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Thursday, April 15, 2010

US/Chicago + Sephora Haul Haul

So i went to Chicago for easter weekend and it was fun~~~i bought alot of stuff, cuz stuff is sooo cheap across the boarder~~~

I bought all of them from the outlet they have in chicago, and it was soo cheap like OMG cheap. especially the coach purse was only 120 after evryth defnitely a steal. I me and the hubby bought alot of stuff from wal-mart and target cuz their DVD is cheaper than Canada, also they have more titles than we do. even their drug store products were cheaper.

While i was at sephora the other day i saw the Tokidoki line, of coruse i couldnt resist buying smth from it and Kat VonD eyeshadow pots were on sale for 10 dollars each so i bought four and i used them recently and it was okay, w/ a primer on they didnt really fallout or smudge, but i thought the colour intensitly could've being better
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