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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review - GEO Circle Lens in Nudy Grey, Tri-Colour Purple and Princess Mimi Green Apple

So ya, if you guys seen me during the past few posts you'll probably noticed that i got a few more circle lens~~~this time I bought GEO nudy Grey, GEO tri-colour purple, and GEO Princess Mimi/Bambi in Green Apple

the reason why i like GEO lens is that, they have a authenticate code that you can type in on their website to ensure that you got real circle lens, because fake ones can make you blind, and thats why i like GEO, cuz i can check if i bought the real on or not~~~

I bought my lens from ShoppingHolics, and the good thing about this website is that, they offer free shipping worldwide when you purchase 50 dollars or more(which you know 3 pairs of lens covers that)~~~and i am very impressed with the shipping time, it took about 1 week and half to arrive~~~

So now on To the lens:
GEO Tri-Colour Purple
GEO Princess Mimi/Bambi in Green Apple
GEO Nudy Grey

Here is hte Pictures of Me wearing them
GEO Tri- Colour Purple
GEO Princess Mimi/Bambi in Green Apple
GEO Nudy Grey

So ya Out of the three my favorite one in terms of Comfort is the Nudy Grey, it is sooo comfortable to wear, and it looks pretty natural, but also different in a good way too~~~

My Favorite out of the Effects it gives me is the Princess Mimi/Bambie Green Apple, it has a really good enlargement effects and it is comfortable too~~~i wore it last satureday for 7 hours, and my eyes weren't feeling dry or discomfort in anyway~~~

My least favorite is the Tri-Colour Purple....i only wore it to see the effects, and i have to say i dont like the purple on me~~~like on the GEO advert, it looks alot better~~~lol but i guess if i play it around abit i might find it helpful with certain make-up looks~~~

Nudy Grey 9/10
Green Apple 9/10
Tri-Colour Purple 5/10

So ya tell me what you buys think~~~do you like them??? Or what's your favorite Circle Lens???

Disclaimer: I bought all the above with my own money, and was not paid or compensated in anyway to review them.

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Alenija said...

I would really love to have different colors of lenses, but unlucky me... I have bad eyes :(
Special lenses would be too expensive!

One day! One day I will have a lot of money haha then I can buy special lenses in all colors I want :>

I love GEO Nudy Grey! Looks awesome!

xo <3

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

super cool!
i love all 3 !
look stunning on you

New outfit post : think pink.

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

you can always create a smashing effect with lenses! i once had green once but i broke them! love that the effect is not too obvious, just perfect

Vintage Makeup said...

Those are all so pretty on you!

mimi said...

I love the nudy grey! (: & I love your eyelashes on the last pic too! >< what are they?~

Amalia J said...

ohhh I was going to say I liked the purple the best- sorry you didnt like them! idk what is a circle lens but I might have to check it out- are they prescriptions?

JC ♔ said...

I really like the Green Apple. And I think circle lens are pretty but so unnatural that I'm afraid to use them myself. :(

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

Hello my friend!

Thanks for leaving a note on my blog the other day. A fellow GTA girl and she's dating a hongkonger! I hear you about the better transportation. Everybody is just as rude - I asked the bus driver for directions and he almost chewed me out. But it's a pretty place and quite convenient. Hope you come back to my home city soon!

You are quite the makeup specialist :O I can't use any of this stuff because I'm a boy so I have no idea what all these products are lolol... but I'm sure it takes time to doll up. For guys, we just put on some fresh boxers and then out the door we go! How simple life is when you're a boy. No period, no makeup, no nails, nothing.

You update again soon? I drop by again soon? Okay ;)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love the green apple and grey ones!

Yami said...

Kyaa~ The Green Apple ones look so great!

cryskay said...

i never tried circle lenses but i looove the green ones on you. xx

ChinaDoll said...

they all look good on you but for me Green Apple is the prettiest! :)

sugar sugar said...

love the last two lenses on your eyes! they really make your eyes pop out! <3

Blair said...

Apple Green looks lovely on you, and high five, we own the same lenses =D

Valbuhdee said...

Those all look so great on you!! I really love the Princess Mimi series and would love the chocolate ones...but I'm scared they are going to be too large for my eyes.

I just did a review on the Dueba DM23 pink lenses if you want to check that out! :)

Valerie xxx

Stevia said...

i like the grey! it suits your skin tone


Anonymous said...

I agree! Nudy Grey looks soo pretty & more natural. (: The Green Apple ones are pretty nice too, kind of mysterious, loll.

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