sweet...the only one that has some sorta flavor to it other than being sweet was the Rhasberry one...everything else just taste like sugar to me...Well i do understand Macaroons are supposed to be eaten with a cup of tea or coffee, but still....they were kinda too sweet...so at best i guess their Macaroons are mediocre...

What I didn't like more than the Too Sweet Macaroons were the service...I mean i get it, its early in the morning, you guys are still preparing for opening...but with 4 people inside the small store and with 2 more for the cafe area, i was in the shop for 10 mins before anyone even said hi to me...letting alone offered assistant...Seriously I get better service in Godiva than in there...i mean i get it you have package your chocolate truffles...but would it kill you to greet your customer...I don't think im a bitchy customer, but there are certain standards to any shop...when i was working for a large international retail chain, company policy states a customer must be greeted with 10 sec. I mean where is the hospitality of the shop...i mean sure i didn't spend 45 dollars at your breakfast, but i spend 30 bucks buying your chocolate the least you can do is give me a Damn Smile...and i didn't even get that...and when i was at the cash register, the girl scoffed at me for wanting to pay for a 1 dollar Gift Bag, because i wanted a plastic one first...like seriously...i payed to get served, not to get scoffed at....

So on a scale of 10...i give MoRoCo Chocolat 5...Mainly because their Service Sucks, and the Macaroons were very Mediocre, the only thing i liked was the Lemon peel which cost 14 dollars...Seriously, if you just want better chocolate...you are better off at Godiva, at least the staff is Much more Friendlier.

So would i recommend this place to anyone??? Hell to the NO!!!!!...I mean i don't care how great your products are(which in this case weren't even that good to start with), I refused to go to any place when the service is horrible...i don't think im being picky or bitchy...but as a payed customer, i expect at least standard service as those who works at Wal-mart/Mickey D....i mean for a boutique chocolate shop....MoRoCo Chocolate in Toronto Really SUCKED...like Big time...

anyways, this concludes my review of MoRoCo Chocolat in Toronto Yorkville Area....although it's more like a rant....but i hate, and i do mean hate bad customer service...it is the one thing that i cannot stand for the life of me....
if you had a different experience from the place, i'd love to know....or if you are treated the same...well i can you can join my club of not going there...lol

I hope you guys have a great weekend...

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Look of the Day - Sandara Park Miss Tangerine Make Up Look

So today i am doing a look inspired by Sandara park From 2NE1...This is the make up she wore on one of the advert she did for the Etude House Miss Tangerine Campaign. It's very simple look that is perfect for going to school...
Here is the look:
It's just a simple look using Orange and Pink
 here is the Advert she did:
i think i did a good job~~~hehe~~~
here are the Close up:
eyes open
Eyes Closed
eyes open with Flash, i think colours looks better with Flash

So here is what i did:
1. Apply Orange E/s on the outer half of Upper Eyelids
2. Apply Pink e/s on the other half of the upper eyelids.
3. Blend the two colour until there is no harshline
4. Use a Dark Bronze e/e apply it on the outer lower lashline
5. Use the same Dark bronze e/s apply it on the outer half of the upper lashline
6. Use a Shimmering Pink e/s and apply it over the inner corner of the eye
7. Use the same Shimmering Pink e/s apply it on the inner lower lashliner
8. Use a Dark Taupe e/s and apply it on the inner half of the upper lashline
9. Line your upper lashline with a thin black liner, but dont wing out your liner
10. Apply brown to upper water-line and lower water-line
11. Curl your lashes and mascara
12. Apply peach/orange blush and lipstick
And you are done

Here are the Products I used:
Coastal Scent 26 EyeShadow Blush Palette
MUFE Tres Vichy Duo
Kiss me Heroine Make Liquid Liner
SmashBox Liner in Love
Canmake Cream Cheek in 05
GOSH Blush in Juicy Peach
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Crush
Circle Lens:
GEO Nudy Grey

Coastal Scent Palette Colour Used:
Click to see colour caption

So ya, this is my blog entry on Sandara Park's look from the Etude House Miss Tangerine Campaign. I hope you guys like it~~~again, if you have questions let me know down in the comment sections...if you have any request. you can always leave me a comment, or better yet Twitter Me or Facebook me, that way you guys can send me pictures of the looks you want me to do~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Look of the Day - Green Smokey Eye + updates on my Allergy

First of all, i wanna thank all you guys for your kind word with regard my allergy symptoms. They are better now, since i am taking medication and applying topical creams everyday...and the doctor said i might be allergic to the vitamins that i was taking...since they were the only thing that was different than the daily routine...

Since i am getting better~~~i decide to do a new Look of the Day...Since on one of my last post on green e/s  you guys really like the green, i decide to do a more Dramatic look using Green. This is my take on Green Smokey Eyes~~~

So here is the look:
W/ Orange Lips
Now i know alot of girls like Smoket eye with nude lips too, so i swap for Nude lips too
W/ Nude Lips
Now which one do you guys like better???Personally i like the Orange lip better~~~

Here is the close up:
Eye Closed
Eyes Open

I know There are alot of Green Smokey eye out there, mine is probably less dramatic than alot of those, but still i think if you were to wear this on a hot date or out in a club it's a pretty fun look

So here is what i did:
1. Prime my Eyes with a faint gold cream eye base
2. Take a Dark Green w/ Glitter and swipe all over my eyelids.
3. Blend the Dark Green so the lines are not harsh
4. Take a Grey Eyeshadow, and apply it to the outer corner of the eyes, to add more dimension.
5 Blend the eyeshadow so there is no harshline
6. Take a Golden Bronze colour and apply it to the Eye Socket area and blend.
7. Take a Dark Green Eyeliner and line Upper and lower Lashline as well as lower waterline
8. Take a Black Eyeliner and line your upper waterline( a thinner line than the Green Liner), and wing out your liner
9. Apply Mascara.
10. Use a peach/orange coloured blush for cheeks(bronzer optional)
11. Apply your colour of Lipstick and this LOOK IS DONE~~~~~
Here are the products I used:
Sephora Palette
Shiseido Single E/S in Enchanting Bronze
SmashBox liner in Wish
Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in Deep Black
Maybelline Colossal Volume Express WaterProof in Glam Black
Red Earth Blush in CI001
Orange Lipstick Papaya by GOSH
Nude Lips: Creme N Nude by MAC
Too Faced Gloss in Pillow Talk
Circle Lens
GEO Tri-Colour Purple

So ya how do you guys like this look??? Is there anything you would've done differently??? let me know~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank you Alex from ThisIsAlx for the Love Package

So When i was getting my mails today, guess what i found sitting in my mail box~~~a love package from Alex ThisIsAlx. If you guys are not familiar with her, she is this wonderful fellow toronto beauty/life-style blogger. She is actually one of the first blogger friends i made, and we tweet and facebook each other all the time now~~~lol

A while back she won the giveaway that i was hosting, and she said she is so happy that she won something, that she wants to send me something small~~~of course we had the Canadian Postal Strike back then, but she emailed me last week saying she already mailed the packaged~~~and I got it today~~~

Thats the mail with my name on it~~hehe
Cute thx you card with love~~~
HUGE amount of samples~~~
she showered me with awesome sample packs~~~
2 x Red wine masks
1 x Laneige Waterbank eye Gel
1 x Skisedo Skin Care 3 steps
1 x Fragrance by The Body Shop
1 x Sephora Smoothing and Mattifying Primer
1 x DDF Oil free Moisturizing Dew
1 x DDF Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate
1 x OLE HENRIKSEN Visual Truth Eye Creme
1 x OLE HENRIKSEN Vitamin Plus Creme

So ya huge luv to Alex from ThisIsAlx, this is soooooo sweet of you...and if you guys haven't check her blog out yet~~~check it out~~~she is one fabulous blogger~~~not to mention she knows how to make her own clothes~~~how kool is that~~~I cant barely hold a needle right..lol

Thx you Alex~~~xoxo

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Haul and Updates and more

Hi there everyone~~~i hope y'all had a great weekend...I had a very good weekend...and i made a little purchase too~~~i bought 1 lipstick from GOSH in Papaya and a Boots No. 7 eyeliner. I got both on sale at the clearance section in Shoppers Drug Mart for 5 dollars each, which i thought is a steal~~~

So here they are:

I wanted a bright Orange Colour Lipstick for a while now~~~so when i saw this one, i was like its a good colour and its on  sale~~~so why not~~~as for the liner i though the olive green colour is very nice~~~

Here is the Swatch:
Nice colours right???
Thats the Lipstick on my Lips
I also got a cute Coral Top as well~~~but if you guys wanna see it you have to watch my video~~~haha

Now I also got a haircut over the weekend~~~so right now my hair is alot thinner, and more manageable than b4, and i really like the Hair cut~~~i think its really nice...i didn't get bangs though....my hairdrsser basically just cut off the split ends and layer-ed my hair a bit
I don't Have Perfect skin, its the power of Photo Editing Program.

So here is is how my hair looks like right now~~~as you guys can see~~~alot thinner~~~but still long~~~

So ya i also ordered my B-day cake over the weekend~~~can you guys guess what cake i got???hehe im not telling but i will show it to you guys when i get the cake on the 30th~~~and oh if you guys are wondering my birthday is on the 26th...but im celebrating it on the weekend of..

Also ive being getting real bad allergic reactions over the past 2 weeks...especially this weekend~~~it was sooo bad~~~so im calling my Doctor today and is setting up an appointment, because its bothering me too much~~~and to see what excatly that is bothering me, and if we have it in the house...or should i take medicine or smth~~~but its bothering me really bad...at first i thought it was just a one time thing...then it kept on happening everyday, and right now it is to the point that it is interfering with my sleep...the hubby thought it's heat rash, or bug bite, but if it's bug bite everyone in my house would've gotten bit...especially the Hubby...My mom thought it might be the flowers in the house... or maybe something i ate....but ya there are many speculations, but no accurate diagnosis...so im calling my doctor's office right now...if only his assistant picks up the phone....but i'll keep on trying 'till she does~~~

Oh ya if you noticed~~~ive got myself a facebook page over the weekend~~~and a twitter account too~~~so if you guys wanna help out by like my facebook page and follow me on twitter i'd really love it

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Js-Corner/201438953241941
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/Happy_647

Minor Updates...i just got back from my local clinic...i got topical cream, and the doctor said i should stop taking my vitamins...and i am going to my doctor's office tmr so he can set up an allergy test for me....ah... i hate not being fully healthy

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Look of the Day - Everyday Make up with Pink Eye Shadow and a Special Guest

So wow~~~i think im on a roll now~~~but i think im gonna enjoy my weekend after this, so no more posts 'till monday... my cold is still here and im positively hating it soooo much....but the headache is finally gone after a week of struggle...but my nose is still very stuffy, and i sniff and cough very often~~~Given that my past few looks has being a little dramatic for everyday wear...i thought i do a look that we can enjoy wearing to work/school...

here is what i came up with:
Click to see large Picture

As you can see is just a very soft pink eyeshadow all over my eye lids with brown to define my lashline, but very wearable for everyday in my opinion~~~so here is what i did
1. Use a light Matte Pink and swipe it all over my eye lids
2 use a Matte dark brown e/s to define my lash line
3 Use the same brown on my lower lash line 2/3 in, and make sure it connects with the brown e/s at the outer corner of the eye
4. use Black e/s to define my upper lashlin, but stay under the brown e/s...and only on the outer 1/3
5. use a light pink with  sparkle for the lower lash line on the inner 1/3, as well as the inner corner of the eye
6 Tight-line using black, but only up the upper waterline
7 use brown eyeliner to line upper lash-line, lower lashline and lower waterline.
8 Curl and apply Mascara
9 Put on your Favorite Blush
10 Put on your Favorite Pink Lipstick/Gloss
And Voila~~~you are done~~~

Here is the Close up:
Eyes Open
Eyes Closed
  The key to wearing pink e/s but without making your eyes looks puffy is to rmber apply with a light hand... and also rmbr to pair it with brown...black maybe a bit tooo harsh at times, brown on the other other hand while it still defines your eyes, but it is alot more soft and approachable. if you wanna use black like me, use it in places that doesn't draw alot of attention but still make a difference (ie out corner and upper waterline.).

Again all e/s are from the Coastal Scent 88 Original Palette
Click to see Colour Captions

And here is the rest of the products that i used:
Smash Box Liner in Love
Maybelline Colossal Express in Glam Black Waterproof
Tarte Cheek Stain in Flawless
MAC Beauty Powder in Oh so Fair
MAC CreamSheen Lipstick in Creme Cup
NYX Round Lipgloss in Ballerina Pink

So ya I hope you guys like this look~~~IMO, i think this is super easy to do, universally flattering, and very appropriate for work and school, but still can bring out your feminine side out with the soft pink. Again if you guys have any request or questions let me know~~~i'll be happy to answer them

And i conclude my Post with This:
Thats my Cat Cici
Yup, thats the special Guest~~~~its my cat Cici~~~while i was taking picture around the house for the good lighting, she decide to be nice and play with me for once(trust me, she hates me...she luvs my mom). I guess she is in a good mood today~~~
Anyways~~~i hope y'all have a good weekend

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look Of the Day - Summer Blues (got the idea from Megan Fox for Giorgio Armani's Advert)

So ya Since it is summer in the northern hemisphere, i thought i do a Summer Blue eyes Look...i go the idea from the advert from Giorgio Armani Ft. Megan Fox...Since she was sporting a very intense blue e/s look...now my looks are some what inspired by the colour blue on her...but i think it is quite difficult for me to pull that look because she is white and i'm asian...lol our face structure is completely different~~~anyways here is the look i came up with...although i do admit it is not my finest work...

I do like how the cheek colour turn out...the eyes i'm thinking maybe without the brown crease it would actually looks better~~~maybe soon i will do a updated version of this look~~~all the e/s are from the Coastal Scent 88 Original Palette~~~

Basically what i did was use a medium blue all over my eyelids under the crease, then a dark blue the define my upper and lower lashline. Then the light blueviolet on my inner corners along with a shiny silver. then the brown to define my crease. Then i used black eyeliner again to intensify my lashline. I also did tight-lining on both upper and lower waterline.

Click to see the colour captions
Here is the close up:
Eyes Open
Eyes Closed

For the Rest of my face:
Smash Box liner in Dream
Maybelline Colossal Express Mascara in Glam Black Waterproof
Camake Cream Blush in 05
MAC Sheertone Blush in Peachykeen
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lisptick in Soft Coral
NYX Round Lip Gloss in Whipped (Not shown)
If guys are wondering about the Megan Fox Advert..here it is
Again, i liked t he Blue e/s she had...so i decided to do a blue e/s too...but i think my take is very different than her look...so please don't hate on me for butchering her look~~~I was not trying to look like her when i was doing my make up  =P

Anyways, if you guys have any question let me know down in the comment section, and again if you have any request let me know, i'd love to try out some new looks~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.
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