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Thursday, March 18, 2010

smth funny

I'v being trying to find this clip forever its just soo funny

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mini Vacay soon plus some new Stuff

So me and the hubby were talking sometime last week, and we decided that during Eastern Weekends we are gonna take a little road trip to----------CHICAGO!!!!!! OMG I cant wait~~~its like all i think about right now, cuz hte last time we took a little trip it was the Chrismas b4 last years, we went to NIagara Falls, and it was sooo much fun we stayed at the Hilton Niagara the room had a HUGE bed and a nice hot tub~~~~lol, but it was sooo much fine cuz around the fall area there were like a little mini entertament area....the best thing wwas that i was able to spend some alone time w/ the Hubby....oooo the hubby is in the states right now, he is in Alabanma~~~some were near birnmingham...
So ya Chicagom, cant wait i wanted go to NYC, but the hubby said its too much traffic its gonna be very hard to drive arounf since we are not locals and stuff and i was like he is right~~~

and ya Sephora was having sales on Laura Geller...cuz they are not gonan sell it any more and i bought 3 eye shadows that cost me only 22 dollars altogehter after tax which was sweet deal...for those who doesnt know Laura Geller's Products are pretty much all baked eyeshadows and brozner, i luv their bronzer but it was abit on the expensive side i was hoping to get some when they go on sale, but it was all gone by the time i was there~~~the pigmentation is great, i got a dark green, a nice purple/lilac-ey and a nice dark grey-ish tuapy coulour.

I bought 2 pairs of sunglasses from winners they were only 12 dolalrs a pair, one is nicole lee the other is Alfred Sung... i mena i know Lafrd sung is known for his wedding gowns, i didnt know he made sunglasses lol,my fav is the nicole lee cuz outter rim is a nice electric blue and its just a little different.....my current obsession is any leoperd frint..there are this purse and falts i wanna buy form ebay and both are leoperd print~~~~ i dont knowe i think there is just something about leopard print that is very sexy~~~and the hubby agrees too~~~~lol
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