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Saturday, May 22, 2010

New ideas

so im alwasy lookingat other beauty guru's blogs and theirs looks soooo nice....i susx at html...so all i can do is DL layout from the internet and use it as my own....but i want smth thats complete my own...i want the hubby to help me.. i mean after he is an engineer...they should know how to make stuff right? plus he took computer program courses for requirement...

i kinda get used to my new pc by now. its soooooooooooooo fast...but the keyboard im still not that crasy about it, or maye its just my nails are getting too long and it hard for me to type w/o making any typos. but all the old pictures and stuff i have on my old computer i think are lost cuase....cuz the hardrive is not broken...its hte motherboard thats burnt.....but i have like about 5 year worth of personal pictures that are on there.....plus all sorts of other stuff that took me forever to DL/Collect....i have to think of a way to get it out of and get in to my new pc...whichreminds me i need a portable hardrive. then i can up load all my pictures and movies and music on there so even if my pc crash in the future i dont have to worry about having no back up...

i have more haul blogs coming up cuz there were a few arehouse sales i went to...well i always went to one, im going to the other onr tmr, plus a family frd bought us some stuff from the shesido warehouse sale. i went to the elizabeth arden warehouse one, and im going to the l'oreal one tmr~~~so excited..so do expect massive haul....lol i guess i m kinda a big spender..lol

Thursday, April 15, 2010

US/Chicago + Sephora Haul Haul

So i went to Chicago for easter weekend and it was fun~~~i bought alot of stuff, cuz stuff is sooo cheap across the boarder~~~

I bought all of them from the outlet they have in chicago, and it was soo cheap like OMG cheap. especially the coach purse was only 120 after evryth defnitely a steal. I me and the hubby bought alot of stuff from wal-mart and target cuz their DVD is cheaper than Canada, also they have more titles than we do. even their drug store products were cheaper.

While i was at sephora the other day i saw the Tokidoki line, of coruse i couldnt resist buying smth from it and Kat VonD eyeshadow pots were on sale for 10 dollars each so i bought four and i used them recently and it was okay, w/ a primer on they didnt really fallout or smudge, but i thought the colour intensitly could've being better

Thursday, March 18, 2010

smth funny

I'v being trying to find this clip forever its just soo funny

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mini Vacay soon plus some new Stuff

So me and the hubby were talking sometime last week, and we decided that during Eastern Weekends we are gonna take a little road trip to----------CHICAGO!!!!!! OMG I cant wait~~~its like all i think about right now, cuz hte last time we took a little trip it was the Chrismas b4 last years, we went to NIagara Falls, and it was sooo much fun we stayed at the Hilton Niagara the room had a HUGE bed and a nice hot tub~~~~lol, but it was sooo much fine cuz around the fall area there were like a little mini entertament area....the best thing wwas that i was able to spend some alone time w/ the Hubby....oooo the hubby is in the states right now, he is in Alabanma~~~some were near birnmingham...
So ya Chicagom, cant wait i wanted go to NYC, but the hubby said its too much traffic its gonna be very hard to drive arounf since we are not locals and stuff and i was like he is right~~~

and ya Sephora was having sales on Laura Geller...cuz they are not gonan sell it any more and i bought 3 eye shadows that cost me only 22 dollars altogehter after tax which was sweet deal...for those who doesnt know Laura Geller's Products are pretty much all baked eyeshadows and brozner, i luv their bronzer but it was abit on the expensive side i was hoping to get some when they go on sale, but it was all gone by the time i was there~~~the pigmentation is great, i got a dark green, a nice purple/lilac-ey and a nice dark grey-ish tuapy coulour.

I bought 2 pairs of sunglasses from winners they were only 12 dolalrs a pair, one is nicole lee the other is Alfred Sung... i mena i know Lafrd sung is known for his wedding gowns, i didnt know he made sunglasses lol,my fav is the nicole lee cuz outter rim is a nice electric blue and its just a little different.....my current obsession is any leoperd frint..there are this purse and falts i wanna buy form ebay and both are leoperd print~~~~ i dont knowe i think there is just something about leopard print that is very sexy~~~and the hubby agrees too~~~~lol

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laneige Stuff, and Lush

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ea/Amore-logo.JPGWell ive being introduced to Laneige since grade 12, and i'd being a fan of the brand ever since. and im not just talking about laneige, but im talking about pretty much all the line of cosmetics under the Amore Pacific Company, but Laneige is the most known one i guess, the Company has alot of famous and good brand underthem such as Laneige, Iope, Etude House, SULWHASOO, Likoris( i think i spell it wrong), ect. the point is i luv all their product and ive tried one of two per brand  mentioned. Right now my facil routine consisted of about 40-60% of laneige products, cuz it is one of the few brands that doesnt make me break out...i have very sensitive skin, so alot of times i cant switch my facial routine if i like something,cuz more often i'd get massive break out...so i always use the brand i know wont break me out...

So my toner and emulsions are running really low so i went to my local Amore Store to get more and i end up buy a tab bit more than im suppose to too~~~lol i got the toner and emulsions that i walsy use, especially the toner, its sooo thick, the texture its almost like essence,this is the my seconde bottle of the Power essential Emulsion EX2, cuz its sooo moistureizing, especialy during the harsh Canadian Winter they are great~~~. so i was asking the SA if Laniege has its own BB cream and wtnot, and it turns out it does, Laniege, SulWahSoo and Iope carries their own BB cream, but only Iope's called BB, the stuff from Laniege and SulWahSoo are called base or smth like that, so i got the Laniege BB in colour 1, which has a more foundation colour, oooo alos they are selling the Laneige Chocolate soap for 2 dollars, so i got that too, the Sa give me a kit of Hydra Action stuff she said its great for summer cuz its has great oil control but also hydrates, and its made for sensitive skin~~~so imcurous to try that one out.

SoI went to Lush cuz i saw on their facebook page that they got a speically edition for Canadian Olympic stuff, so i bought the little gift box which has the maple Soap, and a Mountie Massage bar, if u click on the picture and see the product up large, they are sooo adorable, and they smell sooooo nice~~~ too~~~i just started to use their massage bar and boy are they good, its sooo moisturizing, but its ab it oilly, but again the Canadian Winter is very harsh, my skin on my legs are very flakey~~~~so the massage bar comes in very handy~~~lol

Monday, February 1, 2010

one more thing

oh ya one more thing~~~i went and bought absolutely Alice by OPI yesterday when i was at my old mall~~~i wanted to get mad as hatter, but its all sold out... i was like GR!!!, but i luv blue as well~~~so i got the alice blue one~~and so far im impressed, i mean i always like OPI nailpolish, andtheir collections for Sephora, its really good, but i find my self always have to apply 2-3 coats to really gett hat intense nice colour, for this one which is oh so glittery i applyied abour 2-2.5 coats~~~and it was good~~~but cuz my nails kept on breakin on me so now i only have two longer nails the rests are oh so short~~~so ya one thing i dont like OPI is that their brushes are very very long, so if u have long nails its great, but if u have shorter ones, its not as great, and can be messy sometimes~~~thats why i actually luv essie alot more cuz i flet the brushes are just so much better for my fingers~~~lol... iactually made a mess on my fingers that i have to clean later~~~lol but i actually really like this colour its a nice blue, w/ hints of gold~~~u cant really tell in my picture but it actually looks very nice~~~~

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Fav Scent

Im usually not a perfume person, cuz sometimes i think they are an attack on the nose...lol...but the hubby's dad was in toronto for 2 days he bought me a paris hilton perfume...well i know she has alot of perfumes, but he got me the first one that came out...and i must say it smells really nice....it smells nice but nth too much....

of course my fav scent is Givenchy's Very Irrisistable...i absolutly love it!!!! but my frd think it smells like older lady...not ur grandma, but older lady, like in their mid-30s-40s....and i like the body spray from VS Bueaty rush in Honey Do...cuz well im a HOney Do person...infact im big melon person in general..

If i want to smell sophisticared i put on Kenneth Cole Black for women...but the hubby think it smells like grandma......i dont know ireally like it...its really refreshing...it smells clean...but w/o any floral/candy/fruity smell....i also like Dio Pure posion..of course my frd think it smells bathroom....so my guess is that my taste in perfume is just bad, but then again smells are very personal wt i like doesnt mean other ppl like it...heck my frd loves musk...i cant stand it....and i luv all scent that reminds of something thats really sour-ish like any kind of citris fruit, apples, passion fruits ect...but the hubby hates it...i think its cuz he hates vinegery stuff~~~lol

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just a quick update

So ya i rmber i wrote like a 2 weeks(?) ago that my crease are not even, and my eyes are uneven and one of them is smaller than the other one...well now its gone~~~i have two nice crease again~~~yes~~~u dont know how happy i am~~~hoenstly i was considering plastici surgery for my eyes if i evr go back to china~~~lol anyways now thats out of the question~~~

anyways i missed the big bang theory new episode late nite cuz i didnt feel like wathc Tv..think im gonna just wait and buy the DVD in september or smth~~~oh ya "the big bang theory is my fav tv show evr~~~then south park, then true blood, then two and half man,then simpsons....i mean evr since i start to watch south park...simpsons just dont cut no more for me...lol weird huh~~~but i find south park extremtly offensive and funny..which is why i luv it soo much...so far i only have 4 seasons on DVD...but im planning to get all of them in the future~~~and i have the both seasons of BIg bang on DVD as well as Season oen True BLood...frankly im not hte one who actually like True BLood i nthe first place... it was the hubby~~~He LUvs True blood from day one...so we bought the DVD of Season ONe which was bat-ass expensive for 54dollars...but as i start to watch it more it is really good...the plot is week bit dark...but good. so when season two starts we had to DL it from the internet...cuz we dont hace HBO Canada in my house....but ya season two was even better...of  course when the DVD come out on JUne/july we are gonna buy it too~~~like i DL stuff online all the ime..but if i really like it i'll buy the CD/DVD from stores too, cuz i think in the long run thats the best way to supoort ur fav shows~~~and watch them when they are on~~~and hoenslty i always watch South Park on Comedy Network when its on...its bad that evry season now only has about 12-13 episode~~~i mean yes i understand that south aprk isnt simpsons...but i wish to see more episode~~~cuz it is soooo darn funny!!!
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