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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MAC's Up and Coming New collection, and my Blogger award from ThisIsAlx

So ya you guys probably have already seen this, but i just did yesterday~~~so i thought i'd share with you guys~~~MAC is coming out with a new lip collection called Glam Glass~~~this line is all lip products, and they all look amazing~~~

here are the advert:
I luv it~~~i think the lip colour is great

the Lip Liner

The gloss~~~

 I am quite excited for this collection, since the colours looks very vibrant and very fun~~~and i think there are enough colours that compliment every skin tone~~~

So what do you guys think??? wanna buy it as much as i do????lol


So ya I was tagged by Alex from ThisIsAlx, and she was kindly gave me the creative blogger award~~~so thx you Alex~~~and if you guys haven't check her blog out yet, you really should~~~she is a fun loving creative girl~~~and she can make her own romper...how cool is that, i can barely sew....
thx you Alex
So ya 10 things about me:
1: I am allergic to about anything...so my skin is never really without acne and scars.
2: I luv Britney Spears, I am a fan of her Since i was very young~~~
3: If you ask me in person i will never admitted it, but I like Justin Bieber.
4: Right now I am addicted to Nintendo DS...Pokemon for the win!!!
5: My favorite Tv show right now is True Blood, and I am totally Team Bill
6: I actually prefer sour-y taste more than any other flavour...its weird cuz no one else in my family is like that
7: I was so into Sims 3 that for a while thats all i do with my Computers.
8: Eventhough my feet is pretty small (size 6 or 6 1/2), but most of the time i have to ask for size 7 because they are very chubby
9: I am a very whiny in nature....i whine about anything to anyone....sometime my frd and family just wanna shut me up...lol...
10: I like to wear odd colour socks...like one pink another blue....i think its fun~~~~plus who looks at your socks anyway right???

Well, I tagg whoever wants to do this tagged~~~cuz i think all my followers and Commenters are very Freative~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look of the Day - Selena Gomez "Love you like a Love Song" Make up Look 2

So ya here is part 2 of the Selena Gomez look from her Music Video " Love you like a Love Song"

Here my Interpretation of the Look:
I think it turn out okay~~~not exactly how i want it to be

Here is her original look:
I like the Purple Smokey on her and the Coral Lips is nice too

Personally I think i toned down the look little a bit, the colour looks more intense in person than in pictures. but give t he fact that my eye shape and brows are very different from hers. She has longer eyes than i do~~~but what i basically did was a purple smokey eye, but with hints the dark blue at the upper lash-line to give my eyes more definition. I don't really have a bringht coral colour lipstick, so i end up using Coral Crush by Maybelline colour Sensation, and i think it turn out okay, mine lips were a bit more reddish than hers....as for my cheeks, i just used bronzer to give colour instead of using a blush.

So here are the close up of the eye:
Eyes Closed

Eyes Open
I only used the coastal scents 88 original palette for the eye colours
So 5 colours in general

List of Product Used:
Coastal Scent 88 Palette
Smash Box Pencil liner in Hope
False Eyelashs Sponsored By KKCenterHK in A89
Coral Crush By Maybelline Colour Sensation
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Cheeky Bronze

So ya i hope you guys like this look~~~i had alot of fun doing it~~~i probably won't wear this when im out shopping, but i'd love to wear this if it's date night with the hubby and we are going to some places that a tap bit more fancy~~~if you guys have any questions, let me know~~~i'll get back at you guys as soon as possible~~~and if you guys did a similar look, i'd love to see just post up your links down in the comment section~~~~

I thought I put another picture up, since the lighting of this one is abit different, and the purple shows up more intense

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Skincare Review - Philosophy's Hope in a Jar

Alot of you guys probably already know about this famous cream~~~i always wanted to try it, but always get scared by the price. So last year Sephora had a promotion of the 3 steps skin care routine, when you purchase Major Skin care items such as face cream, eye cream, cleanser etc, you get skin get skin care point. so by late last year, i believe it was November, I had enough skin care point that i redeem it for a small size of "Hope in a Jar". I was very excited to try the product out, however at the time i was still using other face creams, so I put away "Hope in a jar", so i can use it when i was dont with my other cream..

Here is the picture of the Product:
Simple Packaging
As you can see, I finished the whole jar

So early this year around January-ish...i finally finished my old cream, and i started to use "Hope in a Jar". Since the size is small, only 28.4g/1 oz., i finished it in about 2 months...Now I luv luv luv the consistency of the cream. It has a very liquid-ish consistency, but very easy to blend and apply to your whole face. For this particular cream, a little goes a long way, i only use about dime size every time, if the air is especially dry a nickle size. I luv the fact that it gets absorbed into the skin very quickly, like after 1 mins or so it is completely absorbed.

You might read from my older post b4, but here in Canada, out winter is very dry, and the windchill feels like knives on your skin at times. In door is warm, but because of the heat, it is always very dry. However throughout the period of time that i used this product, not day that i woke to dry and patchy skin. So as a hydrating/moisturizing cream, i think this cream deserve a A+. because it is very light, but can make my skin very soft every morning without drying patches.

As far as anti-wrinkle and reducing discolouration goes....I personally don't have wrinkles yet, because im still in my early 20s. I do have discolouration caused by acne/acne scars....I dont think it was that helpful in reducing discolouration, but i do feel that my skin feels very smooth after using cream. And as far as anti-wrinkle, I wouldn't know, because i dont have any....but maybe because i used this cream, and it is preventing wrinkles???

This product do have a scent to it. However it didn't bother me, and i actually kind of like it, it smells like natural herb-ish to me(i think the scent came from the ingredient of the product, not an added scent). Usually i steer clear of scented products because my skin is very sensitive and allergy prone, so most parfum would just irritated my skin too much. There is only one brand that has parfum in their product, but doesn't irritate my skin and it is Laneige, but I will write my story with Laneige in a separate post. So since not only "Hope in a Jar" didn't irritate my skin like the Shiseido Duo, but it did make my skin very smooth and very hydrated all winter long i give it a big thumb up~~~~

My verdict 10/10 would i repurchase this??? OF course!!!!!

Now if you are like me, and have super sensitive and allergy prone skin, I think its better the read the full ingredient list first before buy it, since you might be allergic to some of the chemicals, or natural extras. However, if you have any other type of skin, I think you are really gonna love this product, because even though it is very moisturizing, there is no excess oil. the product is 99.9% oil free, so even oily skin can use it. and the packaging, it stated that it is from all skin type. Personally I really recommend this product, because it does what it says it should, and the results are pretty fantastic.

If you guys have any questions, or if you guys wanna share your story with Hope in a jar, or any other face cream, just leave me a comment below and i'd love to hear from you guys, and i'll get back at you guys asap~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Look of the Day - Selena Gomez "Love you like a Love Song" Make up Look 1

I don't know if you guys watched the new Music Video "Love you like a Love Song" by Selena Gomez yet, but In the Video, She Changed her outfit and make up quite a few times~~~so this is the easiest and i think most wearable look from her music video. I think I'm gonna do quite a few look-a-like Post about this video, cuz i actually really like those looks~~~

So without further-ado, here is how my interpretation looks like :
I think its a very simple look
here is how she looks like:

The looks is just a thick wing-out liner, with pink pout, and faintly pink blush~~~~and voluminous lashes, I don't think you need lipgloss for this look, so i didn't put on any~~~

So here are some close up of the Eyes:
Eyes Closed
Eyes Open

here are the product that i used:
Thx you Adrienne For the Blush
If you are wondering, i bought these falsies in HK
Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black
Falsies Bought in HK
Kate Dual Karat Eyeshadow in White Shimmery 
Canmake Cream Blush in 8
Gilly Hicks Blush in Peony
MAC Amplified In Impassioned

So ya i Hope you guys have a very good weekend~~~~
and if you have any questions, or anything to say just leave me a comment~~~i'll give back to you asap~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dining In Toronto - Ajisen Ramen

Last week me and the Hubby were very hungry late afternoon on a satureday, but we didnt wanna spend too much money on food, so we went to Ajisen Ramen"s location @ Downtown Toronto Chinatown

here is the map:
Click To see large Map

Their Food is alrite, nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary. One thing i do like about it though is that, because it is a huge franchised brand, pretty much every location you go to, the taste is pretty much the same, in other words, very consistent~~~pretty much like all the big mac around the world taste the same kinda idea. This location taste the pretty much the same as the one i had when i was in HK last year. So in general i like it~~~the price is very reasonable me and the hubby had 2 ramen, 2 appetizer, plus one drink, i think it totaled about 25??? which i thought was a good deal~~~

So here are some food porn~~~lol
The Ramen
BBQ Eel that came with my order of the ramen
Hubby's BBQ Pork
My Potato patty??? i forgot the name of this, but its really good
One of the soft drinks they offer is the marble soda~~~so basically there is a marble inside the soda bottle that you have to push down to be able to drink it, but you cant take the marble out~~~its fun~~~~
Unopened one
When you Push the marble Down~~~lol its fun~~~
 OOO one otherthing i like about this place is that, the chairs are all hot pink~~~~its kinda cute actually

OOOO and their Mascot is a very cute cartoon girl~~~

 Overall, i'd give this place a solid 6/10, nothing spetacular, the food are okay, not fantastic, but still taste good~~~the price is really good, if you just want a bowl of ramen its like 6-7 dollars, so pretty cheap if you are on a budget~~~I wish the Place a bigger though, its kinda small~~~but compare with other China town restaurants, this one has a very very clean washroom which i really appreciate, cuz i hate dirty washrooms. So ya if you guys are in Toronto and want some very cheap and good ramen check this place out~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look of the Day - Garden Green

So my last post about Circle lens, I said that the purple is my least favorite~~~but since i bought it, i thought i might as well just take full use of it right??? so what looks good with purple??? the first colour that pops to my mind is green~~~so i decide to do a Garden Green Look~~~

Click to see large picture

here is the close up of the eye:
eyes Open
Eyes Closed
So in order to a compliment the purple I used mostly greens, but with a bit of purple liner on my lower lash line, i think it really matches with the eyeshadow and the purple circle lens~~~and recently ive being obsessed with falsies~~~they are just sooo convenient, and looks effortless~~~lol

i think this look would work on any eye colours...even if you have green eyes, the hint of purple will make your eyes shine~~~i mean if you have green eyes, you can try and use all purple on the lower lash line instead just use a eyeliner~~~

I think this look is great for picnic~~~or beach-side barbeque~~~

here is what i used:
Laura Geller BakedShadow in Dark Green
BourJois Shadow in Vert
Japanese Green Shadow Palette
SmashBox Dark Green Liner
Bourjois Purple Liner
Red Earth Blush 
Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick in Crush
Buxom Beauty Liploss in Celeste
A88 Sponsored By KKCenterHK
Circle Lens:
GEO Tri-Colour Purple

i was send these lashes along with the last box, qualitywise they are about the same, not bad, pretty average, again the band is a bit stiff, but nothing that bugs me too much. But even though this pair has a shorter lash, but i thought the effect it gives is pretty good~~~very dolly-look-ish~~~
The only Complain about these one is that once you start to use them, it is pretty hard to store them cuz once you cut them short to fit your lashline, they can no longer fit into the little holes on the carbord~~but other than that, its alrite~~~~

So how do you like this look???? how would you wear it??? is there anything that i could've done better??? or is there anything you would've done differently??? let me know down in the comment section

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review - GEO Circle Lens in Nudy Grey, Tri-Colour Purple and Princess Mimi Green Apple

So ya, if you guys seen me during the past few posts you'll probably noticed that i got a few more circle lens~~~this time I bought GEO nudy Grey, GEO tri-colour purple, and GEO Princess Mimi/Bambi in Green Apple

the reason why i like GEO lens is that, they have a authenticate code that you can type in on their website to ensure that you got real circle lens, because fake ones can make you blind, and thats why i like GEO, cuz i can check if i bought the real on or not~~~

I bought my lens from ShoppingHolics, and the good thing about this website is that, they offer free shipping worldwide when you purchase 50 dollars or more(which you know 3 pairs of lens covers that)~~~and i am very impressed with the shipping time, it took about 1 week and half to arrive~~~

So now on To the lens:
GEO Tri-Colour Purple
GEO Princess Mimi/Bambi in Green Apple
GEO Nudy Grey

Here is hte Pictures of Me wearing them
GEO Tri- Colour Purple
GEO Princess Mimi/Bambi in Green Apple
GEO Nudy Grey

So ya Out of the three my favorite one in terms of Comfort is the Nudy Grey, it is sooo comfortable to wear, and it looks pretty natural, but also different in a good way too~~~

My Favorite out of the Effects it gives me is the Princess Mimi/Bambie Green Apple, it has a really good enlargement effects and it is comfortable too~~~i wore it last satureday for 7 hours, and my eyes weren't feeling dry or discomfort in anyway~~~

My least favorite is the Tri-Colour Purple....i only wore it to see the effects, and i have to say i dont like the purple on me~~~like on the GEO advert, it looks alot better~~~lol but i guess if i play it around abit i might find it helpful with certain make-up looks~~~

Nudy Grey 9/10
Green Apple 9/10
Tri-Colour Purple 5/10

So ya tell me what you buys think~~~do you like them??? Or what's your favorite Circle Lens???

Disclaimer: I bought all the above with my own money, and was not paid or compensated in anyway to review them.

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Review - Make up Forever HD Foundation

So ya over the Weekend i bought the Much loved and talked about Foundation by Make up Forever~~~and it is the HD Foundation, and i have to say I am In LOVE~~~

First of all i luv the packaging, because it is a pump style bottle, so less messy~~~and the style of packaging is just simple and sleek in general

Now on to the effects, I am given the impression that pictures are worth a million word, so here are the b4 and after photos of me with the foundation

No Foundation
With Foundation
So ya I think it is sooo amazing~~~and the best part is, it matches my skin colour so so so perfectly~~~ive never said that i luv any of my other foundations, but like i said in the beginning of my post, I think ive found my forever after foundation~~~it is sooooooo awesome. The texture is very smooth, and very watery instead of being more solid compare with my other foundation. Coverage is medium to high-coverage...If you want a full coverage just apply a few more layers i guess, but it is sooo natural that even with a few layers doesnt look cake on, which i luv~~~~to be honest with you guys i have no complain for this product, only love~~~

Score: 10/10

I think this is the perfect foundation, and they've got soooo many colours for any skin tone either you are porcelain, or the dark ebony, i luv luv the range the colour they have~~~now all i need is the HD concealer and blush to complete their HD set (i have both the powder and primer)~~~

I would soooo recommend this product to every single one my readers, i know it is expensive, but i think really worth the money!!!

If you guys have any questions let me know~~~and i'd love to hear about your foundation story~~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer is Here, Get Your Hair Removing Kits Out!!! - a Veet Hair Removal Cream Review

So ya by reading the title you probably know that this post is about hair removing~~~if you are a guy i suggest you read no further...cuz...well just cuz~~~

So a while back my bestie bought a Groupon for Waxing so she ask me if you want to buy one too, so we can go 2gether, unfortunately i was otherwise occupied, so i couldnt buy it and go with her...Not wanting to miss out the hair removing bonding moment~~~i called her through out the day of her appointment, and called her right after, she is like its alrite, and not as painful as she though~~~so i thought to myself i need to get a waxing session soon, since summer was right around the corner~~~

So Again awhile back i was glancing through my local drug-mart, and i saw tons of at home waxing kit, i was tempted to buy them, until i saw the hair removal creams. after much debating i decide to go with Veet's Hair removal Cream for dry skin~~~the reason being, although i dont have dry skin, but thinking the Product is probably full of Bleach and stuff its better go with the model thats made for dry skin so it wont dry your skin out as much~~~~

so here is the product:
Sleek Packaging

So ya Now on to the "Nasty part", i have to say before hand that, i am not a hairy person, and i have my mom thank for that, she has no hair on her leg and under her arm, as much as i wish i was like that, i have hair on my leg and under my arm, however not that many....i mean I used to without shaving all summer wearing shorts and no one can tell that i have hair...however i was always afraid that people might stare at my legs and see the little hair, then think nasty thought about me...lol but ya and i usually dont even bother shave my under arm unless im wearing strappy shit/dress or tube dress/shirt...but i do wanna get it waxed~~~so if i do have that waxing experience you'll probably will hear about it on my blog here~~~lol

So ya here is my " Not so hairy" leg b4:
sorry i only took a magnify picture, but if i took a picture of my whole leg you wont see the hair...lol
thats my leg after i applied the cream
yes yes my leg is huge, lets move on from that!~~
And here is the result after 5 mins
pretty much hairless but you can still see the hair "pores", but after you apply lotion its completely gone

So my verdict? its a good product, it does what its suppose to. Now i dont like the scent, it smells like the cream when you go and do your hair colour...almost bleach like. and when i apply this to my skin, it has a slight burning-ish/warm-ish sensation, but i guess thats the bleach thats working or whatever the chemical they put into this product. Also if you do decide to buy and use this product, make sure that you leave it on no more than 6 mins as directed on the tube. Overrall, i think if you dont like waxing or you hate shaving( I HATE SHAVING SOOOOOOO MUCH), this is a good alternative, you can do this b4 you go to bed only a extra 5 mins at night or in the morning on a Saturday~~~

If you guys have any questions or wanna share your hair removing experience with me~~~just simply leave me a comment~~~~or email me if you want~~~ =P

Rating: 8/10 (minus 2 because i dont like the scent...AT all)

FYI, i bought this with my own money and am not affiliated with the company.

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A kinda failed attempted at Katy Perry's 80s Inspired Look From "Last Friday Night"

So ya i was thinking of doing the look from Katy Perry's Look from last friday night, which was very 80's inspired.

Here is how she looks like:
Click to see large pictures
So basically its Blue and Pink on Upper lids with blue on lower lashline, with glitter on both lower lashline and upper lids voluminous lashes with fin frosty lips and pinky cheeks

Here How i look
maybe its the brows???
The lighting outside was very bright, but my cheeks were alot pigmented than this, but i think i got the blue/pink shadow part right, but somehow it just doesn't look right to me~~~and i wore 2 pairs of falsies too, lol, still i just dont think it looks right...Like something is off/missing(other than the fact that she is white and im asian) maybe its my hair??? or i dont have braces???i dont know, I'd love some suggestions so I can do a 2.0 of this look~~~

anyways here is what i used:
Pop Neon Lids Palette
Blue eye palette from an Asian Site
Black Eyeliner
Crystal glitter Liner from Sephora
NYX cream Blush in Hot Pink
MAC impassioned Lipstick
MAC Super Glass in Super Flash
NYX Round Gloss in Ballerina Pink
GEO Nudy Grey
Cris-Cross one from HK

Speaking of the falsies, KKCentreHk is Kind enough to send me another 2 boxes of their lashes Im using Glamour Short Black False Lashes(A89) in this look, it is a bit short that why i used another pair then this one
here are the 2 boxes that i received:
i used the one on the left this time
Again i think the quality is not the best ive used, but they are fairly good, with the band abit stiff, but nothing too much to handle. these 2 a shorter, but good for a everyday look if you wanna pump up your lash volume a bit, quite natural actually. So i was sent ES A88 and ES A89. Again I wanna thank kkcenterhk, for sending me these Falsies.

Disclaimer: these products were sent to me for review purposes, however the opinions are my own, and 100% honest, and i receive no monetary compensation for my review. I am not affiliated with the fore mentioned company.

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.
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