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Monday, January 18, 2010

New Fav Scent

Im usually not a perfume person, cuz sometimes i think they are an attack on the nose...lol...but the hubby's dad was in toronto for 2 days he bought me a paris hilton perfume...well i know she has alot of perfumes, but he got me the first one that came out...and i must say it smells really nice....it smells nice but nth too much....

of course my fav scent is Givenchy's Very Irrisistable...i absolutly love it!!!! but my frd think it smells like older lady...not ur grandma, but older lady, like in their mid-30s-40s....and i like the body spray from VS Bueaty rush in Honey Do...cuz well im a HOney Do person...infact im big melon person in general..

If i want to smell sophisticared i put on Kenneth Cole Black for women...but the hubby think it smells like grandma......i dont know ireally like it...its really refreshing...it smells clean...but w/o any floral/candy/fruity smell....i also like Dio Pure posion..of course my frd think it smells bathroom....so my guess is that my taste in perfume is just bad, but then again smells are very personal wt i like doesnt mean other ppl like it...heck my frd loves musk...i cant stand it....and i luv all scent that reminds of something thats really sour-ish like any kind of citris fruit, apples, passion fruits ect...but the hubby hates it...i think its cuz he hates vinegery stuff~~~lol

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