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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Giveaway!!!!! Early Info and Early entry (ENDED)

Just to Let you Guys know I will be Helding a HUGE giveaway in a fewdays, however B4 i can do that, i need some help.

Since i bought alot of prizes, i dont know if i should do 2 winner or 1 winner

1 x Lush Mar Bar bubble bar (my fav)
1 x Lush Buttleball Bathbomb (also my Fav)
1 x Lipsmacker Lipbalm in Watermelon
1 x Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in Deep Black (My fav pencil-liner)
1 x Too Face Glamour to go II Palette (One of my Fav Brand)
1 x Urban Decay all Nighter long lasting Make up Setting Spray
1 x Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick in Nostalgia
1 x Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Fashion Icon
2 x Bath and Body Work Body lotion (Pear and Passionfruit)
1 x Tote bag by Anna Sui

Everything together is worth about 88-90 Dollars

I wanna know if you guys perfer 2 Winner or 1

Btw If you reply and help me out I give you one more entry when the Giveaway starts in May 3rd (still have to Follow me to count as an early entry)

So let Me know by May 2nd so i can decide
the option gets the most vote i will do it

thx a bunch

As always Lotsa luv and XOXO. J.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Requested Swatch of Tokidoki Robbery Palette

So the wonderful miss Popblush( go check her out, i luv luv her blog they are very informative, and offers great tips and reviews)  wanted to see a full swatch of the tokidoki palettet that i used for my previous post of face of the day, so here it is: and rember to click on the pictures to get a better look.

My thoughts on them:  the eyeshadows, they offer great colour, great pigmentation. so you dont have to pack on so much colour to get great result. The blush: they are quite sheer compare with the eyeshadows, but i still say apply with an easy hand cuz its alwasy better to start with less...now all of the eyeshadow and blush are very very shimmering, so if you like matt finishes or just dont like shimmers id say stay away from them. The only problem i have with them especially the eyeshadows is that : they are quite powdery, so there are quite a bit of fall-outs, which is not smth that i like, but its not so bad that i cant live with it, so if you decide to get them rembr to tap off thje excess product well b4 you put it on your eyelids..

Overrall id say they are decent, good quality, id probaly repurchacse them again( althought im not that fond of the blushes), so i'll give them  8/10..i mean if anything just got to your local sephora counter and try them out on your hands b4 you buy them, if you like them or not

as always lotsa luv and XOXO. J.

First beauty Blog in Ages---FOTD post, belated haulish post

So ya, since i have alot of free time on my hand today, i thought i do a Face of the day/eye of the day post.
so here is the look:
 I think this is the the kinda look u'd wear on a night out with your friend or with your significant other, i actually wore 2 pairs of falsies, and i have to say, they look super dramatic in a good way, lol. Normally im not a huge fan of false eyelashes, mainly because i have difficulty putting them on, but ive being practicing here and there, and i have to say after a while it is alot easier to put them on than b4. Now my advise to those who are still struggling with putting on their false lashes, i say start with the type that is half, like the type that you can put only on the outer corner of your lashline,then once you are good at put on those, start wit the full length ones~~~thats what i did~~~

The lighting is kinda weird, but i think you guys will get the Idea~~~lol, so ya here are the product that i used:

I only used the eye-colours with this pallette, including the blush
E.L.F Bronzing Powder in Luminesce
M.A.C Lipstick Creamsheen in Cream N' Nude
Wet and Wild Megastick Lipgloss in 563B

Now on to the Haul, i actually bought the Tokidoki pallette awhile ago, while i meant to post it on my blog, i somehow 4got. So, as i was about to sleep last night i rembered, and thought that i'll post up the products, and i'll do a look using one of them.
so here is t he product:

I have to say i got suckered into buy this whole set, because of the packaging alone, well the colours are nice, but they are easily replaceable, but the Packaging is soooooo cute, and the skull on the tin box is removable as a magnet for i guess my refrigirator~~~,but ya i think im gonna also do a look of the day with the other 2 palette as well.

Quality wise, its decent, the eyeshadows have great pigmentation, like really pigmentated, but you still have to be careful, cuz there are fall-outs. with the Blush i say got with as easy hand, start with little product, and build on the colours,  cuz they are also pretty pigmentated. so in general, i think this is a decent product, i 4got how much i paid for it, but it wasnt terriblely cheap nor expensive, and you get 12 full size eyeshadow and 3 blush, i thought it was a good deal~~~

Well lotsa luv and XOXO. J.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So the reason that i've being MIA for the past few days...well i got hook on the Nintendo DS thingy. So i first DL a emulator and started playing some games, then the other day, the hubby bought me a real Nintendo DS!!!! I was thrilled~~~I got the DSi XL, i dont like the 3DS, cuz i get motion sickness easy from 3D movies, so iwant gonna stare at  a small screen for a long time w/o wanting to throw up (literally)

it is sooo kool~~~plus i got 2 games~~~and i am hooked~~~its soo much fun, of coruse the hubby was like "stop acting like a kid" and i was like "shut up"~~~lol so ya~~~but i promise more make up review/look from now on, cuz i feel like ive  being neglect that part of my blog too long now~~~lol

so here is the picture

and ive being playin pokemon, realized that i should've got white than black, cuz it offers more pokemon...Gr~~~~oh well~~~

and as always, lotsa Luv and XOXO. J.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie Review --- Insidious

So me and the Hubby decided to watch a movie last night, and wt better choice to watch at night than a horror flick right?, so tore b/w Insidious and Scre4m, we decide to watch Insidious, a choice that im glad we did. Now most of you guys proably dont know, but i am a huge Sci-fi horror geek, means that most of the movie i watch are either sci fi or horror or combination of the 2 with action or disaster. but i have to say watching horror films has being my favorite thing to do since i was very young. But i will tell you guys more about my affinity with horror flick in the future in a seperate post but today, we are gonna talk about Insidious.

Now if you haven't watched the movie, but want to watch it, beware of Spoiler up ahead!!!!

So back to Insidious, this is like your typical haunted house flick, which is one of my favorite kind, id chose a huanted house flick over a slasher film anytime of the day/year/month. The movie has build up a huge amount of the tension from the beginning, with all the screaking doors, weird noises, and the objects moving by themselves, its pretty standard for a haunted house flick.

What i like about Insidious: you get a decent amount of scare within the 1hr45mins-ish movie, especailly in the beginning, when the characters are being huanted, without knowing why this is happening to them. the Director is smart to use alot of good sound/music to build up the tension, and it scared the audience everytime. One of the scary scene to me and the hubby was when she was playing an old record and suddenly the music changes, and the mysterious figure start to dance with it, and the figure hide in the closet and get out in front of the heroine, it was quite frightening. I also like the part when the Grandmother was talking to the parents about the haunted child that suddenly the dark figure from her dream appeared right behind her son. Of course close at the end of the movie when the grandmother shows pictures of the father when he was young and the old woman start to appear in picture closer than the last one each time. All of these are just a few of the more memorable moment of scare, but through out the film, i'd say you can expect alot of good scares, its a very solid B-horror flick, its may not being one that define the the genre, but it is one thats worth watching.

What i didnt like about the film: well there were only are few problems that i have with the film. First of all, tbe plot was predictable, i mean as soon as the grandmother appeared, i knew the father must've had similar experience in the past. and by the end i knew that one of them is not gonna come back, and that it wasn't going to be a good ending. but then again, i watched too many horror film, so much that predict the ending its very easy for me to do, cuz there are only certain way that you can end a horror flick, let alone of an huanted house flick The other thing that i didnt like about the film is that the last part of the movie when they try to solve the problem and trying to get the kid back was kinda "bleh" like really mediocre, and kinda sloppy. to me a sloppy ending sometimes kills a film, because you are so caught up i bnthe story, and they give you a less than  satisfiable ending, it kinda ruins the whole films for you....So ya my problems with this film is the sloppy ending and its predictability.

Overakk, i give this movie 70%, its decent, above average, but not brilliantly done to get an A, but hey thats just my opinion.

So if you guys watched the movie already let me know if you guys like it, if you havent watch the movie, why not??? tell me i'd love to hear wt other people think about horror films~~~

as always with lots Luvs, XOXO. J.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Haul, and Fake MAC brushes on the Internet.

Now i just recieved the brushes i ordered through Ebay.

On  the item description it just says 4 piece brushes set, but i had a feeling that it was going to have MAC lables on it, and i was right. lol~~~so these brushes including the brush case has MAC lable, but no doubt that they are fakes, but im just glad that the seller didnt advertise it as REAL MAC brush set, cuz then because its so cheap other people might get suck into and buy it and thinking it is real.

This is just going to show you guys that there are alot of bad seller on the internet, and dont be fool into buying a good deal, remember, if its too good to be true it probaly is. Now i bought the brushes cuz i want a few new brushes including a stippling brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, and blush brush. all together they cost 7 dollars with shipping, so its a good deal if you just wanna buy some brushes.

As far as the quality goes, they shed obviously, but all the drama aside, they aren't bad, like its pretty decent, of course nothing compare with the real deals, but nevertheless, they are alright. I mean not all my brushes are name brand, the brushes that i used to most are either from drug store/elf / and a set i bought on ebay quite awhile ago. so compare with those, these are not that bad.

alrightly enuff with the words here are the pictures.

So tell me what you guys think? Would you buy them if you knew they are fake, but cost like 7 dollars??? I hope i dont get alot of hate for this post~~~lol.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CUBA, where do I begin...

So ya, For those of you who dont know, i went to cuba i nthe begining of the month, and my vacation is soooo awsome...I had so much fun and so many wonderful memories. So i went to Varadero with my Hubby, and it was beautiful. The beach is soooo clean, and breath taking.

Other than stayin at the resort, We went to the nation's capital----Havana. Now the architecture in Havana is very Old world, since Cuba was the last Spanish Colony, so alot of the buildings are very of old spanish architecture style. However, i have to say, i wasn't really over-whelmingly impressed. not because the city isn't beautiful, but because when i was in Macau last year, the old buildings from the portuguese colonial period is very similar to those in Havana. Nevertheless, the trip to Havana was still amazing. As part of the tour, we went the Hemingway's favorite Hotel, and ordered from his Favorite Bar of his Favorite Drink the Mojito... and i have to say, Cuban rums are great, Since me and the Hubby arent big drinkers , so we didnt buy that many bottle, and I have to say Cubans make the best Mojito and Pina Colada...

We also went to the Catammaran trip, which was a boat cruise/ride to a secluded island, snorkeling and playing with the Dohpines. I luv luv luv the Catamaran, it was sooooo much fun, just to feel the wind blow through your hair with the fresh scent of the ocean. it was an amazing experience.

Of course because of my little injury that still hurts by the way, i couldn't have fun with the dophine, or go snorkeling. but the hubby did, he said it was awsome. I took alot of Video of the hubby playing with the Dophines....
I would so go back if I ever get the chance to. Cuba is a beautiful place, full of friendly, warm, and welcome people. I would soooo recommand everyone to go. So ya if you guys get the chance to go, please dont hesitate to go.

                   Lots luv  XOXO, J.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Im back and im gone again

hey just a quick up date, im got home today like at 4:30 in the morning, but im leaving the hosue again to cincinnati and will be back on wednesday/thursday-ish~~~so i'll update yourguys my Vacay picture and stuff then okay~~~~

lots luv~~~XOXO J.
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