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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick Post--A real Fun Photo Editing Program

So ya this program is in Chinese, but it is super fun~~~it can basically edit your photo like photoshop, except it is much easier to use~~~the program is called Meitu Photo Editor it is sooo fun~~~I googled it, and i guess there are english version too~~~

Here are some pictures that i just made~~~

B4 and after....i dont even look like me anymore...lol I guess thats the point..
You can make GIF animation too

So ya i thought Id share this with you guys~~~cuz its really fun~~~whenever i see girls with super edited pcitures, im not saying that inm jealous, but i like to edit my picture enough so that not every single imperfection is showing~~~call me whatever you want, but this type of photo editing is fun~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


JC! :) said...

that is so cute lol!

ThisIsAlx said...

this is sooo coool!!! and very interesting!! i can ditch the pmall sticker picturess lol!!
thanks for the comment.. i like the side swept bangs with the bun too!! specially for summer today was soo HOT!! 30degree feeling liek 40 =O!

Vinita Jayant said...

I guess this is how all the actresses look that way in mags and diff on screen!

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Anouk said...

That looks so cool. :)
I'm going to google that program for shure!

Chococcuro said...

These edits look pro!! Now I'm thinking to myself 'so that's how they do that!!' haha. I usually find just tweaking the lighting and colours of my FAW format photos is enough to make my photos look so much better :)

Elle said...

I would love to learn how to edit photos, but the the programs are usually expensive and I don't feel like dishing out the money to get it.

Oh my Dior! said...

lovely pictures!!

I love them!!


Vintage Makeup said...

How cool!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

well girl, you look amazing without the editing, but i know it is fun!

Wynn said...

That's awesome! If you ever see pix on my blog with my head outside the frame, it's because I needed editing... Or cropping! HAHAHAH! I'm need to find a Photoshop tutorial! Thanks for sharing! xox


kaizokumousy said...

aww thank you so much for sharing it look so cute!:D

Fi said...

That is such a cool program o__o
I can't ever fathom getting those kind of photo editing results with photoshop.

Haze said...

What a cool program. It makes you look more asian if that makes sense.


sugar sugar said...

aww that's so cute! :3 too bad i can't understand chinese haha! this is such a cool program!

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