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Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Post???? Wow im on a row!!! But seriously there is something i want!!!

Now, i dont have too much from Makeup for ever, only got the Mat velvet foundation and a small size of the HD powder...But as i was glancing through the Sephora website like all girls do~~~i Happend to gaze upon something so wonderful to me~~~

IT is  the Make up Forever Très Vichy Duo Eyeshadow Palette and Très Vichy Eyelashes

Now, DOnt they look just sooo darling???!!!

I've never reakkt being a huge fan of Fancy shmancy false lashes, but this one really caught my eye~~~Can u imagine wearing that pair if false lashes to a theme party or just a night out~~~it must be fun~~~I am a huge sucker for pink and ribon (wt girl isnt), So when you put both of them together, it is very hard to resist, which is the reason that im not this time, if i see this @ my local sephora...i will for sure grab it....

Now the problem is, Alot of time whatever is on the website, is not avaliable in canada just yet.... lucky americans, you guys get your first hand on everything!!!! but no jealousy here (have to keep telling myself here). So fingures crossed if we got it here~~~cuz im going Downtown tmr and gonna check out the sephora there~~~

So tell me what you guys thing of this~~~you guys like it???? let me know~~~



Rania Kelesidou said...

I love glancing at sites with beauty products too!And when the packing is so lovely,oh it's wonderful!They are so cute,you're right!


Amalia J said...

Did you get these?

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