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Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer is Here, Get Your Hair Removing Kits Out!!! - a Veet Hair Removal Cream Review

So ya by reading the title you probably know that this post is about hair removing~~~if you are a guy i suggest you read no further...cuz...well just cuz~~~

So a while back my bestie bought a Groupon for Waxing so she ask me if you want to buy one too, so we can go 2gether, unfortunately i was otherwise occupied, so i couldnt buy it and go with her...Not wanting to miss out the hair removing bonding moment~~~i called her through out the day of her appointment, and called her right after, she is like its alrite, and not as painful as she though~~~so i thought to myself i need to get a waxing session soon, since summer was right around the corner~~~

So Again awhile back i was glancing through my local drug-mart, and i saw tons of at home waxing kit, i was tempted to buy them, until i saw the hair removal creams. after much debating i decide to go with Veet's Hair removal Cream for dry skin~~~the reason being, although i dont have dry skin, but thinking the Product is probably full of Bleach and stuff its better go with the model thats made for dry skin so it wont dry your skin out as much~~~~

so here is the product:
Sleek Packaging

So ya Now on to the "Nasty part", i have to say before hand that, i am not a hairy person, and i have my mom thank for that, she has no hair on her leg and under her arm, as much as i wish i was like that, i have hair on my leg and under my arm, however not that many....i mean I used to without shaving all summer wearing shorts and no one can tell that i have hair...however i was always afraid that people might stare at my legs and see the little hair, then think nasty thought about me...lol but ya and i usually dont even bother shave my under arm unless im wearing strappy shit/dress or tube dress/shirt...but i do wanna get it waxed~~~so if i do have that waxing experience you'll probably will hear about it on my blog here~~~lol

So ya here is my " Not so hairy" leg b4:
sorry i only took a magnify picture, but if i took a picture of my whole leg you wont see the hair...lol
thats my leg after i applied the cream
yes yes my leg is huge, lets move on from that!~~
And here is the result after 5 mins
pretty much hairless but you can still see the hair "pores", but after you apply lotion its completely gone

So my verdict? its a good product, it does what its suppose to. Now i dont like the scent, it smells like the cream when you go and do your hair colour...almost bleach like. and when i apply this to my skin, it has a slight burning-ish/warm-ish sensation, but i guess thats the bleach thats working or whatever the chemical they put into this product. Also if you do decide to buy and use this product, make sure that you leave it on no more than 6 mins as directed on the tube. Overrall, i think if you dont like waxing or you hate shaving( I HATE SHAVING SOOOOOOO MUCH), this is a good alternative, you can do this b4 you go to bed only a extra 5 mins at night or in the morning on a Saturday~~~

If you guys have any questions or wanna share your hair removing experience with me~~~just simply leave me a comment~~~~or email me if you want~~~ =P

Rating: 8/10 (minus 2 because i dont like the scent...AT all)

FYI, i bought this with my own money and am not affiliated with the company.

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Elle said...

I'm always afraid that these wouldn't work, and I never like to time myself for anything. What if I go pass the 6 minute mark... yea no bueno. I prefer waxing since I like the feeling, weird isn't it? Lol... I need to get myself a waxing kit, for some reason I just think it works better. Do tell how your waxing experience is when you have the chance to try it out =]

Vintage Makeup said...

I hate the scent of things like that! Overall it sounds good though

Peiji said...

I really don't like the scent of hair removal creams >< they always leave a smell. I love to wax my legs, they give the best results but it's always difficult to wax the back of the leg lol

I don't like shaving either but I recently tried out this shaving cream? it's not really cream but it works and feels amazing. Here is the link to where I bought it and it's free shipping within' Canada so check it out! http://well.ca/products/kiss-my-face-fragrance-free_7702.html?ref=my_store

it makes shaving so much easier and your legs will feel crazy smooth after =p

sugar sugar said...

i also use veet but i also don't like the scent. :/ but yeah, it does get all that unwanted hair gone so i only use it when i have to, hehe. >.<

Dilan Dilir said...

I like the veet wax,it´s great ;D but now I´m going to buy Dermaseta from tvshop so I will not have to buy veet products anymore!

Amalia J said...

I have a stash of Veet and Nair in my closet, use them despite the smell cause wax leaves me red every time.... but I shave too, out of pure habit- I have light, sporadic hair too lol

Jo said...

For legs, I use epilator. Don't run away in fright. It's actually quite tolerable. I shave only when I don't have the time. People always say that constant shaving and epilating will cause the hair to grow back more or coarser but for my case, it's the opposite. If something works, stick to it! I tried creams before but they burnt my skin real bad and some hair was still there. I had angry red patches. Not to mention, it stinks.

Great that Veet works well for you except that it stinks. I guess the stink has to be there for the product to work.

Maryam Maquillage said...

for some reason nair doesn't work on me... maybe I'll veet? thanks for sharing!

mizzsandychau said...

i wish i had hairless genes haha
i use an epilator, i find it faster than veet, but defiantly more painful haha

Shop N' Chomp said...

I sound like a chicken but I'm always afraid that it'll somehow burn me b/c I'm clumsy...lol. Glad you got nice results out of this! :)

Anonymous said...

I also use an epilator.....It last longer.
However, from time to time I use depilatoire creams (when I am on vacation n for examples) and YES VEET is the best brand that I have ever used

ThisIsAlx said...

Omg I hate hair removal grrrr shaving ruined my skinnnnnnnn sigh it's so sad ... I've looked into very before but I didn't think it would actually work!I'm impressed :)

Amyboo said...

I tried this before. It worked really well and I'm a super hairy girl -_-;;

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Wow..Great to hear that it remove all your hair..I hate shaving!!..Its annoying sometimes and I hate how it feel after shave..Itchy.. I never try this one before because I'm afraid that it won't work and waste my money..I think I'll give it a try..

By the way thanks for sharing..^_^..

Mikimoto Angel said...

Good thing I'm not a hairy person, i don't have to undergo a painful hair removal. :-D

I'm following you now, I hope you follow me back.

Much love from Mystic Nymph

Marilyn said...

thank you!

Jonna said...

Hmmh I think I want to try something like that :D

Jonna xx

Amy said...

I'm not a big fan of the hair removal creams. They smell funny and didn't work well for me. I have a lot of underarm hair -__- and I have sort of hairy legs. I hate shaving my underarms so I epilate, even though it hurts, but the hair comes back thinner and no more razor burns and in growns! For my legs, I just keep on shaving likes once every two weeks, haha.

Mandy said...

I've tried something from Veet before and it just did not work for me, and the scent was AWFUL. I will probably stick to shaving my legs & waxing everything else.

Lisa said...

ohh thanks for doing this.. i've always wondered about them but scared to use them.. because i feel like they might burn my skin off hahahaha scary much??

your vlog is SO CUTE!! you make me smile :)

Yami said...

I don;t know if its just me, but I have always hated Veet products. I dont know why! lol~

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

it looks so good!
i think im gonna try it someday!

New outfit post; rock with me.

http://gypsyroxylee.wordpress.com/ said...

I loved reading this review! I HATE shaving my legs! Recently I was in a store that sold the Veet wax strips. Have you ever tried those? I'm a little afraid of having to pull those but I'm thinking about it. I can also look for the product you tried here. This was such a helpful post and the photos really helped show us the process! Thank you for sharing! :)

Bella said...

Oops, just noticed I included my blog address instead of my name! Gosh I need coffee! I'm sorry!

ILoveChocolateee! said...

I've never tried HK style french toast with pb. I shall look out for that next time =)

And I'm jealous that you don't have much hair!!

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