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Thursday, April 28, 2011

First beauty Blog in Ages---FOTD post, belated haulish post

So ya, since i have alot of free time on my hand today, i thought i do a Face of the day/eye of the day post.
so here is the look:
 I think this is the the kinda look u'd wear on a night out with your friend or with your significant other, i actually wore 2 pairs of falsies, and i have to say, they look super dramatic in a good way, lol. Normally im not a huge fan of false eyelashes, mainly because i have difficulty putting them on, but ive being practicing here and there, and i have to say after a while it is alot easier to put them on than b4. Now my advise to those who are still struggling with putting on their false lashes, i say start with the type that is half, like the type that you can put only on the outer corner of your lashline,then once you are good at put on those, start wit the full length ones~~~thats what i did~~~

The lighting is kinda weird, but i think you guys will get the Idea~~~lol, so ya here are the product that i used:

I only used the eye-colours with this pallette, including the blush
E.L.F Bronzing Powder in Luminesce
M.A.C Lipstick Creamsheen in Cream N' Nude
Wet and Wild Megastick Lipgloss in 563B

Now on to the Haul, i actually bought the Tokidoki pallette awhile ago, while i meant to post it on my blog, i somehow 4got. So, as i was about to sleep last night i rembered, and thought that i'll post up the products, and i'll do a look using one of them.
so here is t he product:

I have to say i got suckered into buy this whole set, because of the packaging alone, well the colours are nice, but they are easily replaceable, but the Packaging is soooooo cute, and the skull on the tin box is removable as a magnet for i guess my refrigirator~~~,but ya i think im gonna also do a look of the day with the other 2 palette as well.

Quality wise, its decent, the eyeshadows have great pigmentation, like really pigmentated, but you still have to be careful, cuz there are fall-outs. with the Blush i say got with as easy hand, start with little product, and build on the colours,  cuz they are also pretty pigmentated. so in general, i think this is a decent product, i 4got how much i paid for it, but it wasnt terriblely cheap nor expensive, and you get 12 full size eyeshadow and 3 blush, i thought it was a good deal~~~

Well lotsa luv and XOXO. J.


Michelle said...

Omg! You look adorable with this make up! The pallete is awesome, very very cute!


DeyiMizu said...

cute look!!

Beautychokes said...

You look gorgeous! And that Tokidoki palette is so cute! I'm also a sucker for packaging haha:D
much love<3

Emily said...

You look gorgeous here!!

Amyboo said...

Oh man the Tokidoki palette looks sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeee!!!<3 You also look super pretty!

Leigh said...

i love the lip color! i am going to have to get that :)


PopBlush said...

Tokidoki palette is sooo adorable. I would have definitely caved in to get that one.
I would love to see swatches if you have time :D

I love that MAC lippie you have on. I have been obsessed with collecting nude lippies. Also, what foundation do you have on babe?

Kaleido Mind said...

loving the double lashes!!:D

PopBlush said...

Thanks for your reply babe. I think I need to get me a Laniege Snow crystal foundation! Did you get yours online?

I want a similar finish on my face for winter. I am probably a #21. You got a sexay tan! hehe

Tootsie Jean said...

love the makeup. That palette is so cute


alice san said...

OMG!! u look adore here.:)

About Nicky said...

Love Your Lashes! ;) XO


very cute look! love the lipstick

AmysBeautyWorld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AmysBeautyWorld said...

hi you look pretty, love the eye look :)

and thanks for your comment on my blog ^^ i know that i am very lucky wiht long lashes, i hear a lot of asian complain about their short lashes. xD altough they are long, but they are still straight asian lashes :( so thats why my lashcurler is my best friend haha, just joking ^_~
have a lovely day!

xox amy

myinnerchick.com said...

Thanks for popping by my blog.
My Gosh, You are gorgeous.
Love all of the makeup :) A girl can never have
enough, can she? xx

Marie said...

I like this look, soft and sexy.:D Loving the lashes too!:D

***** Marie *****

KatXoXo said...

Love it!! Are those your real eyelashes?? They look amazing!!

Brooke said...

I love this color pallet collection! And your lashes look dee-vine! I am now a follower and am glad. Your blog is awesome! Thank you for commenting on my blog! (fashionableshenanigans.blogspot.com)
I too am a member of the Lady Blogger Society:)
Thanks for the love and taking the time to notice my little corner on the internet too. I hope you become a follower:)

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