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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Post - Camwhoring~~~lol

Cuz Today is sooo nice out, i decided to do a smokey eye with a false eyelashes~~~~

This is just my old smokey eye with falsies~~~lol
So ya I am a total camwhore if you guys haven't noticed~~~lol have fun and enjoy your day~~~
if you wanna know how to do this look check out my old post @ http://threenothing.blogspot.com/2011/03/so-new-tutorial-simple-smokey-eye.html

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Quick Post - Viral Video Nyan Cat

Ive listening to the Nyan Cat song non-stop for the past 20 mins...i know im big nerd...but i find it catchy and cute~~~~probably because im a huge cat lover~~~ohhh i still havent show you guys my cat yet... i will do it soon,  in the meantime lets enjoy some internet cute cat "meow music"~~~lol

I'd show you guys how i dance in my chair to the the song, but i think i'll just end up looking like Chandler from "friends" When he is dancing~~~basically making a complete fool out myself, but hey im at the comfort of my own room with no one watching, so i guess i can dance silly to wtever i want~~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Circle Lens Review - Diamond Pink

So ya a few post ago i did a review of a pair of circle lens, Since then im like seriously hook on the idea of it~~~so i wen ahead bought a few more pairs from different sellers on the internet~~~So this one just came to my door a while back~~~
Pink lense
Well i dont know what Brand they are, but they came in in the G&G packaging, so i assume thats the brand, because on the website it says manufacture: Others...lol. Rmbr i said my eyes look dead-ish after wearing the GEO magic Black lens? well i thought this one is gonna be worse than that, surprisingly, i like the look of this one better...even my mom agree with me~~~we think is because the rim has colour variation of pink and black and it is patterned, it looks alot better~~~

One eye with Lense
Both with Lense, with Flash its kinda Alien-ish
With Make up in Room Lighting
 So what do i think of these ones??? they are good, i think they are more comfortable than the GEO magic black..lol, but the enlargement effect is definitely better than the GEO one. This one looks super pretty with make up on~~~and I think with Flash it looks alien-ish, but in natural lighting, the pink is not as noticeable as you think, so i really like them~~~oh ya i 4got to say that their Diameter is 14.5 as stated on the bottle~~~

Comfort: 9/10
Colour: 8/10
Enlargement: 10/10
Overall Score 9/10

So ya i really like these ones~~~~and if you guys have any questions let me know down in the comment section, i'll get back to you as soon as i can.

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

OMG I Actually won smomething~~~and my blogger isn't working properly

Hi guys, So ya i have a great news~~~ I WON Adrienne from Flouncy Skirt's giveaway~~~OMG im sooo excited, cuz we dont have Gilly Hicks Here in Canada, so OMG im sooo excited to try their stuff~~~

BTW if you guys havent check out Adrienne b4, you defintely should, she does one of the best nail art post ive seen, they are always sooo pretty and gorgeous~~~OMG Im soo happy, once i get the prizes in the mail im gonna share it with all of you guys~~~right now I'm just Very happy that i Won~~~

Oh ya one more thing, i dont know if you guys notice it yet, but my blog is not working properly for the past few days, to be exact, i dont know about you guys, but i cant see my follower at all, not on the blog nor on my dashboard, ive contacted google, but so far nothing....so im little pissed off~~~i hope they fix the problem soon, and if you guys any have tips and wtnots, let me know~~~~

Im gonna update more in the next few days, but for now im just gonna enjoy my weekend~~~~and i hope y'all do the same~~~stay happy my beautiful readers~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dining In Toronto --- Seoul Restaurant in DT Korean Town

Now, Since it was a long weekend the past weekend here in Canada or Toronto where i am from technically, I thought I go to one of my favorite restaurant in Toronto. Now When i was there last Saturday, I took pictures of the food, but i forgot to take picture of the place itself, so i end up suing Google Map for the picture.

So this place is called " Seoul Restaurant", it is located in the heart of the Toronto's Korean Town, b/w Christie and Bloor.  The address is 621 Bloor St W, i think its better if you get off at Bathurst Station than Christie to get to here. 
So here is the place:
I Print Screen from Google Earth
Now Normally when im here i always order they Korean style Hotpot, which i luv sooo sooo much, but this time there, i thought i try smth else, so i end up getting cold noodles. Of course, i have to order my all time favorite dish the Seafood Pancake~~~
My Cold Noodle
My seafood Pancake was missing a slice cuz i Ate it..lol
Now I luv luv luv this restaurant, ive going there ever since i was a freshman at Uni~~~and i finished uni 2 years ago, so you guys count the years...lol but dont guess my age, cuz i wont admit it~~~lol...But I thought i'd share this favorite of my with all my readers, especially if you live in t he GTA, if you havent being there b4, you totally should, their price is very reasonable, there is no line-up (mostly i think cuz this place is not as well known as say Ka Chi another korean restaurant in toronto, but is a chain restaurant), and the staff there is very nice. In terms of the quality of the food, now this is NOT the best korean restaurant in Toronto, however what keeps me going back after all these years is that, their food is really good, very authentic in my opinion of course I'm not Korean, but i rmbr going there in my first year, and everyone that eats there are korean people, and the server hardly spoke english at all, but through-out the years i think they hired better servers that spoke English, but back to my point, if a restaurant that has a almost full house full of its native people, in my opinion thats a good restaurant.

Anywho~~~I thought you guys would luv to know a great place to eat in Toronto, whether you are a Torontonian or planning to visit Toronto some-time in the future, i think this is one of the places that you can't miss~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick Post---False Lash Review (Sponsored by KKCentre HK)

So awhile back KKCentre HK contacted me to see if I would review their items, and I was like okay why not, so i decided to go for their false eyelashes. I got the Style Number A500, it is the box with 10 different style of false lashes.

Here's what they looks like.
I end up Using the 6th one from the top, cuz while it is criss/crossed, it is very natural looking, and i really like it.
So here is the look
I thought the quality of the false lashes are good, they are synthetic fibre, so its better to go for the more natural and subtle looking ones than t he overly dramatics ones in my opinion.

Shipping took about 10 working days, so 2 weeks, which i thought its not bad, cuz the company is based in HK, which is across the ocean from Canada, and the Canadian postal service tends to be very slow if you are a fellow Canadian you know what i am talking about.

So ya id say these lashes are good, not spectacularly wonderful, but they are pretty decent, and for 8 dollars for a box of 10, i thought its a good deal. Shipping price wise, the cheapest for shipped to canada is 3.05 dollar for a small parcel, 5.17 for register mail. I think they used the smaller parcel option for my lashes, but it arrived pretty quickly. for the register air mail you get a tracking number. Overall, i think the shipping price is pretty reasonable, of course the more boxes you buy the better the shipping is...

So ya here is my little quick review of the KKCentre HK false lashes, personally I like them, i think they are decent quality.

Disclaimer: these products were sent to me for review purposes, however the opinions are my own, and 100% honest, and i receive no monetary compensation for my review. I am not affiliated with the fore mentioned company.

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Post -------Nail Polish Swatch + OPI Shatter Finally!!!

Hey how was your guys' (for those of you who are Canadians) Long weekend??? I had a blast, it was none stop fun from shopping, eating great and not so great good, and hang out with my bestie~~~

So today's post is nail polish. Since my nails are alot longer now, i started to wear nail polish. I luv luv luv blues in the summer, so went ahead an bought 2 blues, and 3 shatters (the blue one, the black one and the Silver one)

Ive being meaning to get the shatter nail polish for the longest time, but they were all sold out, so while i was out and I saw them i was like OMG i have to have it~~~
OPI No Room for the Blues and Essie Borrowed and Blue and Silver Shatter
The Black and Blue Shatter
here is the Swatches:
Essie' and OPI blue swatch
The blue shatter and the Black Shatter
I didn't swatch the Silver Shatter because i thought it wouldn't look good with blues...lol but i'll be sure to wear it say if im wearing like a purple maybe???? what do you guys think goes better with the Silver shatter.

Si i hope you guys Enjoy my little Quick Post, and i hope all you guys have a great week, and kicked the Monday blues in the Bum!!!!!

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quick Post----Sweet Cupcakes

So if you guys rmbr, i was at Cincinnati last month, thought i didn't buy anything there, I did find a interesting shop that sells cupcakes
So ya its called Abby Girl Sweets CupCakery, and omg their shop is like right in the downtown Cincinnati, and i luv luv luv the outside the shop cuz its sooo pink and girly
this is their Window
Close up of the CupCake Tower
So ya They have great cupcakes~~~~they were sooo yum...and so pretty-ly done i bought half a dozen, but only manage to take picture of three, cuz me and the hubby swallowed them too quickly b4 i rmbr that i didnt take picture of them yet~~~~lol
So ya there is 3 that i managed to snap a picture b4 me and him ate them
S ya here is my quick post~~~i am off to enjoy my long weekend with friends and the hubby and my parents~~~so i wont be updating until probably Tuesday or Wednesday~~~so those of you that are from Canada, enjoy your Victoria Day long weekend~~~and to those of you that are from other Parts of the world, i hope you have a great weekend too~~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mini Benefit tints Swatches

So the funny and beautiful Miss PopBlush wanted to see the swatches ofthe Mini benefit-tints that i got from my last haul post.  So without further ado here are the pictures:
here is the Packaging
Swatches Wet room lighting
Swatches Wet with Flashes
Blended and dried Swatches
Well, both bene-tint and the posie-tint you can use as a blusher or lip-tint, but i like the posie -tint better on my lips since its more subtle, but both are a bit drying, and Bene-tint is a bit hard to remove. High beam on the other hand i luv, it has a very nice and shimmery effects that are perfects for highlighting. But with the Highbeam, you dont want to too much product, a little goes a long way for this one~~~

Overall i am very satisfied with this purcahse, i mean for 20 dollars i got all three im pretty happy, and i dont really use up all my make up that fast(cuz i have too much lol), so these minis are great sizes for me...
I think they are 9/10 for me, not perfect cuz the tints are bit drying and bene-tint are a bit hard to remove~~~but ya other than that i think they are great product. and i hope this post is helpful to those you guys who want to try their products~~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Circle Lense review GEO MAGIC BLACK

So here i am at 1:30 in in the morning writing a new post...lol i guess insomnia has its benefits at times...lol.

So ya for a while now ive being interested with circle lense, now the one that im about to review on aren't my first pair, the first pair i got was from a while ago, they were brown ones, but they were so uncomfortable i end up not wearing them and throw them out after...

So this one i got is my second pair, They are the GEO Magic Black the Diameter on the description of the plastic bottles says its 14.0mm. They are authentic, thats what i like about GEO the brand, you can check their authenticity by typing the code given with the lense to ensure they are not counterfeit...

Anyways without further ado here are the pcitures:

No Lense

With Lens
With Lens with Make-up

So my Verdict??? They are okay, i had problem with the comfort level when i just got them, but a day later after being soaked into the right solution, and after my eyes are adjusted to wearing them, they are okay. You guys do have to keep in mind, that ive never wore any type of circle lens b4, as i said, the first pair that i got was so uncomfortable that i wore them twice, and both occasions under an hour, and i threw them out after. So compare with those ones they are okay, i wore them for about 5 hours, and my eye didnt feel dry or anything, but again because i never wore lens b4, i can still feel that im wearing them, which dont bug me as much as i thought they might...
So for comfort im give it 6 to 7-ish out of 10

Now for the enlargement effects: I do like how it makes me eyes, well the iris anyway, looks bigger, and i have to say it looks great when i took picture with make up on...however because iv never wore them b4, i dont know where to look when i took pictures, and my eyes seem like they are dead...i mean they look big and all, but some what fake-ish...which you know, is smth that im not surprised about, i have frds who wore these daily...but i guess the same goes for everything i just have to get use to it~~~
So for enlargment effects and "its looks" Im giving it 8/10.

So i hope you guys like my review, and i actually want to get more of these lens in the future,cuz i think they are great for pictures, and are just generally fun to play with...

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Very belated Haul,

So ya i know i havent updated in like a week, but i have a good reason. first of all, i was gonna update last week but then Blogger went down for like 2 days, and then by hubby came back from his work trip and i havent seen him for like 2 weeks, so we spend some much needed quality time together, and the past weekend was also my mom's birthday so we went to red lobster, so yum~~~and ya thats why i havent updated in like a whole week.

Nevertheless i am back~~~lol with a much belated haul from a while back, i took the picture when i fist bought them, but never put them up because i was doing other posts~~~lol so ya here is my belated haul~~

I finally got the Benefit trio from Sephora, cuz i was really interested in them, especially the Posie-tint. I also got a few Anna Sui stuff, i did swatch the products, but the colours are so sheer that they dont show up on pictures at all. the purple cream base is very shimmery, and the SA told me that it also has anti crease ingredients, so we can use it in confident. the lipstick is a very sheer coral colour as well. I also bought a black nail polish, it is my first one and i am already in luv with it, the colour is soooo nice and it applies so smoothly. if you guys really want to see the swatches i'll do a video cuz i think thats probably better for swatches, it might show up better. I got a smaller lush Charity pot for 5 dollars, but all the profits goes to the Japan Earthquake release fund, so i thought why not~~~and i got a huge face/body powder brush from Forever 21, it is sooo soft, i think it will be great for swiping some body glitter in the summer~~~i think i can be very fun~~~
So ya this is my quick belated haul post, and if you guys want me to do a swatch, i'll make a video in the next few days~~~~
in the mean time stay beautiful~~~

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Monday, May 9, 2011


For a while now, ive being dying to do a red lip look, but i always had problem with what kind of make up should i wear with red lips. smokey eye? cat eye? very minimal? So i was googling pictures for inspirations, until i came across this picture:
For those of you who don't know who she is, her name is Fan BingBing, she is a Chinese actress. So ya I came across this picture of hers, that she is wearing red lipstick, with minimal eyeshadow, but thick and dark black eyeliner, and i though it looks nice on her, so I decide to try it out.
So here is the final look:
I thought i did an Okay job, i thicken my brows a bit, i did a very obvious cat eye using a gel-liner. Barely there cheeks, with dark brown and Dark Maroon eyeshadow the brown has a Satin finish, but the Maroon is matte finish. I didn't use lip-gloss, since i dont think it is necessary in this case, because the lipstick has enough shine imo.
here is the close up of the eye:

So ya i thought this look is actually wearable if you wanna dress up a bit during your daily make up routine...i mean if you are a minimalist, you can wear your daily browns with a thicker brow and a thicker cat eye-ish eyeliner, with red lips. now for daily wear, id recommend a softer and more sheer red than a intense one that way you are drawing attention to your lips, without being overly dramatic.
here are the products that i used:
Maybelline Gel Liner in Black
E.L.F one Dollar Quads in Matt Mauve
Mascara By Maybelline Colossal Volume express in Black (not Shown)
Sephora Brand Nano liner in White( not shown, but its matte no shimmer)
MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon
Annabelle Lipliner in Cherry
NYC Lipstick in Retro Red

So tell me what you Guys think my look? do you like it??? is there anything i should've done better??? let me know~~
Hehe More camwhoring~~~lol

In the mean time i wish everyone a good week

As always with Lotsa Luv and XOXO.J.

Friday, May 6, 2011

OMG My first Blogger award~~~and 7 things about Jessy

So the gorgeous Shazreeyana Shukri from http://shazreeyanashukri.blogspot.com/ has given me a Versatile Blogger Award, Thx you sooo much hun~~~it is the first time that im doing these awards/tag thingy, and i think it might be fun, you know cuz you guys can get me know me better..

So here is the rules:
1> Thank the person who give you the award, and link back at them
2> Tell us 7 things about yourself...
3> nominate 15 recently discovered Blogger for this award.
4> Contact these bloggers and tell them they received the award.

So 7 things about me:
1> I guess you can say that I'm not your typical girly girl, i mean i luv pink and frills, but I have an undying passion for action/horror/sci-fi films....My favorite genre of Film is Zombie/infected as some of you proably know...there is smth about a zombie apocalypse that seems well for the lack of better words fun to me...i mean in my spare time, me and the hubby often strategist our zombie survival skill....too nerdy??? i guess a wee bit, i mean if you bring me to a movie that is full of gore and nasty stuff, its like heavens to me~~~

2> Well i guess this one is probably a no Brainer, but i have an unhealthy passion( according to the hubby anyway) for cosmetics/fashion...in the sense that i keep buying stuff, but i dont throw them out, and it is very hard for me to use up all my products (make up anyway), because i have too many...i guess self control should be the word here...but oh well ,shoulda, woulda, coulda....

3> I am a big time Gamer...again my inner nerdiness comes out and play all the time...My favorite online game? Diablo 2. Hello!!!!! it is like the greatest game ever made...well to me anyway, and i am so excited that Diablo 3 is coming out later this year/early next year...I luv video games, i mean me and the hubby we have a PS2, PS3, Wii, and now the new DSi, ya i guess you can say that at my house its GAME NATION. the really funny thing is, Can you blv i am the gamer at my house? the Hubby can care less about games, he is more into his own stuff, but me i guess this is smth i wont be growing out of soon...

4> This is proabably shock to you, but i dont like to wear pants. EW, not the freaky exhibitionist/flasher type...let me explain...I have very short legs, but im wider around my waist and my bum, so evry time i buy a new pair of pants in general, they NEVER, EVER, EVER fits right....I especially hate jeans, I know how can that be right? well if you were me, and you can never find a good pair of jeans that fits right, trust me after all these years, you'd start hating them too...so i prefer skirt and dress over pants any single day.

5> I have an unhealthy addiction to MacDonald's .....i think this is the worst...i mean their stuff is sooooo bad, but taste soooo good....i simply dont have the self-control to resist MacDonald's....

6>Oh ya most of you guys might not know this, I actually have 2 lovely cats...one is called Tinky, the other one Cici...Cici is a black long hair cat i got from the Toronto Humane society, Tinky is a mixed short hair i got from a friend, since he is going back to HK permanently, and not coming back, so me and the hubby end up taking care of her....I think in the future i will post up pictures of my cat...

7> Last one yeah...i was getting out of ideas....lets, one more thing about me....hm....i cant think of any....oy vey...oooo here is one,  I AM THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, AND YOU ALL HAVE TO LISTEN TO MY COMMANDS.....lol no not really, but i do have a good sense of humor..i luv a good laugh, thats probably why i luv south park, American dad, and the big bang theory so much...i luv having humor in my life, and the hubby can always make me laugh. and frankly i can take jokes pretty well....i mean every time i try to be funny, my frds think im being stupid, but every time when im not trying to be funny, they think im hilarious....i guess you can say that I am accidentally funny...lol

So ya there you have it, 7 random things about me...i hope this can give you guys a better scope of what kinda person i am~~~

So i nominate:
1Mfashion Awsome fashion blogger
2DeyiMizu She is so sweet, and her blog is sooo cute
3Jules from Jule's Makeup style She is sooo funny, and her blog is full of great reviews and tutorials
4TheLipJunkie she has great swatches, and i luv her look of the day posts.
5Lisa from Cocobella Ballerina She has a great sense of style, and i luv her post about foods ^_^
6Amy from Daydream Amy She is sooo cute, and does great make-up/Fashion posts
7Popblush, i luv her swatches, and she is really funny.

So i hope you guys enjoy this little get to know me better post~~

AND remember to enter my giveaway if you haven't!!!

And as always with lotsa luv and XOXO. J.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Haul and Swatches From M.A.C

So i went to a M.A.C. Last week, and i picked up a few items from them, not much, still i picked up a few..
So here is wt i got:
M.A.C Lipstick In: Impassioned
M.A.C Beauty Powder in Light SunShine
M.A.C Plush Glass in Fashion Fanatic

Out of their Quite Cute Collection, i swear the Lipgloss is the only thing i wanna buy, i mean i like their Marketing graphics more than I like their products is that makes any sense...lol

The beauty Powder is more of a high lighter than a blush IMO, i mean currently my favorite is Paul and Joe's Face Colour Powder in 19, but I've being trying to find a substitute, mainly because Paul and Joe is not widely sold in Toronto, and the places that do sell their product, well lets just say it is way over priced for me to buy...So ya this one is decent, very sheer with light shimmer that are perfect for my cheekbone and brow bone~~~Oh this beauty powder is also part of their fashion flower collection i believe..

The Impassioned Lipstick, is smth that i was very interested in since if you guys read my post on Hot pink lipstick (http://threenothing.blogspot.com/2011/03/quick-lippie-blog.html), alot of the reader comments told me to get impassioned, and when i was at the airport on my vacay, i was gonna buy it there, but the duty free counter doesn't have the full-line i guess, so it wasnt sold there...and when i was at the M.A.C. counter last week, i thought i just pick it up, since many people recommend it.

Here is the Swatch of the Lippies, i did do a swatch of the Beauty Powder since its just a high-lighter, and there isnt really any colour to be picked up by the camera..
 I hate how my camera picked up Hot pink in a reddish colour...
Oh ya as a reminder, if you havent enter my giveaway, you still can it doesnt end 'till early next month.
the Link is below~~~

and as always with lotsa luv and XOXO. J.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SALES on NYX products!!!!!! Woohoo

OMG you guys Cherry Culture is having a HUGE 50% Sale on NYX stuff, well most of their stuff anyway, i bought a whole bunch (including those cream blushes iv being dying to try out). So ya i ordered a whole bunch of stuff....lol, damn you my shopping addiction. >BAD jessy BAD<

So ya I thought i'd share this, cuz you know sharing good deals is wt we online bloggers do, why spend more when you can spend less right? of course not spending is better, but so far i still need too many self-control class to actually accomplish that...lol, oh well.... =P

It will only Last till May 8th,  OMG, so if there are some Nyx stuff that you want, but didnt buy cuz it was kinda expensive now is the time~~~

Oh ya one more thing REMEMBER i'm still hosting my first giveaway, so please go check it out, and enter if you haven't~~~~

as always with Lotsa luv and XOXO. J. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

GIVEAWAY from ME, my way of thank all my Follower (Stuff from Too faced, UD, Lush ect) Ended

So for the past the week I've being thinking about doing a giveaway since i reach 100 followers, but i dont know wt i should get for the prizes, but after a whole day at the Mall the other day, i finally got everything done and ready

Here is the Picture of the all the goodies~~~
As requested by pretty much all of comment of my question post, i will be giving out prizes to 2 lucky followers.
So how are the prizes gonna be divided?
well one will recieve:
1 x butterball bath bomb
1 x BBW lotion in Pear
1 x Too faced Glamour to go Palette
1 x Lipsmacker in Watermelon
1 x Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Fashion Icon

The other Winner will recieve:
1 x Mar bar Bubble bar
1 x BBW Lotion in Passion Fruits
1 x UD Make-up Setting spray
1 x Sephora Flashyliner waterproof in Deep Black
1 x Rimmel Lipstick in Nostalgia
1 x Anna Sui Tote

The reason i give the tote to one winner than the other is because i feel that the glamour to go has alot to offer, while the other prize needs a bit extra so the tote goes to the 2nd winner. I hope everyone is okay with it, and in terms of value both prizes are roughly the same.

I Spend over 80 Dollars on these prizes, out of my own pocket as way to show all you wonderful follower how much your support means to me ^_^

Now on to the Rules:
3 To enter Simply leave a comment on This blog entry with your name, and your email address so i can contact you when you win
4 If you want more chance to win, Simple share this Info using the prize picture on your blog that give you one more entry (also link me your blog entry about the giveaway so i know).
5 if you put my giveaway in a side bar on your blog using my giveaway picture that give you one more count (again give me your link to your blog so i know)
6 Oh ya if you are under 16 please ask your parents if it is okay for me to send prizes to you

The giveaway ends at June 10th at 11:00pm

And i think thats about it for the rules, if you have any Question Please let me know okay~~~

as Always with Lotsa love and XOXO. J.

Just a reminder!!! Early entry ends tonite at 11:00 EST

So ya just a reminder that the early entry(ie answer a quick question) to my giveaway ends tontie at 11:00pm est, so if you havent done it yet, do it!!!! lol...

i nthe mean time i have have errand to run today, so i wont be doing some update till later tonite, but in the mean time have fun and enjoy your day, and cheer up, i know its monday and we all hate monday(i assumed), but hey it will be over b4 you know it, so everyone keep up all your good work and try it monday as much as you can okay~~~ =)

Some funny pictures always cheer me up, i hope this can lighten your day :P

                   as always with lotsa luv and XOXO. J.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tummy Trouble (sad face)


Well i thought i'd share my experience with a restaruant that i dined at yesterday.
The name the the restaraunt is called Silk Road, it is located in Etobicoke, Ontario, I 4got the specific address, but it is at Horner St...

They Food they serve there are East Turkestan cuisine. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, it is used by many to describe geograpic area in china that is called the " Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region" you can get a better glance at the political and geographical info on wikipedia than me telling you. But basically their cuisine style is that of Islamic country, but with influences of chinese cuisine ( ie rice, noodle)

I myself luv luv luv luv luv luv x1000000000000000 lamb, it is my favorite type of meat, if i could eat lamb allday everyday i would. Now in china, i luv lamb kebab, its basically BBQ lamb meat thats cut into little pieces on a stick, with spices that are commonly used by Islamic people in China.

Anyways so i went to this Restaraunt, and OMG they have the best lamb kebab i had in Ages, so much better than the one you can get from Pacific mall, they are less than 2.00 each, with huge chunks of meat, and Full of flavor of the exotic spices, but withouth overpowering the the taste of the Lamb, i mean if anything the spices brings out the flavor of the lamb to the perfect degree....
So here is hte picuture of the lamb Kebab:
We also ordered a huge bowl of Cold Noddles with lamb, and there are alot of more spices on that than there were on the kebab, because i already had smth to eat earlier that day, i only had a little bit of the HUGE bowl, and i was full. But it was really really really good, id say they are oh so authentic.
Here is the picture:

The problem started when i was on the car on our way home, my stomach was in so much pain that i thought i was gonna poo poo my pants, and pretty much for the rest of the night i spend a dear amount of time having intimate relationship with my toilet, and the funny thing is that no one else in my family had any tummy trouble. Now for a while now i know that i have a weak stomach, but it wasnt alwasy like this. A few years back i got food poisoned by some bad bad bad Sushi, and ever since then, my stomach would react foods that are normally okay with me very differently, and the rate that i eat smth, and then have Dia****a significantly grow......

Anyways i guess what im trying to say is that, as much as i enjoyed the food there( i really did) i dont think i will be back anytime soon, just because i have a very weak stomach, but if im really craving those lamb, you bet i will be back, all of the pain is worth the taste to me. Call me dumb, but i hoenstly dont mind having tummy trouble once in a while if i get to have authentic lamb kebab~~~

So is there any kinda food that you guys love eating it, but your stomach hates it when you do???let me know if you had a similar experience, i thought it might be fun to share~~~
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