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Saturday, May 28, 2011

OMG I Actually won smomething~~~and my blogger isn't working properly

Hi guys, So ya i have a great news~~~ I WON Adrienne from Flouncy Skirt's giveaway~~~OMG im sooo excited, cuz we dont have Gilly Hicks Here in Canada, so OMG im sooo excited to try their stuff~~~

BTW if you guys havent check out Adrienne b4, you defintely should, she does one of the best nail art post ive seen, they are always sooo pretty and gorgeous~~~OMG Im soo happy, once i get the prizes in the mail im gonna share it with all of you guys~~~right now I'm just Very happy that i Won~~~

Oh ya one more thing, i dont know if you guys notice it yet, but my blog is not working properly for the past few days, to be exact, i dont know about you guys, but i cant see my follower at all, not on the blog nor on my dashboard, ive contacted google, but so far nothing....so im little pissed off~~~i hope they fix the problem soon, and if you guys any have tips and wtnots, let me know~~~~

Im gonna update more in the next few days, but for now im just gonna enjoy my weekend~~~~and i hope y'all do the same~~~stay happy my beautiful readers~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.


ThisIsAlx said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I entered for this giveaway too specially for the Gilly Hicks products!!!..
I'm soo glad you won even though i didnt.. YAY!!..and yess i agreee!! her recent nail post looks amazing!!s2!!! ^^

ohh btwww.. I cant see my followers either>< its soo annoying!!! I hope Blogger fixes it QUICK ><

breakingrumours said...

Congratulations Jessy :D

Vintage Makeup said...

Congrats, they look like great prizes!

Ayu~Emma said...

Congrats ^^

ThisIsAlx said...

sadly, other people can't see it either!! because i was going to follow this blogger and I couldn't see the "follow" button nor her followers and stuff =[ so I had to click on the "follow" button on top left of the page..

Mandy said...

Yeah the follower thing is broken and Blogger is tryign to fix it but at a really really slow rate! i can see your followers on your blog but i can't see my own so that's kinda weird hey :p

congrats on winning a giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win! I’ll go check out some pretty nail art photos from Adrienne after this.

I’m having the same problem too! I can’t see my followers. Worse still, I can’t comment on all blogger blogs except for mine. I had to keep logging in and posting only to be brought back to the log in page again. I tried posting as anonymous too but it led me back to the log in page. I thought it’s because of where I am. I’m in Brunei now but it seems like the follower setting is affecting everyone? Do you experience being unable to comment during these few days too?


Anonymous said...

Oh great! My anon comment was published on your blog! yay! =)


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes! My anon comment was published. I love your blog! xoxo


De Frozen said...

congratulation girl :)

Chococcuro said...

Woww congratulations!!! You have to be in it to win it I guess :)

I thought I followed you before but I didn't - no wonder I never got any updates from your blog!! hehe

G A B Y said...

Congrats on winning!!

Peg said...

Congrats on winning they look like really nice products, cannot wait to read about them.

Beautychokes said...

Congratulations!!! you must be really excited.
The prizes look lovely:)<3

Yami said...

Congrats :D

stacey.mh.li said...

Congratulations on your win!! I'm so happy for you:D Their products look lovely, and you should totally do a review :)
Ooooh and maybe I should go check out Adrienne's blog, I feel like my nails have been plain and boring and naked lately.
Again, congrats :D xxx

✪♜I.B.G.♜✪ said...

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sugar sugar said...

congrats on winning dear! yay!!! =)

and yes, blogger seems to be pretty messed up lately. :(

PopBlush said...

Ohh~~~ Congrats beautiful!! xo

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