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Monday, February 1, 2010

one more thing

oh ya one more thing~~~i went and bought absolutely Alice by OPI yesterday when i was at my old mall~~~i wanted to get mad as hatter, but its all sold out... i was like GR!!!, but i luv blue as well~~~so i got the alice blue one~~and so far im impressed, i mean i always like OPI nailpolish, andtheir collections for Sephora, its really good, but i find my self always have to apply 2-3 coats to really gett hat intense nice colour, for this one which is oh so glittery i applyied abour 2-2.5 coats~~~and it was good~~~but cuz my nails kept on breakin on me so now i only have two longer nails the rests are oh so short~~~so ya one thing i dont like OPI is that their brushes are very very long, so if u have long nails its great, but if u have shorter ones, its not as great, and can be messy sometimes~~~thats why i actually luv essie alot more cuz i flet the brushes are just so much better for my fingers~~~lol... iactually made a mess on my fingers that i have to clean later~~~lol but i actually really like this colour its a nice blue, w/ hints of gold~~~u cant really tell in my picture but it actually looks very nice~~~~

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