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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie Review --- Insidious

So me and the Hubby decided to watch a movie last night, and wt better choice to watch at night than a horror flick right?, so tore b/w Insidious and Scre4m, we decide to watch Insidious, a choice that im glad we did. Now most of you guys proably dont know, but i am a huge Sci-fi horror geek, means that most of the movie i watch are either sci fi or horror or combination of the 2 with action or disaster. but i have to say watching horror films has being my favorite thing to do since i was very young. But i will tell you guys more about my affinity with horror flick in the future in a seperate post but today, we are gonna talk about Insidious.

Now if you haven't watched the movie, but want to watch it, beware of Spoiler up ahead!!!!

So back to Insidious, this is like your typical haunted house flick, which is one of my favorite kind, id chose a huanted house flick over a slasher film anytime of the day/year/month. The movie has build up a huge amount of the tension from the beginning, with all the screaking doors, weird noises, and the objects moving by themselves, its pretty standard for a haunted house flick.

What i like about Insidious: you get a decent amount of scare within the 1hr45mins-ish movie, especailly in the beginning, when the characters are being huanted, without knowing why this is happening to them. the Director is smart to use alot of good sound/music to build up the tension, and it scared the audience everytime. One of the scary scene to me and the hubby was when she was playing an old record and suddenly the music changes, and the mysterious figure start to dance with it, and the figure hide in the closet and get out in front of the heroine, it was quite frightening. I also like the part when the Grandmother was talking to the parents about the haunted child that suddenly the dark figure from her dream appeared right behind her son. Of course close at the end of the movie when the grandmother shows pictures of the father when he was young and the old woman start to appear in picture closer than the last one each time. All of these are just a few of the more memorable moment of scare, but through out the film, i'd say you can expect alot of good scares, its a very solid B-horror flick, its may not being one that define the the genre, but it is one thats worth watching.

What i didnt like about the film: well there were only are few problems that i have with the film. First of all, tbe plot was predictable, i mean as soon as the grandmother appeared, i knew the father must've had similar experience in the past. and by the end i knew that one of them is not gonna come back, and that it wasn't going to be a good ending. but then again, i watched too many horror film, so much that predict the ending its very easy for me to do, cuz there are only certain way that you can end a horror flick, let alone of an huanted house flick The other thing that i didnt like about the film is that the last part of the movie when they try to solve the problem and trying to get the kid back was kinda "bleh" like really mediocre, and kinda sloppy. to me a sloppy ending sometimes kills a film, because you are so caught up i bnthe story, and they give you a less than  satisfiable ending, it kinda ruins the whole films for you....So ya my problems with this film is the sloppy ending and its predictability.

Overakk, i give this movie 70%, its decent, above average, but not brilliantly done to get an A, but hey thats just my opinion.

So if you guys watched the movie already let me know if you guys like it, if you havent watch the movie, why not??? tell me i'd love to hear wt other people think about horror films~~~

as always with lots Luvs, XOXO. J.


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Im watching this tonight :) it sounds quite good, im a total horror fan too lol x

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wow the film looks awesome! :d great blog! I'm following!

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Ryan said...

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omg the pics already scaring me already hehee

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