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Friday, May 27, 2011

Dining In Toronto --- Seoul Restaurant in DT Korean Town

Now, Since it was a long weekend the past weekend here in Canada or Toronto where i am from technically, I thought I go to one of my favorite restaurant in Toronto. Now When i was there last Saturday, I took pictures of the food, but i forgot to take picture of the place itself, so i end up suing Google Map for the picture.

So this place is called " Seoul Restaurant", it is located in the heart of the Toronto's Korean Town, b/w Christie and Bloor.  The address is 621 Bloor St W, i think its better if you get off at Bathurst Station than Christie to get to here. 
So here is the place:
I Print Screen from Google Earth
Now Normally when im here i always order they Korean style Hotpot, which i luv sooo sooo much, but this time there, i thought i try smth else, so i end up getting cold noodles. Of course, i have to order my all time favorite dish the Seafood Pancake~~~
My Cold Noodle
My seafood Pancake was missing a slice cuz i Ate it..lol
Now I luv luv luv this restaurant, ive going there ever since i was a freshman at Uni~~~and i finished uni 2 years ago, so you guys count the years...lol but dont guess my age, cuz i wont admit it~~~lol...But I thought i'd share this favorite of my with all my readers, especially if you live in t he GTA, if you havent being there b4, you totally should, their price is very reasonable, there is no line-up (mostly i think cuz this place is not as well known as say Ka Chi another korean restaurant in toronto, but is a chain restaurant), and the staff there is very nice. In terms of the quality of the food, now this is NOT the best korean restaurant in Toronto, however what keeps me going back after all these years is that, their food is really good, very authentic in my opinion of course I'm not Korean, but i rmbr going there in my first year, and everyone that eats there are korean people, and the server hardly spoke english at all, but through-out the years i think they hired better servers that spoke English, but back to my point, if a restaurant that has a almost full house full of its native people, in my opinion thats a good restaurant.

Anywho~~~I thought you guys would luv to know a great place to eat in Toronto, whether you are a Torontonian or planning to visit Toronto some-time in the future, i think this is one of the places that you can't miss~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


JC! :) said...

omg that looks so delicious. i love finding amazing restaurants.

prettyinpink said...

I'm half korean so I KNOW korean food and this stuff looked so good I had to call my mom to ask her to make me some!! LOL! If I'm ever in Toronto I'll have to try this out. =)

Oh my Dior! said...

I haven't been in toronto hope i can get there soon!


HitomiNeko said...

that seafood pancake look so yummy~ one of my fav korean food!

* I think i agree too~ we do kinda let pretty ppl get away with things~ haha.

xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

Taehreh said...

I'll be in Toronto in July, thanks for the restaurant tip!

Vintage Makeup said...

It looks great! (though I don't eat fish) Thanks for sharing :)

Fashion Is Passion by Poison said...

I love Korean food. Pancake, kimchi, spicy hotpot,bibimbap!


mirjam schuurkamp! said...

hmm looks soo good!:)

NEW outfit post;

Nivedita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nivedita said...

the food looks so yummy!!
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fashionwise said...

hmmm... makes me hungry :-)

have you seen my new post ?

minnja said...

Wow, yummy :)))

LOVE minnja


Beautychokes said...

Hmm this looks yummy, I really like Korean food althought I'm not Korean & I might be going to Toronto soon so I might check this place out:)

cajunlicious said...

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- Jessica @ http://cajunlicious.com

petitechouxx said...

sooo delicious =D

Nolitoshy said...

that looks so good!!!

btw, awesome blog! I'm a new follower!



Nice Photos. Looks very nice! ITS SO YUMMMMMMY! AWESOME BLOG.

ThisIsAlx said...

I am soo hungryyyy right now =[ I don't know why im always on blogger when im hungry and it happens that at least one of the bloggers i follow blogs about fooood!! omg soo tempting!!!!!! i was gonna go korean after class at this yummy place tooo but didn't sooo sadT_T...btw i totally thought u were gonna end the photo caption of the missing slice like this LOL "...missing a slice because the server ate it! wats up with that?!?!" LOL i really thought they ate it hahah

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