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Sunday, December 27, 2009

One of my Fav Movies----Moulin Rouge!

So ya Moulin Rouge is one of my Fav movies...i have the DVD and i watched it soooo many times~~~its such a sad story....of course w/ the casts of many very handsome ppl namely Ewan McGreggor N Nicole Kidman....actually i was just watching it like a few days b4....me and the hubby were watching the movie then talking about it....frankly as much as i luv the movie...i dont like the Christian...i mean he is sensitive and talented, but he is such a wuss...honestly he just let his women go and almost had sex w/ another man and cries about it... i mean hoenslty either be a man kill the duke and runs away w/ her or just dont be jealous and let her do it...frankly i dont like this type of guys....i found them to be weak...nrvtheless i luv the movie...mainly cuz i luv the Tunes and the Custome Design its soo lavish...surprisinly ive watched all the the "Red Curtian Trilogy", all made by the same director....of course Romeo+Juliet was good, and Strickly Ballroom was also really good...but i still say Moulin Rouge is my fav...it might becouse im somwwt biased cuz i luv Ewan Mcgregger~~~he is such a hottie~~~just sooo cute especially w/ that sexy British accent of his~~~ and even my hubby likes this movie...and he is usually the macho/action movie type~~~lol

The movie is mainly based on Dumas's book..,no not the same Dumas who Wrote the Counte De mount Cristo...but his son~~~anyways i luv both author very much and the Counte de Mount Cristo is one of my fav books...the book itself is very sad~~~i mean much sadder than the movie... heck in the book the girl didnt even get to meet up w/ the boy after he is gone it is not till she is already dead that he fonaly knows the truth...

anyways not to the film.. one of my fav Scene in the movie is the " El Tango De Roxanne"..it is just doen really well...not only the choreography but also the music and the intrepretation of the music....plus tango is such a sexy dance there is no reason not to love it~~~

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denise ❤ said...

I love this movie, too!!! amazing, brilliant movie, beautiful music and I loved Ewan and Nicole together. Great story, too. :333 <3 *loves* :))) nice post!!

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