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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Post B4 my Vacay

So ya just a quick update, I am leaving for my vacation tmr morning, so i wont be back until april 9th, but expect tons of pictures when i get back~~~

For those of you guys who dont know, im going to a all inclusive resort in Cuba with the Hubby~~~i've being psyched about this for like the past 2 months, so im uber excited~~~

and I cant blv i got 50 Follower already in a short amount of time~~~so happy, once i reach 100 im gonna do a huge giveaway~~~but in the meantime, im off to the Beach~~~~and i'll see you guys soon~~~

Peace out

As usual~~~lots luvs and XOXO, J.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OMG So tired from Yesterday and Big haul

OMG, I was so tired yesterday!!!! Mainly cuz me and my bestie went shopping for a whole day. I left my house like at 10-ish cuz i live in the sub-urb, and i dont drive, so it takes me like 2 hour to get to the city by bus....urgh, and when i did the bestie and her BF were late, as usual, she is always late...at this point i dont even get mad any more, i simply accept it that is her flaw and im just gonna live with it~~~

but ya we went for popeye's for Lunch~~~cuz it was their tuesday special, soooo yum and sooo unhealthy..but ya the bestie and me both agree that Popeye's is way better than KFC. I think there are more Popeye's in the states than here in Canada...but when i was in HK last summer there was Popeyes overseas too, but i only saw one location at the airport.

So after our Quickie lunch, we went shopping, since i told her i wanted to see her b4 i take off for my Vacay~~~We went to H&M, and i swear we were there for like an hour, not that we tried on alot of stuff, but we weren't sure if we should buy wt we tried on, in the end, however, we both bought the items that we tried on that we love~~~

here is what i bought, and since pictures are worth more than words i'll show you guys:

So ya i bought 2 nice shirts for my Vacay, but both are great for just any summer day, the Cream top is my favorite, since the style yells out "Jessy", that's the smth by Bestie told me, since she thinks that that top is totally my style~~~ 

The blue Tunic( Its a tunic right? not long enuff to be a skirt, but longer than most tops..lol) is the one that i was hesitating about, while it looks nice on and all, and my bestie told me it's really pretty and all, but It was a bit pricy it was 35 dollars...and plus the cream top and the white short....it was total to a about 100...so i was hesitant, but end up getting it, and i have to say im glad that i did, cuz i sure dont want to return it now.

Aren't they Gorgeous

So While i was waiting for the bestie to show up with her Bf, i was walkin around young st. and i found this little shop that sells these kool vintage/retro style clothes, shoes and accesssories. To my surprises, they have Melissa and Vivien Westwood Melissa...and at like a fraction of the original price.....but unfportunately, the Vivien Westwood Melissa doesnt comes in my size, so i end up got a regular Melissa red pumps~~~they are sooo gorgeous...I felt like Dorothy, but Funkier~~lol

By the end of the day we were so tired that I didnt even walk in to Sephora and MAC..cuz i was gonan go check out the Impassione Lipstick that everyone is talking about...but oh well~~~maybe next time then~~~

Anyways as Always Lots Luvs XOXO J.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick Lippie Blog

I thought i do a quick lippie blog....

Now i luv pink, i mean i dont know any girl that doesnt, but alot of time finding that perfect pink lipstick is like trying to find a needle among countless other needles....

For me, one of the most diffifcult shade of pink to find is HOT pink, and I'm talking about in your face, magenta hard core pink. Now these kinda pink a very cold in terms of colour, very blue hue, so for me its hard to find one that fits my skin tone, and can go easily with make up look

I am Still struggling trying to find the perfetc shade of hot pink, but b4 i can reach my personal perfection, there are these 2 that  i think in the Meantime are good enough for now.

One is Kiss BY rimmel the other is Ice Pink by Gosh
This is my natural Lip colour kinda pale so color shows up well
Now i think ice Pink is more Blue tone hue than Kiss by Rimmel What do you guys think????


Ice Pink

The Finishes are also a biit Different, While Kiss has a more Satin finish, Ice Pink has a Frost/Sparkle Finish. Overrall i think Kiss is easier to wear, but Pink Ice is more fun, because the colour it self is more striking than Kiss.

Ice Pink


For Both I think the Pictures are show them the justice, cuz Both looks more warm toned than in real life, if any of you guys is interested, i think you guys can google up more swatches that might shows the true colour a lot better, maybe even check out the official website of the both.

So tell me what you guys think? Do you like them???What kinda Look you would wear with these lipsticks? Are there any hardcore, in-your-face Hot Pink lipstick that you guys would reccomand??? let me know in the Comment section~~~

in the Mean time Lots Luvs & XOXO J.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Miss EllyBellyBaybee's Giveaway

So Miss EllyBellyBaybee is doing a giveway of these gorgeous lipgloss from MSCHIC COLOUR COSMETICS. These lipsgloss comes in 11 very pretty colours, great for any occassion.

The good thing about these lippies is that they are paraben free, and hypoallergenic. They are great for those of us who has sensitive skin (ie like me) I guess this will be my blog entry to her giveaway~~~you guys should join too, cuz the lip gloss does looks amazing

here is her original post of the giveaway http://ellybellybaybee.blogspot.com/2011/03/giveaway-win-mschic-lip-kiss-lip-gloss.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Ellybellybaybee+%28Ellybellybaybee%29

These are the colours of the lipgloss~~~arent they just sooo pretty~~~

Friday, March 25, 2011

What Colour???? and yes i spell colour with an "our"

So since im leaving for my Vacay next week, im starting to think about what colour i should paint my nails....
Im thinking Blue, yellow, pink, orange,green??? of course all those colours hve to be intense but light, nth too much like navy, or deep plum....

for my toes i think im gonna go with my OPI Absolutely Alice....cuz its sparkely and blue~~~
but im not gonna do my nails till probaly next week ,cuz i dont want them to chip...but ya~~~

my bum still hurts, and i hate it~~~

                                                                                          xoxo luvs J.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So lets talk about make-up

Ah~~~make up/cosmetics, how i luv thee~~~but apart from that, the question that i find asking myself more often then not is why......why am i so beauty obessessed?

The first time that i put on make up was in grade 9 summer....it was a tube of bonnebell lipgloss...but i didnt really start wearing full face make-up untill i was in grade 12.....and by the time that i was putting on make up correctly i think i was in the 2nd and 3rd year of Uni....My question is somewhere along the line, I become the beauty obssessed person that i am today....If you ask me, I'd say i dont ever need to buy any make-up in my life ever again, since i have more than enough already, but what intrigue me is that despite my better judgement i kept on wanting more....but when I am wanting more, i kept asking myself the same question all over again, why do i need it....why do i want it? Well usually if im in a store and i start to ask myself these question i almost always end up with not purchase anything (except the few occassions that i did buy stuff against i guess you can say my better judgement, and i usually feel veyer guilty afterwards). So ya, my question is why do i keep finding myself to want stuff that i do not need .....

Aside from the clever people from marketing these products....i keep thinking that there must be something that triggers me to buy it other than product marketing directives....And lets be honest here, as much as i luv makeup and the whole nine yards, I most of the time dont like put on make up mainly because its time consuming, now thats probaly because i always end up doing a million other thigns while im doing my make up, but for someone like me, who loves make up and yet dont put on make up as much as i should since i have alot....and I still want more....the whole situation is kinda pragmatic....

Now i am not trying to reach a personal Epiphany here, but it bugs me that i dont know why....The hubby jokes that i hoardes make up, but now i wonder if it is true...I mean buy stuff that i dont alwasy use, and i tends not throw them away as much as i should.....but b4 i can reach a sudden self-realization, Im not gonna buy as much make up that i want, simply because i dont need them, ans there are better thing to do with my money than to spend it all on cosmetics...

right now at the moment, for me its all about self control...

Friday, March 11, 2011

So a new Tutorial--Simple smokey eye

So I actually shot 2 videos today, but i did do a tutorial of the smokey eye i did the other day, but the end result was rather different....i guess it was they eyeliner and the false lashes, proably the lighting, cuz the pictures i took the other day i took then at night, where as in this one i took it during day time so the lighting is better. But hoenstly it's being rainning like non stop for the past few days, and its really getting on the nerves....like first it was snowing, then its rains, its crazy weather....

This look is rather simple to do, all you need is a grey, a soft brown, and a shimmery white for highlites. Both the grey and Brown i used are matt colours, because i think for a day time appropriate look, less shimmer is a must, especailly for the office.
I Acutally really like the Wet and Wild Lipgloss that i used in this tutorial, its very easy to apply, and the colour pay off is great, and i think they are about 1.89 at wal-mart...so pretty cheap and affordable...

                                     Lots luvs Xoxo J.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Face of the day~~~Simple Smokey eye

Okay ive being MIS for about almost 2 weeks now, but  i have a good explanation... i wasnt feeling well, for the last week ,cuz it was that time of the month and i was literally lying in bed....

So today since i was bored i thought i do a face of the day....
It was actually really easy to do, and i think tmr if i can wake up early enuff, im gonna do a tutorial on it, its just a very simple easy to do smokey eye~~~

All i used  was a black eyeliner, a grey shadow and a dark brown colour shadow plus MAC in Shroom for highliting my brow~~~

I hope you guys like it~~~

Lots luv~~~XOXO   J.J.
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