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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laneige Stuff, and Lush

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ea/Amore-logo.JPGWell ive being introduced to Laneige since grade 12, and i'd being a fan of the brand ever since. and im not just talking about laneige, but im talking about pretty much all the line of cosmetics under the Amore Pacific Company, but Laneige is the most known one i guess, the Company has alot of famous and good brand underthem such as Laneige, Iope, Etude House, SULWHASOO, Likoris( i think i spell it wrong), ect. the point is i luv all their product and ive tried one of two per brand  mentioned. Right now my facil routine consisted of about 40-60% of laneige products, cuz it is one of the few brands that doesnt make me break out...i have very sensitive skin, so alot of times i cant switch my facial routine if i like something,cuz more often i'd get massive break out...so i always use the brand i know wont break me out...

So my toner and emulsions are running really low so i went to my local Amore Store to get more and i end up buy a tab bit more than im suppose to too~~~lol i got the toner and emulsions that i walsy use, especially the toner, its sooo thick, the texture its almost like essence,this is the my seconde bottle of the Power essential Emulsion EX2, cuz its sooo moistureizing, especialy during the harsh Canadian Winter they are great~~~. so i was asking the SA if Laniege has its own BB cream and wtnot, and it turns out it does, Laniege, SulWahSoo and Iope carries their own BB cream, but only Iope's called BB, the stuff from Laniege and SulWahSoo are called base or smth like that, so i got the Laniege BB in colour 1, which has a more foundation colour, oooo alos they are selling the Laneige Chocolate soap for 2 dollars, so i got that too, the Sa give me a kit of Hydra Action stuff she said its great for summer cuz its has great oil control but also hydrates, and its made for sensitive skin~~~so imcurous to try that one out.

SoI went to Lush cuz i saw on their facebook page that they got a speically edition for Canadian Olympic stuff, so i bought the little gift box which has the maple Soap, and a Mountie Massage bar, if u click on the picture and see the product up large, they are sooo adorable, and they smell sooooo nice~~~ too~~~i just started to use their massage bar and boy are they good, its sooo moisturizing, but its ab it oilly, but again the Canadian Winter is very harsh, my skin on my legs are very flakey~~~~so the massage bar comes in very handy~~~lol

Monday, February 1, 2010

one more thing

oh ya one more thing~~~i went and bought absolutely Alice by OPI yesterday when i was at my old mall~~~i wanted to get mad as hatter, but its all sold out... i was like GR!!!, but i luv blue as well~~~so i got the alice blue one~~and so far im impressed, i mean i always like OPI nailpolish, andtheir collections for Sephora, its really good, but i find my self always have to apply 2-3 coats to really gett hat intense nice colour, for this one which is oh so glittery i applyied abour 2-2.5 coats~~~and it was good~~~but cuz my nails kept on breakin on me so now i only have two longer nails the rests are oh so short~~~so ya one thing i dont like OPI is that their brushes are very very long, so if u have long nails its great, but if u have shorter ones, its not as great, and can be messy sometimes~~~thats why i actually luv essie alot more cuz i flet the brushes are just so much better for my fingers~~~lol... iactually made a mess on my fingers that i have to clean later~~~lol but i actually really like this colour its a nice blue, w/ hints of gold~~~u cant really tell in my picture but it actually looks very nice~~~~
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