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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Skincare Review - Philosophy's Hope in a Jar

Alot of you guys probably already know about this famous cream~~~i always wanted to try it, but always get scared by the price. So last year Sephora had a promotion of the 3 steps skin care routine, when you purchase Major Skin care items such as face cream, eye cream, cleanser etc, you get skin get skin care point. so by late last year, i believe it was November, I had enough skin care point that i redeem it for a small size of "Hope in a Jar". I was very excited to try the product out, however at the time i was still using other face creams, so I put away "Hope in a jar", so i can use it when i was dont with my other cream..

Here is the picture of the Product:
Simple Packaging
As you can see, I finished the whole jar

So early this year around January-ish...i finally finished my old cream, and i started to use "Hope in a Jar". Since the size is small, only 28.4g/1 oz., i finished it in about 2 months...Now I luv luv luv the consistency of the cream. It has a very liquid-ish consistency, but very easy to blend and apply to your whole face. For this particular cream, a little goes a long way, i only use about dime size every time, if the air is especially dry a nickle size. I luv the fact that it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly, like after 1 mins or so it is completely absorbed.

You might read from my older post b4, but here in Canada, out winter is very dry, and the windchill feels like knives on your skin at times. In door is warm, but because of the heat, it is always very dry. However throughout the period of time that i used this product, not day that i woke to dry and patchy skin. So as a hydrating/moisturizing cream, i think this cream deserve a A+. because it is very light, but can make my skin very soft every morning without drying patches.

As far as anti-wrinkle and reducing discolouration goes....I personally don't have wrinkles yet, because im still in my early 20s. I do have discolouration caused by acne/acne scars....I dont think it was that helpful in reducing discolouration, but i do feel that my skin feels very smooth after using cream. And as far as anti-wrinkle, I wouldn't know, because i dont have any....but maybe because i used this cream, and it is preventing wrinkles???

This product do have a scent to it. However it didn't bother me, and i actually kind of like it, it smells like natural herb-ish to me(i think the scent came from the ingredient of the product, not an added scent). Usually i steer clear of scented products because my skin is very sensitive and allergy prone, so most parfum would just irritated my skin too much. There is only one brand that has parfum in their product, but doesn't irritate my skin and it is Laneige, but I will write my story with Laneige in a separate post. So since not only "Hope in a Jar" didn't irritate my skin like the Shiseido Duo, but it did make my skin very smooth and very hydrated all winter long i give it a big thumb up~~~~

My verdict 10/10 would i repurchase this??? OF course!!!!!

Now if you are like me, and have super sensitive and allergy prone skin, I think its better the read the full ingredient list first before buy it, since you might be allergic to some of the chemicals, or natural extras. However, if you have any other type of skin, I think you are really gonna love this product, because even though it is very moisturizing, there is no excess oil. the product is 99.9% oil free, so even oily skin can use it. and the packaging, it stated that it is from all skin type. Personally I really recommend this product, because it does what it says it should, and the results are pretty fantastic.

If you guys have any questions, or if you guys wanna share your story with Hope in a jar, or any other face cream, just leave me a comment below and i'd love to hear from you guys, and i'll get back at you guys asap~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


CookingChinchillas said...

I had a sample of this during winter and it is indeed a very good product.Thanks for the detailed review hun!
Have a great week:)

Yami said...

I think I would really like this. In fact, I think I have a sample of this somewhere. I think I should try it :D

Andrea said...

great post!

Amalia J said...

Great review!! I LOVE this!! I use it every day, and our winters here are so bad, I had to get the dry, sensitive last year, but I love the original the best- all my face products are Philosophy!

PopBlush said...

This product sounds promising. I love moisturisers that absorb totally into my skin especially in summer.
I am going to try to look for it~!
Thanks for the in depth review sweets xo

Beautychokes said...

I love this cream it's amazing! And you're right about the canadian winters haha:)

Beautychokes said...

Oh btw I gave you some awards on my blog, I think ur blog definitely deserves them:)
much love!<3

Vintage Makeup said...

This sounds really nice! :)

CandyGirlNM said...

Hey, sweetie!
I LOVE your blog :D I'm already following your blog, please check mine ;) You're sooo pretty *.*
Keep up the good work!!


Elle said...

Nice review! I have oily skin and it's summer here in NYC so I'll probably give it a go when winter comes since you said it's great for dry skin. My skin tends to get dry during season changing, so that's pretty anal. Glad to know this works out for you =]

Catmare said...

Nice review! Glad it worked for you. Sadly, Philosophy products gives a bad reaction to my skin. I tried their Facial wash and 3-in-1 body wash. They worked so well at first, but after a while they kind of make my skin itch. :(

Anonymous said...

great post!

New Outfit: prinzes for a day

sugar sugar said...

i have been wanting to try this but i'm currently inlove with my moisturizer LOL! x) maybe i can use both products at the same time? thanks for this detailed review dear. :)

Stevia said...

good thing you found the right night cream :)
it is very important to re-hydrate


Yonka said...

You are a real beauty,And your skin is a treat for eyes.I wish if i could also have something as you.

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