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Thursday, February 10, 2011

2 blogs in a row? NO way.!!! But Yes WAy!!!!

So i just made another Youtube Video today, i think im gonna set a goal to make a video every other day, given the time permits me to do so~~~but i have to admit it is fun to do~~~lol

The look is actually really easy and I had fun doing it so I hope y'all like it~~~

Btw you guys like my headband???? i thought its suepr cute~~~and sparkely~~~lol i got it when i was in China in the summer~~~I like it so much that i got all three colour, but this one is the my favorite mainly cuz it stands otu more on my head than the black one or the bronzey one~~~

But ya. Somethign stupid happend, the internet bandwidth is almost used up again...as of this morning we used up 75%...lol i think thats pretty bad consider we still have like 10smth days left for this month's cycle.... oh well...less download i guess... if only i had a laptop then i can do all my internet in the mall or a coffe shop or smth~~~

So on the left are the products that i used today, and the swatch is my lipstick Rimmel Long lasting Lipstick in Crush.


Catanya said...

Great post, darling! I am loving your look and that headband! So cute!
XOXO from a new follower,

gingerSnaps said...

luv this look!cute headband..

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