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Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Haul, and Fake MAC brushes on the Internet.

Now i just recieved the brushes i ordered through Ebay.

On  the item description it just says 4 piece brushes set, but i had a feeling that it was going to have MAC lables on it, and i was right. lol~~~so these brushes including the brush case has MAC lable, but no doubt that they are fakes, but im just glad that the seller didnt advertise it as REAL MAC brush set, cuz then because its so cheap other people might get suck into and buy it and thinking it is real.

This is just going to show you guys that there are alot of bad seller on the internet, and dont be fool into buying a good deal, remember, if its too good to be true it probaly is. Now i bought the brushes cuz i want a few new brushes including a stippling brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, and blush brush. all together they cost 7 dollars with shipping, so its a good deal if you just wanna buy some brushes.

As far as the quality goes, they shed obviously, but all the drama aside, they aren't bad, like its pretty decent, of course nothing compare with the real deals, but nevertheless, they are alright. I mean not all my brushes are name brand, the brushes that i used to most are either from drug store/elf / and a set i bought on ebay quite awhile ago. so compare with those, these are not that bad.

alrightly enuff with the words here are the pictures.

So tell me what you guys think? Would you buy them if you knew they are fake, but cost like 7 dollars??? I hope i dont get alot of hate for this post~~~lol.


RoxanneKay said...

ofc i'll buy i'm a shopaholic :D

Linhy said...

crazy fake mac! try http://www.benefitcosmetics.com I used to wear mac but not anymore my new obsessed for the last 7 month has been benefit its truly amazing! I think I own almost everything.

Beautychokes said...

I think I would have also bought these just because they're so cheap lol. And yes, it is really irritating when the sellers claim it's real M.A.C when it's obviously fake, but oh well. hehe:)It's actually really surprising that they aren't that bad after all:D

Codeine said...

u overthrew sweet, I'll look, greetings

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

i LOVE mac!

i have a new post
maybe you can take a look?

everyday a new post

xxx mirjam

Jo said...

I do buy fake stuff if they work fine but I won’t buy fake bags and purses which try to pass off like the real deal. Brushes, clothes, inspired bags and shoes are fine and stuff which are obviously fake and usable (and everyone knows they’re fake but won’t give a damn) are totally ok for me.
Thank you for dropping by my blog. I love to see newcomers. We use British English over here too and hence the U. =) Did you follow me using another ID? Coz I can’t find you.

Tracy said...

Hi Jessy! I reckon the Ebay seller shouldn't putting MAC on their brushes to begin with. At least it's only 7 dollars. That's a steal actually. :-)

Vintage Makeup said...

I'd buy them!

dePerta said...

it's good color actually i mean the creamy color is good
but ...so sd it's fake
i love ur beauty blog

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