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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look of the Day - Selena Gomez "Love you like a Love Song" Make up Look 2

So ya here is part 2 of the Selena Gomez look from her Music Video " Love you like a Love Song"

Here my Interpretation of the Look:
I think it turn out okay~~~not exactly how i want it to be

Here is her original look:
I like the Purple Smokey on her and the Coral Lips is nice too

Personally I think i toned down the look little a bit, the colour looks more intense in person than in pictures. but give t he fact that my eye shape and brows are very different from hers. She has longer eyes than i do~~~but what i basically did was a purple smokey eye, but with hints the dark blue at the upper lash-line to give my eyes more definition. I don't really have a bringht coral colour lipstick, so i end up using Coral Crush by Maybelline colour Sensation, and i think it turn out okay, mine lips were a bit more reddish than hers....as for my cheeks, i just used bronzer to give colour instead of using a blush.

So here are the close up of the eye:
Eyes Closed

Eyes Open
I only used the coastal scents 88 original palette for the eye colours
So 5 colours in general

List of Product Used:
Coastal Scent 88 Palette
Smash Box Pencil liner in Hope
False Eyelashs Sponsored By KKCenterHK in A89
Coral Crush By Maybelline Colour Sensation
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze

So ya i hope you guys like this look~~~i had alot of fun doing it~~~i probably won't wear this when im out shopping, but i'd love to wear this if it's date night with the hubby and we are going to some places that a tap bit more fancy~~~if you guys have any questions, let me know~~~i'll get back at you guys as soon as possible~~~and if you guys did a similar look, i'd love to see just post up your links down in the comment section~~~~

I thought I put another picture up, since the lighting of this one is abit different, and the purple shows up more intense

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Vintage Makeup said...

I love this look! :) You're so awesome at makeup!

Mandy said...

Cute! and your look turned out great :)
and omg that lip colour! i have to get that colour :p

Pieter said...

Great look! love the eyeshadow :) xx

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It only takes 5 seconds :D !
Go to the Nokia facebook page and then press gallery and view by date. When you see ‘The Black Maze’ with my picture just press 'i like' and you've voted!
Would be so nice! Thanks! :) x

mirjam schuurkamp said...

lovely second look!
you are so good

New outfit post ; Silver times

Mandy said...

I think it looks great! One of my favorite looks you've posted so far. :-)

Andrea said...

you look beautiful!

Amalia J said...

wow, that is beeeeautiful!! I love the lippie, and your skintone is just gorgeous!

Chiara said...

love the look!!!!
love the lip color most especially!

sugar sugar said...

i love these look of the days you're posting. keep em coming doll! =)

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

So pretty! Love the smokey purple eye. I have to admit, I like your interpretation better!

TheLipJunkie said...

I think this looks beautiful on you, and I like the contrast between the soft smokey purples with that coral lip.. So pretty! Is that lippie from their High-Shine line or the regular one?


Amyboo said...

This looks really pretty nonetheless!
Coral Crush is suuuuuch a pretty color...I want it so much!

SeƱorita said...

Nice job with your eyes.. They look amazing :)


breakingrumours said...

well done with the inspired look. :) almost like her makeup in her video except much more wearable.

DeyiMizu said...

You look great with purple shadow and coral lips! Your tone down look is more wearable and cute than Selena Gomez:)

ThisIsAlx said...

hey hun!! i got your package in the mail todya!! omgg i was soo surprised!!! thank you again =] ehhe... and i lovee this eye look it looks PERFECT specially ur blending skills omg it looks nice!!....ohoh I also tagged you with an award =] (http://thisisalx.blogspot.com/2011/06/blog-award-and-mail.html)

petitechouxx said...

awww you look very pretty! >.< i like the contrast between the coral and purple

Noniek said...

I like your look! so pretty!
Your lipstick also so great on you.

Yami said...

I love it! I really like the eye look and it goes so nicely with the lip color~

ThisIsAlx said...

nono dont worrryy they all came in perfect condition!! =] and take you time with the tagss =] hehe

Catmare said...

I love the color contrast of your whole makeup. It's so pretty and fun. :)

Yami said...

I have nominated you for a blog award!

le sorelle said...

You did a great job! I love the purple shadow! :)

sorelle in style

UrbanLaw said...

awesome look!
you seem to be a fan of Selena ;)

aki! said...

Good interpretation, given the fact that you guys look very different.


Sandra said...

Gorgeous look :)

Nicky said...

The lilac color is great with your dark eyes! Really brings them out :) XO

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

oh wowwww! u really did a great job! stunning! xoxo

CandyGirllNM said...

You're welcome! You look so cute with that purple smokey look *.*


Vasu said...

wow....u look great....love this look....beautiful eye makeup


Judith Anna said...

Gorgeous !!!!
Bisou Anna

amber said...

wow that looks great!! beautiful makeup :)

cushy said...

you did a great inspired makeup. love purple.


ChinaDoll said...

i love this look and purple smokey really looks great! :)

Oh my Dior! said...

the lip color is my favorite part!!


Chloe Mia said...

Lovely look!

Squeeze the Pug said...

I LOVE this look. Speaking of Selena Gomez Love you like love song...for the past week, I have been listening to it continuously. The replay button is now knackers.

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