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Monday, December 21, 2009

Im such a Nerd+ new Stuff From Sasa.com

So cuz one of my besy buddies is off skool for the holiday me and me starts to play Diablo 2 again... i know its soo old school right??? but u'd be suprised at how many ppl play it religiously~~~me and him are alos very excited about the up and coming Diablo 3~~~like very very excited~~~

As much as wt i bought...well its almost Xmas so i bought my parents a gps w/ my first paycheck in like 2 years~~~lol...but unfortunatetly the job i interviewed for and really like decided to go w/ a person w/ a master;s degree...but honestly wt kinda masters student would want to have a job that only pays 2000 a months... i mean shouldnt they aim higher to like at least 3000 after tax for every 4 weeks or smth....so im kinda piseed, cuz the lady told me other than the education part i was the runner up to the position.

so when my parents came home today, they give me a package that was sitting outside my door steps that are for me~~~it is my masks from Sasa.com that i ordered...although thats only the first parcel but im really excited totry them out well not tonite cuz i just did one this morning but maybe tmr . The brand is called Kuan Yuan Lian, its a taiwanese herbal beauty brand...i love the smell of herbal beauty masks~~~espeically those reminds me of chiense medicine~~~lol so i got 3 boxes of masks from them, cuz the hubby took my camera i'll post picture from the website..but those are sooo cheap 6.50 for 10 sheet~~~wt a steal~~~Honestly although the shipping is kinda expensive at 18.50, but their stuff is pretty cheap and they always have nice sales~~~

So i got the whitening, oil control and the moistureizing one~~~ive heard good things about this brand in alot of asian forums~~~and i cant wait to try it out tmr~~~lol

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