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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dining In Toronto - Ajisen Ramen

Last week me and the Hubby were very hungry late afternoon on a satureday, but we didnt wanna spend too much money on food, so we went to Ajisen Ramen"s location @ Downtown Toronto Chinatown

here is the map:
Click To see large Map

Their Food is alrite, nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary. One thing i do like about it though is that, because it is a huge franchised brand, pretty much every location you go to, the taste is pretty much the same, in other words, very consistent~~~pretty much like all the big mac around the world taste the same kinda idea. This location taste the pretty much the same as the one i had when i was in HK last year. So in general i like it~~~the price is very reasonable me and the hubby had 2 ramen, 2 appetizer, plus one drink, i think it totaled about 25??? which i thought was a good deal~~~

So here are some food porn~~~lol
The Ramen
BBQ Eel that came with my order of the ramen
Hubby's BBQ Pork
My Potato patty??? i forgot the name of this, but its really good
One of the soft drinks they offer is the marble soda~~~so basically there is a marble inside the soda bottle that you have to push down to be able to drink it, but you cant take the marble out~~~its fun~~~~
Unopened one
When you Push the marble Down~~~lol its fun~~~
 OOO one otherthing i like about this place is that, the chairs are all hot pink~~~~its kinda cute actually

OOOO and their Mascot is a very cute cartoon girl~~~

 Overall, i'd give this place a solid 6/10, nothing spetacular, the food are okay, not fantastic, but still taste good~~~the price is really good, if you just want a bowl of ramen its like 6-7 dollars, so pretty cheap if you are on a budget~~~I wish the Place a bigger though, its kinda small~~~but compare with other China town restaurants, this one has a very very clean washroom which i really appreciate, cuz i hate dirty washrooms. So ya if you guys are in Toronto and want some very cheap and good ramen check this place out~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


Arianne Cruz said...

that looks yummy! and i love that they have pink chairs :D

Taehreh said...

It's pretty tempting to go just for the novelty of sitting on hot pink chairs, haha.

Elle said...

Interesting. They have one here in NYC, Chinatown but I didn't like it too much. I rather head over to a Japanese ramen house and chow there. Oh, I love those ball drinks. I buy them whenever I see them in supermarkets!

Amalia J said...

wow I am always amazed how your fast food looks like gourmet compared to what we have here!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I think we have an Ajisen in Rowland Heights too, if you've ever been. (: Ramen is bomb!
Haha I remember drinking those marble sodas when I was a kid!

mimi said...

I love Ajisen Ramen! (: I always order the spicy pork ramen~ hahaha & the california rolls! Your Ajisen Ramen looks different from the one over here O: I wish we had pink chairs ><

I love that Ramune soda!! But it's so hard to push down that marble sometimes & the soda explodes everywhere sometimes if I don't hold down the stopper hard enough! ><

PopBlush said...

oh~ looks so yummy~ nomnomnom :D
Once when I pressed down to release the marble, the soda sprayed all over me!! I think someone mustve shaken the drink up before :( but it was kinda funny. lol

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

cool! i've been to ajisen in California! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, I love the hot pink chairs! I always get the premium pork ramen at the ones here in L.A. =D

Vintage Makeup said...

That drink looks so cool! :)

ThisIsAlx said...

i loveee ramen... and love their potato pattied too =] soo yummmm... but thier chairs are soo cutee.. much better than the ones near my houseee!...btw.. i dont no if u speak cantonese or mandarin but i speak canto and i always call it "msg ramen" in canto "men jing la mein" being thier chinese name sounds sooo much like msg ramen LOL soo i just say it taht way =P

btw i love the quality of the dslr too!! if u look at my last post u can totally see the different between the last 2 dslr pictures and with rest taken from my iphone LOL but i totally agree wiht uu.. friends can always teach u =].. thats why i wanted to get one because last time i went out wiht 3 firends and they ALL had a dslr and i only had my iphone omgg suks to be mee.. lol but good thing one of the guys brought two soo he lent it to me=] or else i would be soo left out lol...ohhh i wanted to go to canoe.. but i didnt go to summer/winterlicous a lot but recently me and my girls always go at least once.. its just an excuse to dress up and be all pretty lol ... but this time we;re goign to lunch at toula!! i saw their pictures and its beautiful with all the viewss omg i love itt!! i dont even care about the food anymore haha..... ohh really? u're even allergic to some food? =[ i thought it was only ur skin.. awww i love fooddd i love eating anything!!! except for jams i hate jamssss yuk! lol...sure =] i will definitely make a post if i ever use my lashes =] thank u soo much for the advice hehe.. ttyl on fb!! i sitll have to study for my midterm thoo soo sad.. but its my last one!! soo i need to add oil and im freee for a couple of weeks =D

petitechouxx said...

pretty cheap =O here ramens are around 8-9$ =(

Lina Kim ♥ said...

the cartoon girl mascot is really cute, and that ramen! aweee not good, I haven't had my lunch yet! it makes me starve! :3~~~~


sugar sugar said...

i super love ramen! all the food look super yummy hun. :D the marble soda is interesting. ;)

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